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Permaculture Information

Here is a website that you might find interesting on Permaculture.  Highly recommended by someone that is living the lifestyle.

There are links with courses and events that are going on across the country.


  1. reading elsewhere that you have sheep and goats ..
    .. does that mean these are your actual critters?!!
    They’re goooorgeous!
    Particularly the goat. (beautiful plumage, the goat – so silky). Looks like it’s a cheeky little blighter.
    I spent my infant years on a farm. It was a large scale farm, but my parents had a sort of sub family scale farm. I had lots of little incidents with the animals (no goats there tho). All to do with them teaching me that they’re not toys and they don’t like people intruding on their space while they’re doing their thing lol.

  2. dashus christ says:

    Agreeing with you Big Time here! and my Thanks always to the Blog Queen and ALL You are doing for Us!!!

  3. Thanks for putting all this up Roseanne!! Permaculture is something that all of us should strive for to save our planet. Even the smallest things like composting make a difference to the land fills and it will help to heal your soil.