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the church of common sense defines evil as:

the human predator.  The enitre world’s system of jurisprudence and all of its laws are based on protecting these few jackals and vampires.  It is they who have the money to enshrine the laws that protect them from justice.  The poor cannot pass any laws whatsoever to protect themselves from these pedophiles and priest class offenders-those who have been created to break the connection of children to Divine Mother Love.  (the shekkinah–the highest level of Adonai= Awareness of life’s patterns and connections).  Under Roseannearchy, no system needs to be built at all, it already exists. As president, I will use our strong military machine to pursue and arrest and try in a fair court of law not heavily weighed in the criminal’s favor (as now) all of the Guilty-(those who support a system of rape and murder and pedophilia–Satan’s World).  RoseanneWorld is its Nemesis.  


  1. “The mind needs to be enlightened by light from outside itself, so that it can participate in truth, because it is not itself the nature of truth.” Augustine

  2. yes, she is completely enslaved of Dualistic Thinking.


  4. dashus christ says:

    Just LOVE Your Comment Here !

  5. speaking of pedophile priests…just found out about this today:
    regardless of anyones personal religious beliefs, you have to admit THIS WOMAN IS A RUTHLESS BADASS AGAINST THE PREDATORS….i admire her getting in front of the entire world and taking so much shit for Truth…..ROSEANNE WORLD! SINEAD WORLD! WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST WORLD!!!

  6. dashus christ says:

    i Love topic here and how you explain about our church, and ROSEANNEACHY,and of course your comments!*!

  7. what is a copy book? Anyway, I like to make things plain–so I defined evil on the blog : so that you would understand the way I use it–“the human predator” is all the spooky definition of evil I will ever need, and you too, actually–the rest of the speculation shit is just masturbatory really.

  8. thank you, ms. i was wondering if i’d blotted my copy book for denying good/evil and insisting on chaos being the mother of us all 8-)

  9. let me post it for you now–you are a smart fellow there mjj

  10. i haven’t seen your rosannarchy vid yet .. (i’ll hunt it down)
    But if i’m in the ball-park, the rosanarchy system cuts the energy supply for the heirarchy at the knees. These predators will be reduced to squibbly (made up word) little rodents scrabbling for cover amongst ordinary people. And that’ll be the only way to do it .. i reckon there’s plenty more to replace ‘em if the system that sustained ‘em is still in place.