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yes i am an unmedicated ptsd, DID (integrated now) and bi-polar personality disordered motha fugga!


  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    i am all these things too you have helped me a lot roseanne. plsese help me some more.

  2. ok sorry–i have been thinking about what to say about my book because it is very personal and does talk about the things you asked me about

  3. Sorry you misunderstood my intentions. I was confused about things and I assumed you were writing a autobiography and couldn’t understand. Hope you and son are happy in Hawaii! Glad he’s doing well in school. Hope he goes to college because I didn’t get to do that and was stuck in a dead end secretarial job my whole life! You can’t do anything anymore without at least a 4 year degree. Anyway, I will continue to visit your website and get your views on life and the world!

  4. i have talked about all of these things here–sometimes I just do not feel like talking about my personal life, and then sometimes it doesnt bother me at all, if people are sensitive and seem to have some empathy for me–you asked me if i suffer from mpd on a thread in which I said I live with it, and am unmedicated, just using meditation to handle it– Maybe I misunderstood your intent–I have been quite a target for some weird people, so sometimes I am overly cautious.

  5. I’m sorry if I appeared nosy. I thought Roseanne’s book was going to be a biography. And I care alot about issues of the world. I don’t have the income to give alot to charities. When I was working I gave every year to a charity through my job. I didn’t realize that Roseanne does not want to talk about her family.
    I just think it is odd that she is totally evasive about questions that she herself talked about in her last book. I will stick to world issues from now on and never ask her anything personal about herself.

  6. yes i do see my mom a lot we have a great relationship, thanks.

  7. nancy, i don’t mean to be rude, but is roseanne’s relationship with her mother really of any relevance to you? did it ever occur to you that perhaps roseanne has other, more important things to say? i know this sounds a little scary but you have been programmed by big media to care more about someone’s relationship with their mother than problems that actually matter–like starving kids for instance! there are links all over this blog to meditation techniques that can help you break free of that, and good luck to you nancy if you’re willing to try!

  8. the book is comedic essays/rants. you certainly are a nosy person arent you?

  9. And that’s what I’m talking about. You run around in circles. I asked a simple question. Do you talk to your Mom and you won’t answer that. What is the purpose of writing a book about your life if people know that you are going to be totally evasive.

  10. Well, I just finished Loretta Lynn’s second book. I loved it. Apparently, Loretta had left ALOT about her life in the first book “Coal Miner’s Daughter”. She wrote her second book after her husband Doolittle had died. It was a very honest book and am wondering if your new book is going to give us more insight into your life.
    Also, you didn’t answer the question about whether you have MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). Are you like Sybil?

  11. I do not suffer from anything, I live with it. Yes a psychiatrist (several) did diagnose me. You can google traumatic stress disorder. Have you heard that our troops are suffering from it? I keep my family relationships pretty private within my family mostly these days. My sense of humor has expanded.

  12. Roseanne,
    Could you please clarify some things. Do you or do you not suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder. Do you suffer from Bipolar disorder. what is PTSD? I would love to get interested in your web site and new book but I like to understand and clarify some things. Did a bonafide Psychiatrist diagnose your problems and what did they say. How come you never talk about your mother and what is your true relationship with your mother.
    By the way, I LOVED your show Roseanne. Don’t take things too seriously and don’t lose the sense of humor you had on the show!

  13. Ladyjane Green says:

    Ive sed it bfore, but thanks for sharing your personal experience with those of us who need integration, and are struggling with ptsd.
    your blog is a “safe” place on line for people to open up their lives( minds) for introspection and learnin. sometimes people cant handle truth revealed here, most times they can. There are solutions here on Roseanneworld. We the socially engineered, the oppressed, the non christomormon minority, the gays, womyn, etc. can find answers and links here. Yr helping us. We will accept all help offered.

  14. yes miss Roseanna but, how do you expect to get MAN- MEN-MALES to go alone with it… most men are not as smart as i…..teasing….. but really whats the plan to win over all those pigs????

  15. its all spelled out for you here in my mother’s day speech in front of the white house in dc

  16. give me a starting point, where you think a plan would need to first start from….im open

  17. we all need to unite and get a plan right away

  18. you need to start doing what i tell you to do mike. let it go. do something to help.

  19. i have been telling the truth about fluoride for at least 15 years, and just in the last 6 to 8 months its finally becoming main stream news……tell me our news is not censured…..

  20. yes mike dear you are right.

  21. well have all been drugged for years, they have been putting fluoride in all public water for well over 40 years, leading American believe that it was calcium fluoride, calcium fluoride is healthy and good for us witch in fact is truth, but the problem is they were and continue to put sodium fluoride in public water witch is poison….it dumb’s down the human brain, first report of sodium fluoride being put in public water came from a CIA report intel that Adolf Hitler was putting it in the water in the concentration camps to help keep the jews under control………..FACT

  22. dashus christ says:

    absolutely no doubt-& i Thank Roseanne as well! She is Tough in the best way!

  23. And one of the most sensible voices “out there” now…