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abby for media roots, a reader here made this:

To me it shows the vacuous ill informed “progressives” who fell for David Axelrod’s sexist bullshit and elected O-bomb-a. (yes i know Clinton is a criminal like all politicians are, but she listens to women, and so that makes her the most progressive candidate of the last sixty years).


  1. the fact is that obama is the servant of Billionaires– the worst pirates that ever lived upon this earth. they are vampires who can never get enough of anything-praise, money, slaves, and power to wage wars for profit. Surely Satan is pleased with their lack of moral character and their inability to connect the dots between cause and effect on any level.

  2. the real deal is that americans are under mind control and cannot see class issues of any sort. We are trained to excuse everything the rich do– we think capitalism means freedom, when it is an economic, and not a political structure. We have deliberately been ill informed and drugged and encouraged to become vacuously religious.

  3. Ladyjane Green says:

    The ” Obama Disconnect” is what i am going to call this socio-cultural phenomena. Had this argument xmas with my psuedo- progressive bro in law. Told me point blank that he wasnt disappointed in Obamas presidency so far. Somehow Obamas ” image” is absolving his actions… liberal guilt rearing its disillusioned head? then i “was informed” how the banks have been paying their bailout trillions back,and are almost paid off!?! Really? Didnt we just find out how much those whoremongers took/were given. the anti depressants and sleeping pills that so many americans r on are wrapping teir heads in thick, fuzzy denial clouds. Not everyone, but many, many, many. What was the hidden meaning behind Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his war efforts? the committee were practically tripping over each other to give it to him. I dont get it.

  4. don’t get me started on ignorant-arrogant ‘progressives’ (sexists) who voted for a right leaning mind controlled manchurian servant of the nuclear power industry because he had dark skin and a weiner.

  5. AbbyMediaRoots says:

    Hey Espresso Dude
    Thanks for your feedback and thanks for checking out the video. I find it unfair to generalize the feedback from people based on the geographical locations where they were interviewed- in fact I went to the most demographically diverse areas of Oakland and Berkeley and talked to people from all walks of life. It seems to be an accurate sample of what Obama supporters think everywhere. I would imagine getting the same results in San Diego or any other big city. People seem to be generally unaware of what is going on politically, even those sporting his face on their shirts at the time…

  6. AbbyMediaRoots says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this Roseanne. It was really surprising to me to find out that many “progressives” in the bay area are totally clueless to why they support the administration. Many seemed to like him because they thought he represented a cultural shift- not because of his policies.
    A lot of people were upset about the economy, but when pressed many didn’t seem to connect the issue of the incessant wars abroad with the fact that this country is broke and will collapse financially as a result of our inability to sustain our empire. Please check out the rest of the material on my website, I am trying to build upon the movement of independent, credible journalism.
    You rock Roseanne!!!

  7. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    I have seen some of Martin’s works and while I enjoy watching some I think that she should have gotten on a bus and went a little further out into the world to ask the same questions of other people…Berkeley is not the area to get a true sense of perception on any political issue…never has been …never will…but them I have always had a “Berkeley aversion syndrome” to me it would be the equivalent of asking if starving people are hungry in a food shelter…the typical Berk has always been into bumper sticker politics…as seen in the first few seconds of the video…they are smug, ill-informed, and extremely passive in their lie down and take it as long as the guy is a liberal approach on political opinions… Berks tend to want someone to do it for them rather than to do it for themselves…although they will put tons of effort into getting the one who will do it for them elected… HRC would require too much participation after she had won an election from the typical Berk… often and willing to give their opinions (this is the smug part) they come up short in the “pay up” department… in a nutshell, I would have expected nothing less or more from the Berks than what this reporting showed…I can tell you that most Dems do not have this laid back and passive sense of satisfaction with Obama… I do not feel he has 2012 in the bag…and that leaves the options wide open at this point…as for HRC…it would take a big step, intensely on her part, to put herself there…she would have to do a Texas two step and she is falling a little behind the dance to make that move…she would only have a small window of time to make that happen…very small…if people like her or not is not the question…in this late date it has come down to if she wants it or not…public opinion has nothing to do with allowing herself to do so it is completely up to her and if she will at this point…if she does not step down, step to the side, and step up again all in about a three month period of time it will not happen… DC has only one rule… its called plausible viability… if that question is answered positively then the sky is the limit…then they will start to shake in their boots… if it is not… it’s a pointless waste of money, time and effort and they will roll you like a drunk john on a bad Vegas night… the only person who can make themselves plausible and viable is the person themselves…we will see…

  8. absolutely soul and brain dead–most–but some were sooo aware too–lots of us know now

  9. Ladyjane Green says:

    these peoples reactions to the interviewers questions scream mind control to me. the inability to synthesize obamas actions with his image is baffling to say the least. When pressed for actual achievements, they are hard pressed to answer. This is cognative dissonance in action. Also, the point made about the popculture icon status, as illustrated by the tshirts being sold long after the election. This is unprecedented, and is very telling of the ” divorced from reality” public image that comprises Robo-bama, our first programmed, aka ( mind controlled), us president.

  10. Hey Rosie… this is Abby Martin’s video. She’s been an advocate for 9/11 Justice for a lot of years, and is a good person. Haven’t talked to you in a while… FYI…

  11. LOl as her husband has chili burgers from around the worldd srry just not buying ittt

  12. Thanks for the link.
    Obama certainly is frustrating.
    Also with Michelle Obama She’s hard to figure out. When i see her on talk shows she seems almost oblivious to the real world. SHe says she understands the frustration but also that people dont realize all the stuff that obama IS gttn thru or working on behind the scenes. She doesnt seem attached to me. Plus her whole food program. How am I spossed to feel about it?? Seems lame during a time of war and economic collapseee.