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ptsd’s: before you submit to medication, try meditation:

there’s a lot of meditation info on this site, search it—join me in meditation at 2 am Hawaii time tonight—all you have to do is leave your name and the name of your mother here—(this is to begin).


  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    my name is chris son of becky. thanks

  2. OGuillory
    I know you were asking Roseanne…I hope you don’t mind me jumping in…
    You ought to send query letters to agents who handle screenplays. Alot of times now agents will let you query and even submit partial manuscripts through email. Alot of times you can find websites that list agents who are either new to the business and looking for new material or agents who have just transferred to a publishing house and are looking for new clients/new material.

  3. dashus christ says:

    Yes michael we are REALLY FOCKED if this vote on S-510 passes–IT CAN NOT BE ALLOWED TO PASS. im in a rage on this—OUR ROSEANNE IS A MATRIOT-and everyone of the GOOD should be DAMNED PROUD of HER & ALL STAND for What Roseanne is Warning Us about. I must say there is hope and a lot more than that going for Roseanne & Her All Knowing Thoughts on These HORRIFIC Times of Much Needed Do Ability. Get ON THE WAGON FOLKS or WE ALL GO DOWN. Get on Board Now or ELSE ! I am Positive She IS RIGHT!!!

  4. your on top of it miss roseanna….i am so proud of your patriotism……..i do see some hope….

  5. speaking of children books i have one for you Roseanna , would love to explain and share this idea, but not publicly….its one of those story’s that with some help would end up at pixar……….really….but anyhoo enough with the pitch back to the truth for today……
    the senate is getting ready to vote on S-510 and the way it looks now they have the VOTE….if this happens we are so FUCKED

  6. Well,..I certainly did not mean to offend or stress you out. And I do not want the intent of my letter to be misunderstood. You’ve been successful in the field of endeavor I’m trying to enter. I was simply interested in your opinion and advice. I thought based upon your personal experience, that you may have some insight into
    the issue.
    Perhaps, I should not have asked.

  7. seriously, if i knew any of this i would do it for my own book. there is nothing I can do for you but read your book, and so far I am not free to start it until next year sometime. I have five kids and am a farmer and just wrote a book myself. I do not ever encourage people to look to me for any kind of help in show business- i am pretty much retired and want to keep it that way. If I wanted pressure and stress, i would get it in a heart beat, but I do not want it and so–just keep doing your work and I know no more than that to tell you.

  8. Ever since you gave me permission to ask you a media/industry based question, I have been turning the opportunity over and over in my mind,.. much like top soil in a good pot garden,….thinking about just the right fertilizer to apply,… to arrive at the right question?
    I have facilitated back and forth; from deciding on penning a strong, direct message to you about the business needs and desires I have,….or a more philosophical screed, something to help you understand the context of my question?
    I think I have it now.
    I am a very unique person. As an adult,… a fifty-year old who has lived around the world and experienced certain things that few people ever get the chance to experience, I know from a factual basis that I am unique. I am not an egotist. I clearly understand that I’m a retired, disabled soul who is recovering from a car crash that should have killed or paralyzed me. But I’ve lived in cargo containers in Bosnia, tents in the middle of forest fires,….. and a 500 year old national landmark in Germany. I’ve partied in the underground train tunnels in Zagreb, Croatia, and… Amsterdam is like my second home. I’ve climbed mountains and jumped out of planes. I have received a personal tour of Air Force One, and managed to win a federal whistle-blower suit against the US Department of Defense,….without the aid of an attorney. I am an expert in teaching communications,…. and have managed a $20,000.00 a day bar on an abandoned Soviet Airbase in Hungary. I am not an idiot.
    I have no college education and am not “Degreed” in any way shape or form. In spite of the fact that 3/4 of my brain had been damaged throughout my entire life, and I never knew it,….. I’ve managed, far,… to live life in a way that is unique and meaningful. I have always worked hard and listened to the people around me. I taught myself how to interact with executives and generals, senators and congress-critters. Without formal education, I learned to speak publicly, and did so in front of thousands of folks,…… teaching and developing people around the world. I traveled the world at the grade of a Lt. Colonel and I successfully interacted with dozens of other cultures and tribes. I did stand-up comedy on the San Antonio River Walk (everyone laughed and I was invited back by the club owner) … in spite of being a bit damaged,….I have tried to not sit in the recliner and blame everything on the black folk, while downing my ninth Budweiser of the day.
    I did all of this because I had to. It is what is done,
    …it is how life works. At some age,..especially us baby-boomers,…we just went out and worked. We did what was expected of us and soon we had kids of our own,….and we did what we had to do. We produced.
    This is going to be the part that may sound asinine,…
    …..but here goes. When you get done reading my memoir, Webster Groves, I hope you understand that I think I have written something special. I know I am not the 21st century Mark Twain of the New America,…but I have always believed that I had the ability inside me to do something special, something very unique. I think my book, Webster Groves, is just that. I think it is a humorous look at how many of us baby-boomers ended up where we are,….and I think it could be a socially important piece of writing. I have been told my whole-life that I was “a day late, and a dollar short”, that I was a “wanna-be” (whatever that is?), and that there was no way that the dreams I have could come true.
    Not only have I traveled the world and seen some great things, but I wrote a book and now I am on sale in bookstores across St. Louis and the internet,…… and, I am being told through reviews that my work is very entertaining. I have been told by WGA-Member screenwriters that Webster Groves contains 5-6 hours of film-ready material, and they are dying to write the screenplay.
    I believe in both the commercial and artistic potential of Webster Groves. I have been in international business for over 35 years. I know marketing and demographics. I understand that all business is emotion. Every economic decision a person makes is based upon their emotional wants and needs,……and I know in my heart that the screen adaptation of my memoir will be a huge commercial hit. If it was produced and directed properly, Webster Groves will tear the heart out of an entire generation of boomers, dog-lovers and protectors of children. As a film, WG will do remarkable business,……as an artistic project, Webster Groves will win a few Oscars.
    So, if and after you read my book… question is this:
    What would you do with WG if you were me? I no longer drive and cannot really manage all of my own affairs without 24/7 monitoring. My seizures have become so bad that I’ve almost died several times in the past year and it is difficult to focus after some of the really bad seizures.
    As my reviews are showing, I know the quality of my work is strong enough to satisfy the consuming public. However, how do I penetrate that veil of bias and prejudice in the media business? If you walk in off the street and want to show someone your product,……
    …………….you’d think we asked them to fondle a baby-giraffe or something? I have learned that the WGA is more of a Labor Union, rather than a collection of artistically minded souls. I understand the labor issues associated with the WGA and the Signatory Companies…..
    …….but, my god, really….they are re-making Wild, Wild West again… they not want new, fresh content?
    I am a business person, but sometimes the barriers in the media business astound me?
    So, as I ve said before, you strike me as a normal soul who will understand Webster Groves, and the power of striking at the heart of the bay-boomer demographic. If you recall the nostalgic feeling of American Graffiti,
    ……if you can feel the child’s fear in Mommie Dearest and relate to a very lost generation of people,…..
    …….Webster Groves could be a classic.
    So if you were I, would you try to engage a lit agent to keep the momentum of my book moving forward? How would you get the people with power and control to read my book,…..and how would you attempt to move it forward to film?

  9. dashus christ says:

    If you put Roseanne’s prior lives into consideration-only then understandably- – – pleasantries gone awry