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the light descends now for hanukkah

gathering strength and blaring brightly in its infinite luminous intelligence.  LIGHT OF MIRACLES, MIND OVER MATTER, OIL THAT EXPANDS WITH THE AWARENESS OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS!  BARUCH HASHEM!


  1. Great minds think alink,that sounds great。。。

  2. true – all atheists i’ve known or known of have been moral people, but there’s still a layer of texture missing… i just think there are parts of the mind, important and powerful ones, that are left dormant because of this… and with “spooky” quantum mechanics it just seems a little pompous to deny such things in full.
    who’s the guy that say has the highest IQ in the world – he’s a bouncer or something? is that a crock? for the record i’m sure there’s a woman out there with the same – anyway my point is i recall reading that he was working on something that was to show through SCIENCE that god exists – to literally prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt – and i bet it was quantum based.
    and yes let each one of us harvest the super-concentrated pinhole of light we’re so privileged to even have access to during the darkest nights of the soul this winter.
    happy hannukah!

  3. atheists are moral people for the most part– next to anti christs (negative believers–they believe that Satan is more powerful than the Positive–satan is the god of this world–patriarchal heirarchies with women children and peace at the unvalued bottom and war and power at the top) —they do what they do because they are psychopaths and sadists.

  4. my question was naive but it was not intended that way – I just don’t understand, despite yahooing this shit, why they orchestrate world wars and want another – aside from the fact they are satanists (truly) – what part of the bible they are manipulating to meet their retarded agenda. it’s like trillions of dollars and aids and chemtrails and the current wars aren’t enough… i didn’t know greed and gluttony and evil could manifest in such gargantuan proportions on this plane, so maybe I was naive.
    the article you posted is fascinating – there’s nothing to not get – it’s God in action… quantum physics proves god exists (to me anyway… as does nature and the way it marches forth and regenerates), which is why atheists can suck it, and it proves we’re lucky enough to be a huge, important part of that action if we WANT to be.
    i’m going to try and locate this pinpoint in the next meditation, and I’m going to let it flood me, and i’ll do my best to share it with the world. and pure beeswax candles are the best for meditating – their light resembles the sun more than anything. for god’s sake no goddamn parrafin toxic sludge!

    this is what mind is really about! no spooky religious shite, just—fact! quantum fact and mathematics (not like mjj talked about– light is precise though religious fanatics are trying to disprove science using quantum all the time these days, but the fact is–quantum disproves all “belief”–there is no need to believe when you see what is there!)

  6. Ladyjane Green says:

    the light comes through us if we let it. must open the door when the light opportunity comes a knockin. dude(mike) has got a lot to learn bout anger management, and respecting others boundries. being a lightbringer in this dark time is even more important than ever. tonight 2am our batteries recharge against the fading of the light. laughter is the best medicine, r knows cuz shes tha local distributor. ive never really celebrated Hanukkah b4, but this whole year has been about new opportunities, so let this b another…..

  7. in other words meditation is fun–as is thinking about thinking!

  8. anyone can “celebrate” any “holiday” by eating and buying presents and talking BS but–what I do is something based on meditation—which not a lot of people do.
    each full moon and each sabbath I do ritual meditation, as well as tuesday nights– the meditations are based on a calender and it is a lot about cycles of that calender. The winter solstice figures in to the Hanukkah meditation, as Light is brightest at its pinpoint–(physics). At hanukkah, the Light begins to return to earth (as in the solstice) and the short days begin to become longer.
    the physical world rebalances itself, at the solstice–there is as much light as dark then.
    This is scientific fact and reality, and not myth or religion or belief at all!
    All physical beings rebalance as Light and Dark do too–, whether they know it or not–{actually humans may be the only ones who do not “know” that this is happening–animals know it, and so does vegetation and bugs}.
    Humans become more open to suggestion at this time, as fading light inspires fear in the unconscious mind—and fear is the door that lets unhealthy thoughts enter the mind. At this time, as a KABBALIST (different from a JEW) I can program my mind to rise above it’s lowest thoughts, and remember that dawn (light) returns after darkness goes away–in other words, my mind/physical apparatus wants to receive LIGHT during these longest days of darkness…my receptivity (vessel) is wide open and ready to receive it, and because of that, I prepare my vessel (mind- state of deep meditation) to do just that.
    not all kabbalists are jews…

  9. will you tell us more of what hannukah means to you Roseanne Ive no Jew in me – the wrong Jews you speak of – the Zionists/Jesuits – they don’t celebrate this too?

  10. roseannesucks says:

    FROM RW:
    Hey Michael, you are a mentally unbalanced person who cannot control his demons long enough even to post on a forum. If you come back here again I will turn in your IP number. Don’t push it, troll. You are not welcome here anymore as insulting the proprietor and the readers is against the rules here.
    Move on to some other blog where they will put up with you hijacking threads and posting six page long texts that you have lifted from other blogs. quit whining. You came here to disrupt, obviously.


  12. eat shit dude – this isn’t a democracy per se, it’s like being in Roseanne’s yard or her house – there are rules – fair and just ones – and she can sick the dogs on you or throw you the fuck out if you repeatedly break them.

  13. dashus christ says:

    agreed P J!,and how bout if sucks(yes i’m ref to you sucks) changes his name-cause it it offending to all of us here.

  14. Quit your whining and focus that rage at the real enemies. Are you sensored now? Just be cool and try stay with topic. work it out bro.

  15. roseannesucks says:

    Doctors sound TSA germ alert
    Dangers include syphilis, lice, viruses, ringworm
    Posted: November 24, 2010
    9:09 pm Eastern
    By Bob Unruh
    © 2010 WorldNetDaily
    Syphilis, lice, gonorrhea, ringworm, chlamydia, staph, strep, noro and papilloma viruses all are part of the possible fringe benefits when airline passengers next go through a full hands-on pat-down by agents of the federal government’s Transportation Security Administration, according to doctors.
    WND reported two days ago on alarmed passengers who noted that TSA agents doing the pat-downs that have been described by critics as molestation since they include touching private body parts were not changing gloves between passengers. In fact, some apparently were patting down dozens of passengers or more wearing the same gloves.
    But neither the TSA nor federal agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control was willing to comment on the possibilities that infections and other loathsome afflictions could be passed from passenger to passenger.
    Now two doctors – and several others – have confirmed that there is the definite possibility that passengers will be able to catch whatever someone in front of them in line was suffering from via the latex gloves TSA workers use.
    Join tens of thousands of Americans in a petition demanding action against the intrusive airport screening procedures implemented by Janet Napolitano and send a letter to Congress, President Obama and others telling them exactly what you think about the issue.
    “There is no doubt that bacteria (staph, strep, v.cholerae etc.) and viruses (noro, enteroviruses, herpes, hepatitis A and papilloma viruses) can be spread by contaminated vinyl or latex gloves,” Dr. Thomas Warner of Wisconsin told WND in a letter to the editor.
    “If a traveler has diarrhea and is soiled, as can and does happen, the causative agent can be spread by this method since bacteria and viruses in moist environments have greater viability.”
    (Story continues below)
    He continued. “The traveler readjusting clothes can easily get the infectious agents on their hands and therefore into their mouth, nose or eyes.”
    Added a pulmonary critical care physician from Connecticut who did not want to be identified by name, “That doesn’t make sense that they’re not changing gloves.”
    “Anything can be transmitted. If there are open wounds and they [TSA agents] are not aware, there’s syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, chlamydia, lice, ringworm.”
    Worse yet would be for people whose immune systems are compromised by treatments they may be having, including cancer patients, she said.
    A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent wipes an explosives-detecting device over the hands of a female traveller as she undergoes security screening at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Washington November 24, 2010. Millions of Americans took to the skies on Wednesday for the start of the Thanksgiving holiday amid protests by some travellers about heightened, more invasive security procedures. REUTERS/Jason Reed (UNITED STATES – Tags: SOCIETY TRANSPORT)
    Physicians undergo extensive training, follow strict rules and even have those who watch them to make sure they follow procedures to reduce to an absolute minimum the likelihood of carrying disease from one person to another, she said.
    “How come if we as doctors have guidelines, we must wear gloves and have oversight, it’s very different [for the TSA],” she said.
    Warner told WND some of the infections are “a tough little beast” and easily would be spread through the contact being used by the TSA.
    “Staphylococci are also tough and can be spread on fomites (eg . towels, tampons or gloves ) and survive in dry conditions. Methicillin resistant staph creates havoc in hospitals AND in those awaiting surgery (eg. traveling for a transplant ) when the ‘carrier’ patient must be clear of the bacterium before elective surgery,” he said.
    “Emerging infectious and tropical agents create another wild scenario,” he said.
    He said at a minimum gloves should be changed between pat-downs, “especially if the gloved hand is inside clothes or in the genital … area even if clothed. Travelers should be advised of this and hand-wash and change clothes ASAP after these intimate examinations.”
    The CDC previously told WND to contact the TSA, which did not respond to inquiries, on the status of policies that would minimize the possibility of passing infections from one passenger to another.
    The response today was the same, according to a WND reader who passed along his question to the CDC about the situation and the agency’s response.
    In response to a question about minimizing the possibility infections could be passed along, the CDC said:
    Thank you for your inquiry to CDC-INFO. In response to your comments that Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents are not changing gloves between the travelers that they pat-down, we are pleased to provide you with the following information.
    If you are traveling and are going to be searched, you can request that the TSA agent change his or her gloves.
    Endorsing the doctors’ recommendations was a commentary at Natural
    There, the editorial writer noted the intimacy of the pat-downs by the TSA, procedures which are required for some travelers and offered as an option to those who refuse to go through a full-body image scanner which essentially reveals a nude image of the passenger for TSA workers to review.
    “Air travel passengers across America have been complaining of the TSA fingering their genitalia and touching their sex organs. Just this week, an ABC News employee was fingered by a TSA agent who felt around inside her underwear. … This process of touching traveler’s genitals without consistently changing latex gloves means the TSA is involved in extremely risky behavior that could spread disease,” the website warned.
    “TSA agents are not trained as medical personnel. Just as they don’t seem to grasp the Bill of Rights, they also may not understand how infectious disease is spread. They aren’t medical personnel; they’re Big Brother enforcers who have likely never been taught the principles of how to conduct a sterile body search,” the commentary said.
    “If an athlete with jock itch (a fungal infection) undergoes a TSA pat-down, that TSA agent could spread the passenger’s jock itch from his crotch to his armpits and neck. The same is true for a person suffering from ringworm or other skin fungal infections: Merely touching them and then touching another body part can cause them to spread,” the website said. “Even worse, if that same TSA agent does not change his or her gloves between pat-downs, they could be spreading jock itch, ringworm or other infections from traveler to traveler. So traveler #2 could end up with the jock itch picked up from traveler #1.”
    In WND’s original report on the issue of gloves online forum participants said it was clear the gloves are to protect the TSA agents, not provide any protection for passengers.
    Martha Donahue in a commentary at Resistnet said she’d spent 30 years in the medical industry.
    “For those of you who fly and opt for the ‘pat down,’ you need to demand the TSA thugs change their gloves. I’ve been watching on the news how they operate. People are being searched [with] dirty gloves … gloves that have been in crotches, armpits, touching people who may be ill, people who pick their noses. Do you want those gloves touching you?
    “These thugs are protecting themselves from you. You need to be protected from them,” she wrote. “In a hospital, nursing home, in-home care, or even labs, that would never even be considered an option.”
    While the CDC referred questions about health and disease issues to the TSA, in its online writings the organization repeatedly makes clear the importance of maintaining clean hands to avoid such transmission of communicable and contagious afflictions.
    Dr. Julie Gerberding, at the time the chief of the CDC, said during a special presentation on hand cleanliness, “We know that hand hygiene is a critical component of safe and healthy health care.”
    At the same time, Dr. John Boyce, lead author of the organization’s hand-washing guidelines and the chairman of the Hand Hygiene Task Force, said, “There’s a large study that was conducted at the University of Geneva Hospital in Switzerland where they demonstrated significant improvement in the adherence of health care workers to hand hygiene practices and they also showed that the incidence of antibiotic resistance to staph infections went down and that the overall prevalence of health care-acquired infections went down … .”
    Suggested Gerberding in the context of health care, “Hand hygiene saves lives. We’re recommending a comprehensive evidence-based approach in hospitals that consists of handwashing with soap and water when the goal is to remove unsightly debris; hand alcohol preps for enhancing appearance and reducing bacterial counts; and gloving when people have contact with blood or other body fluids in accordance with universal precautions.”
    She said even in a “community setting,” “washing with soap and water remains a very sensible strategy for hand hygiene.”
    Other health standards across the country routinely warn against hand contact with sores, lesions or other sources of viruses or contamination. The Lincoln, Neb., health site notes, “This includes hand contact.”
    Officials at the Canadian Center for Occupational Health noted that “hand washing is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of infections.
    “You can spread certain ‘germs’ (a general term for microbes like viruses and bacteria) casually by touching another person. You can also catch germs when you touch contaminated objects or surfaces and then you touch your face (mouth, eyes, and nose),” it said.
    On a TSA blog promoting the agency’s actions and policies, one screener explained, “Changing gloves is fairly simple … . When I gate screen I carry about 10-12 pairs in my pockets.”
    Respondents to the comment were outraged, “That’s just plain disgusting and most certainly not acceptable … procedures as set forth by the CDC for usage of gloves for protection,” said one. “Reasoning being is that the bacteria count in your pockets is about the same is your mouth or armpit.”
    Wrote another forum participant, “Those gloves are soiled if they come out of your pockets and before handling my stuff you will be expected to obtain a clean, from the original container, pair. … Who knows what filth inhabits your pockets!”
    Related offers:
    Send a letter to tell this out-of-control administration and every member of Congress to STOP AIRPORT HUMILIATION NOW, all in one quick step!
    Sign the petition calling for the suspension of the enhanced security searches.
    Previous stories:
    Busted: TSA fondlers could be arrested
    Americans ‘likely’ to get cancer from airport scanners
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    Scientists challenge TSA on scanner radiation
    Video: ‘Saturday Night Live’ molests TSA on air
    Ron Paul: Cut out this Soviet-style nonsense
    Rush: Obama groping flyers to punish them for election
    Big Sis Napolitano sued for ‘degrading’ searches
    State warning to TSA: Stop breaking the law
    End ‘virtual strip searches’ by TSA
    ‘If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested’
    Guess who ordered nude body scanners
    TSA checkpoints: Real-life horrors
    Tired of airport abuse? Tell off Napolitano
    Americans line up to join ‘no-fly’ list
    Hotline to report TSA horror stories
    Bob Unruh is a news editor for
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  16. roseannesucks says:

    its all fine when we only talk about what you dictate….. well dictate this your site sucks…….good day

  17. roseannesucks says:

    i was censored and smacked on the hand for posting off topic by Roseanne and then kicked off this site…. blocking my right to freedom of speach….. all proves that you Rosanne are a FAKE and a PHONY and this site is bullshit………..
    FROM RW: I HAVE THE FREEDOM TO KEEP CIA OPERATIVES, DISRUPTERS AND TROLLS OUT OF HERE. You were banned and so you came back under a new name-“roseannesucks” why do you even wonder why things are messed up in this world–you are the problem. You respect no laws no rules and no other people but yourself–you are just like Bush.

  18. I moved your thing because it was off topic–you have no respect for this place-I TRY TO KEEP THINGS ORGANIZED HERE, WHICH TAKES TIME OUT OF MY DAY.

  19. i was censored on this site!!!!!!! WTF ROSEANNE ??????????? cause it was not on YOUR TOPIC????
    ((((((((((((((((((( CENSORSHIP )))))))))))))))))))))))
    how do i un-register from this site

  20. Grateful Dave says:

    Hi Roseanne!
    My name is Dave and I grew up in SLC (happy valley) Utah.
    I’ve lived here for over 50 years, so I’m very familiar with the “culture” here in Utah.
    I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my immediate family and I hope you did too! Towards evening, I sat down to watch reruns of “Thanksgiving” episodes back to back of your show. I’m not much of a sit-com fan, but I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your honesty and your humor. Your FAMILY show was just about as real
    as reality itself. It covered a lot of territory and is
    a great source of inspiration. I raised my kids away from
    church dogma and they have become beautiful people.
    Some of my religous neighbors don’t believe that this is even possible without…well, you know.
    Anyway, THANKS! You are so real and so damn funny, I just
    wanted you to know.
    Keep on Truck’n Roseanne!!!


  22. dashus christ says:

    thE bEauty Of bEliEving OnEs sElf-EnlightEnmEnt !

  23. a little astro from emily;
    The U.S. holiday Thanksgiving occurs on the first Jupiter’s day (Thursday) in Sagittarius. Jupiter tends toward excess so we stuff ourselves as well as our turkeys and load our plates high. More is better when Jupiter is involved. It is generous and bountiful and Thanksgiving represents the gratitude the nation’s pioneers had for their lives on this new continent. The story is that they celebrated the first Thanksgiving with the Native Americans who helped them survive. We know how that turned out. This joyous tale has a long dark shadow as waves of Europeans followed the pilgrims and swept away the native civilizations that were already here.
    Both Jupiter and Sagittarius often view life in moralistic or religious tones where the righteous are rewarded and the wicked punished. This generous planet and most good-spirited of signs, paradoxically, can make people feel like gods, empowered with a higher purpose or knowledge that places them above others. Jupiter and Sagittarius are neither mean nor petty but find it easier to paint life in the black and white of good and bad than to complicate matters by discerning intermediate shades of gray.
    The brilliant light of belief in our own truths blinds us to the contrasting truths of others. Faith is a powerful force for uplifting the human spirit yet once raised can be used as a stick to beat down others. Those fulfilled by the truth within themselves, though, have little need for the rest of the world to agree with them. It is likely that uncertainty motivates most proselytizers who seek assurance by enrolling others in their faith. In this Sagittarian season of generosity let us gift ourselves with minds open to the light discovery that reflect real faith in the human spirit and untie the binds of judgment and righteousness that keep us in the dark.