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tina fey’s lovable palin tributes

are getting on my nerves.


  1. Sick of Palin jokes too. It’s NOT funny!!!

  2. Is it just me or does Sarah Palin’s voice grate on your last nerve like fingernails on a blackboard! that poor woman looks like she’s ready for a serious breakdown. If I were one of her kids I would join the Army just to get away from her. (actually, I really did join the Army to get away from my parents). She needs to go off to a really serious health spa for about a year.!

  3. dashus christ says:

    on Topic here-on my nerves also,and i hope we see some change w/ Tina,because there is just TOO MUCH media attention given to palin and frankly i’m finding it to be very sickening. Change it up SNL-Please !

  4. dashus christ says:

    SOLUTIONS-Yes i surely found a few or so last night! some beauties!! i’ll try and explain some later as i’m working on how to relate it now-just to say it is all really simple what came to me-finding the words is a little different! and Thank You Roseanne!!!

  5. corr, meant to add the word, ‘you’ before ‘explain’. thanks

  6. mijj, for sure you are right, about the Ds turf and the reasons for their hostility that explain. Got me thinking.

  7. @dashus christ
    yeh .. after i posted i realized i “sir”ed without due care or attention .. and realized there’s no edit button.
    I s’pose i should say i’m a “him” .. and i s’pose i should admit that i’m .. well .. i’m a brit. There! I said it!
    This is fun! .. OK .. if Rosanne was our puppet, what should we do?
    I reckon Rosanne is best when she’s a force of nature. And that’s what most of the people in the US want. They don’t want feathery abstract discussions on the fine points of how they’re to be screwed followed by crocodile tears and excuses about why there were no alternatives to them being screwed. They want their doomed-to-fail struggle and desperate existence acknowledged – acknowledgement isn’t a pat on the head and a “i understand how you feel” .. acknowledgement is a channel that vents their furious energy. It’s unfortunate for the victims of misery that their only avenue of meaningful expression is the Tea Party. The *meaningful* does *not* result from polite intellectualism. *meaningful* comes when your existence makes a difference in the world. The most manipulative elements of the political system knew all that energy was up for grabs, and they took it and used it for their own purposes because noone else gave a shit. They’re the unwashed masses and not acceptable in polite intellectual circles. Whoever controls the dems certainly isn’t interested because they’ve sectioned out their turf – and their turf is vacuous, ineffectual intellectualism. (eg. hence the hostility to Michael Moore’s impact. Anyone who makes an actual impact for the people at street level will gather heaps of contempt from intellectuals.)
    .. ummm .. sorry .. i got into a rant .. i forgot what i was talking about ..

  8. dashus christ says:

    actually it’s ma’am,but thx anyway,and christ is my blog name….there is a lot to be said for your thoughts time like the present.we need time to work for us this time.i agree Roseanne Rules!

  9. @dashus christ
    drastic action is needed. We can’t wait around for the several hundred years needed to fix the political system. The world needs Rosanne to grab power *now*. And let’s not pussy foot around with fake “democracy” – we don’t know what democracy is any more. We need a powerful Witch Queen to rule us mercilessly until we figure it out again.
    ps .. what’s the meaning of “dashus christ” .. is christ your family name? If so, it’s an honor to be in your presence, sir.

  10. dashus christ says:

    i like how this sounds actually,and i’m trying to envision it.

  11. you would make *the* finest witch president. I assumed you might be playing down your witching abilites. ..
    .. ah but .. no! .. Witch Queen! Yeh!
    .. or, just declare youself the President of the Pissed Off United States and set up an alternate government.

  12. dashus christ says:

    you have so much wisdom–i’m all opened up for tonight 2AM HI Time-when i receive some solutions i’ll try to put them in words here-it’s just that i have to be careful w/ my wording,since sometimes i do not express my feelings,or any answers/knowledge given to me all that well. but i will try however. we all need to share what we can in these rocky times.

  13. i have some…but there are so many folks out there who do too, including you–put your mind to it–be open tonight to receiving some for yourself–share them here

  14. dashus christ says:

    OK, i see your point-yes solutions are available, but you are the One that has these solutions!

  15. it takes no effort at all. Solutions are available with or without me or a president or even god!

  16. dashus christ says:

    Roseanne, You Will Be THE Best President EVER!!! Hands Down-even tho it will take all the effort we have-GOD is More than on Your Side!

  17. hello! i will make a fine witch president myself!

  18. Mine too, Roseanne. Thanks for saying what needed to be said, leader of the Green Tea Party, the real tea party.

  19. Christine O’Donnell will make a fine witch president. It’ll be a first for america. And it may be a first in the world. If the US can’t find any presidents that actually do anything useful – well – go all out for the entertainment factor.
    Women premieres are old hat in those confusing, strange, far off lands beyond civilized american shores. But, as far as i know, there have been no other witch heads of state or heads of government.

  20. likewise.
    it’s as nerve-grating as oprah having it on for a slumber party.
    i say the nation burns their TVs.