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La’akea Community Hawaiian Permaculture Farm


  1. dashus christ says:

    also roseanne please step a few feet out of the kitchen into the living area-and notice three very vivid hues,one of them being red,which is in 2nd place of the other 2 hues—-then see across from this something very very bright,such as looking at the sun straight -on. your powerful mind will see something interesting for yourself. i know you can see these things, i really want to share this with you-so Please take a look.also please note it is in the same time frame that you already saw the red thing you asked about. TY!!! if there is anything here that i have not made clear-please ask me.

  2. actually im just trying to impress upon you the fact that if i was seeing something that isnt there, then I am not ‘seeing’ it at all—don’t forget to stay grounded in reality.

  3. dashus christ says:

    it is not off–it is for You to SEE.and you will also SEE (back then) something cooking (in kitchen) that is on slow cook/burn.

  4. sometimes its off thats why i check

  5. dashus christ says:

    Right Right, it is Not there Now. but is was once.

  6. but its not there now? right? that is what i am asking

  7. “envision utopia” sounds like the name of an enlightened TV channel.

  8. dashus christ says:

    what you see is exact-but these things you are seeing exactly were there as you see them NOW from many years ago,yes a dutch oven on counter next to sink,yes a medium size pot w/ red sauce in it and a broken black handle,and a rusty bottom, and Evil.-All Yes to your viewing of it that had been more less a secret.!!

  9. Yes people have said that before, but–people are racists. It all depends on how you read it–as the kabballah itself says–there are levels of understanding in these books, as well as the q’ran and other Holies. The “old testament” is a great story about what happened to a band of people who destroyed their connection with the Goddess, and what happened to them as a result. This story has been obscured and is never discussed anywhere on earth–but right here. I am a scholar of all the above books, and I can tell you–there is nothing on this earth written by the hand of man that is not racist, really, but that is our burden–to undo separatism.
    Kabballah says there are four levels of study–the lowest level for those who think these books are literal (it says only the mindless believe that), the higher level of that–for those who think they are allegorical, the higher level of that,those who see all the stories are just stories, and the absolute highest–those who see the code woven into the stories. I decode these books here and have my whole life. i’m not a racist, in fact just the opposite–I want all religion to meld together into one. The Torah is a Hologram to me, and people will see what they need to see when they look into it-

  10. i am waiting for you to zero in on what I saw and discuss it—for myself, I need to know if i have seen what is really there (this is remote viewing and I am demonstrating it for you so you will know how to do it too). something red in the kitchen could mean a lot of things–is it really there? What is it? a dutch oven on the counter by the sink, maybe a big pot with a broken black handle, and a rusty bottom yes or no?

  11. > “that will take some hollywood maneuvering–the ufo landing here and aliens on the news will convince the jews to leave and go to israel.”
    most people aren’t convinced about the official 911 conspiracy theory – are you sure they’d be convinced by something with such a tenuous connect with reality? They’d have to create a huge amount of actual distruction to distract anyone from resorting to reason for a significant amout of time, especially now everyone’s been pre-suspicioned by the 911 shenanigans

  12. I think the Torah, the Kabbala, the Talmud, and the Old Testament are all very racist. This is the truth.

  13. dashus christ says:

    roseanne there were 2 red things within moments one good & a red that was not good and again last night.. you must have been seeing the red that was not good,right?

  14. dashus christ says:

    Roseanne,The Red Thing-don’t you agree is was the most vibrant and beautiful version of the Hue!!!

  15. i would so rather have a blanket of information, then a bag of shit…..sweeping information under the rug cause its just to much to process is plain STUPID….all the information out there is our strength and the only ammo we have in this fight….stupid uninformed people dont ask smart informed questions…..

  16. dashus christ says:

    ROSEANNE, Yes you are SO SO RIGHT, YOU Do SEE The RED THING!!! YES there is a Red Thing and You are SEEING IT!!! YES in My Kitchen!!!

  17. Ladyjane Green says:

    weve paid our dues, time after time, weve served our sentance, but committed no crime! and bad mistakes, weve made a few, weve had our share of sand kicked in our face but we aint gonna lose! Go Matriots Barr 2012! we love freddy!

  18. is there a red thing-am i right? i see it, if i am right-maybe not

  19. the poor old women will go down first, and the old men, the orphans, special needs, prisoners and drug addicts, and the mentally ill. (while they are terrorizing us here, they will also send blackwater to venezuela and SA to “cleanse” the left and no one will notice).
    As that horror begins to be uncovered on the news, they will start to come for the “out” gays. They will be the first in the camps, as they were in Germany. Then the black nation of islam will be 99% in prison, and the leftist immigrants here deported and then the non christian liberals.
    They won’t be able to fool the jews though, that will take some hollywood maneuvering–the ufo landing here and aliens on the news will convince the jews to leave and go to israel. then the real war will start. islam against judaism while the vatican cleans up at the bank. They will need that money to do their good works–what they are really about– dividing people against their own, and changing the Torah, and killing off its authors. armageddon.

  20. dashus christ says:

    HAA, the red thing, Crazy laughter from another room-for mine and your Mind/Eyes Only ! and yes the inner war of peace inside me has begun-you all knowing Genius YOU!

  21. dashus what is that red thing in your kitchen?

  22. dashus–get ready for the inner war to be unleashed inside of you–now you must know that every single second of your life is your opportunity to defeat Satan inside of your own soul. every time you turn from ego and separatism, every time you share until it hurts, you are killing that energy. 2011 Hanukkah the bastard will go down forever and I know how to do it—first night hanukkah I found the prayer and I will publish it here for the world to read. LIGHT and MIND integrate

  23. oh! well–here is some love from me to you, sister mind sharer!

  24. dashus christ says:

    boy, yes-you surely got it right when you say ROSEANNE’S SITE here is the Most Fruitful of the Whole net/web QUEENDOM! i Love this TRUTH here and only Here!

  25. dashus christ says:

    YES WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS,and the boomers have the Know-How!! LET’S KEEP DOING What we Do! No evil can stop us Now!

  26. What? not every post that is written here is the truth, even what I have posted maybe not be the truth for that point in time. What I am saying is that too much blanket of information may hinder or maybe I should have wrote distract from finding ones own truth.
    And anyway, if I didn’t find your website meaningful in parts, I wouldn’t be reading it everyday. Matter of fact I would not be reading it at all. Just to let you know, because I think you just want to hear it. Is that your website is one of the most fruitful in the whole internet Queendom.
    I tell you cannot write anything, without someone barking at you!! though you are most welcome to bark at me, because I tell you, I do need it sometimes.

  27. dashus christ says:

    isn’t that like hiding your head in the sand-these are the sands of time WE are living in NOW! simon and garfunkel’s The sound of Silence fit in to the new world of GOOD!

  28. we are the champions my friends
    we’ll keep on fighting, til the end-
    the boomers know how.

  29. what is hinder? do you mean that you are not finding any truth here? then by all means, go elsewhere and good luck!

  30. This is all very well posting this, but at the end of the day it is actually all very pointless. I use to read all that stuff, but not any more. But no doubt other people will find it useful.
    Anyway, for me..I actually find too much other peoples information is more of a hinder.

  31. dashus christ says:

    i So Believe what is GOOD and RIGHT Will WIN OVER evil.! evil does not have the knowledge or know how- GOOD WORKS !! The GOOD has connected and now is time for ACTION of IT !! we also can never underestimate exactly how evil’s a bit funny,The GOOD Knows how evil works,but evil has NO idea how GOOD Works !! evil’s secrets are being exposed & unraveling NOW.The Secrets of The GOOD are NOT! WE are already the Champions,but WE Will fight to the END!!!

  32. Drone Surveillance Program Targeting Americans?
    The Alex Jones Channel Alex Jones Show podcast Prison Planet TV Twitter Alex Jones’ Facebook Infowars store
    Activist Post
    November 9, 2010
    A video from a 2007 investigative report by KPRC local news in Houston made a sizable impact on YouTube when it appeared early this year. The video (below) shows unequivocal proof of the secret testing of unmanned drones by the Houston Police department. A similar program came to light in Las Vegas, also initiated in 2007. Is this an indication that police and military are now working jointly in a way that blurs the lines between their stated border control operations and a wider domestic surveillance program?
    Americans should not be comfortable with military-grade surveillance capabilities being used in American skies.
    It is worth remembering that as far back as 2003, FOX News propagandized that unmanned Iraqi Drones May Target U.S. Cities, invoking a potential biological 9/11 carried out by UAV equipped with spray nozzles. Yet, this fleet of unmanned drones actually has taken flight over America at the behest of Homeland Security, working jointly with select police departments, and is enriching the corporations which produce this technology.
    An article by CNET in 2006 quoted Mike Heintz on behalf of the UNITE Alliance, which represents the military-industrial behemoths Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and Boeing, as envisioning that border control and anti-terrorism would be primary applications, but, “Other examples are limited only by your imagination.” Given this tacit admission of the openness of direction, the issue of the legality of these all-seeing drones — which are capable of viewing the general public without probable cause — should be paramount. Yet, there has been very little public debate, despite the fact that these vehicles are already in use. In the wake of recent news about domestic surveillance of peaceful activists by Homeland Security, as well as surveillance by foreign intelligence agencies, Americans should not be comfortable with military-grade surveillance capabilities being used in American skies.
    The little attention that unmanned drones over American soil has received continues to be focused on coastlines and border control functions to combat drug trafficking. However, a fairly recent Public Intelligence article discussed information they received about a program in Las Vegas called “Silver Shield.” The Silver Shield program appears to be part of “infrastructure protection,” but also indicates domestic surveillance capability. The Law Enforcement Sensitive document was dated from 2007, the same year as the report by local station KPRC 2 in Houston about an apparently similar program.
    In the case of Houston, the city falls within the 100-mile zone of border control, which the ACLU has called the Constitution-free Zone. However, the Vegas report is even more troubling, since it is a major city that is well away from the coast. Regardless, the fact that the government seems to consider a 100-mile swath around the entire country (where 2/3 of people reside), as a Constitutional no-man’s land is cause for much more discussion than has been taking place.
    The use of unmanned drones in silent wars abroad has had a terrible impact, and their use is only spreading. More investigation is needed about what the military-industrial complex has in store for Americans. Please urge your local media to investigate if similar programs are taking place in your area, both inside the 100-mile zone, as well as inland major cities.

  33. Yes, roseanne, I would LOVE to be part of such a culture, even if drones are sent after us. (There is an activist post at Infowars today about the drones being ‘commissioned’ by Homeland Security to go after Americans.

  34. yes we are the witnesses to the end–but i think it matters a lot how we choose to go down. I am fighting the gm fight here in hawaii–i have cut down three thousand iron wood trees, and am planting native species. god guides me and my hand. Meditation changes the composition of seeds and everything else and I am using all that has been given me to fight for nature. It’s fun and a lot better than sitting around and crying in my beer. I am doing something–like i tell people–“WE MAY NOT WIN, BUT WE ARE RIGHT!” there is a lot of joy in doing what is right, despite the outcome. I am living my beliefs, and am so grateful that I have been given the opportunity and the means to do so. I have integrated beliefs, hopes, prayers and actions. it is awesome, do not mind dying at all! i lived the way I dreamed of living.

  35. we are at the point now, that green planting/growing is impossible… they have now done some much GM to the food chain that most NON-GM food gets cross bread/pollinated by the GM food planted elsewhere……via air-born GM pollens

  36. all that is true,,, but dude its kinda like bitching about the dirty carpet while the house is on fire…..

  37. i am doing that here too–macademia nuts are complete and perfect protein, and not worth a dime —yet—-

  38. One more thing though, we gotta learn how to harvest coffee beans and sugar.

  39. I like the idea based on the video. It’s very peaceful and it makes logical sense, to me. Solutions will only help us not to craft our doom.

  40. hey kid , listen: i have written this for about fifteen years here and other rw websites—Chernobyl killed everything and is the reason for global warming.
    No one, including alex jones ever tells the truth about that fact. that is why I know it is all bullshit–people and their conspiracy thinking that never ever leads anywhere true, but everywhere else first–and of course is all blamed on the jews at the end.
    Everything will be dead and everyone too by 2050. things are just taking their due course–chernobyl was the equivilent of sixteen nuclear wars and it has never been capped–or cleaned or plugged. forget the oil spills. there soon will be a worldwide wqter and food storage, so you better get real and forget everything else–we will be going to camps and we will be starving and dying of thirst in america, just like in haiti right now.
    the people with the means (the bush family and the royals and the billionaires) are just feathering their nests and trying to get to the end as comfy as possible.
    the only way we have even a prayer to survive is by turning to green food and water harvesting, and evolution of our minds, and nothing else. our chance for survival is very slim and without harnessing the part of our minds that can invent solutions, your generation will all boil to death before you die of natural causes.
    9-11 was “jewish lightening”–(for the insurance money).

  41. Also, the rulers of America also allow Al Gore to fly, to get through the airports WITHOUT being scanned and/or molested.

  42. Thanks to michael, for telling these awful truths.

  43. i found this to be absolutely brilliant. when roseanne says “envision utopia” this is what i see. my dad says it’s too basic for today’s world. i think it’s perfect for someone like me

  44. pollution is bad, global warming is bad, denial is bad

  45. i hear you all yelling GREEN GREEN GREEN, but no one talks about the fact AL GORE stands to make multi-millions of dollars if all this carbon taxing happens, he talks about oceans water levels rising, yet he builds a multi-million dollar mansion right on the water…. you guys dont talk about chem-trails that we are having aluminum and barium sprayed every day over our heads,aluminum is showing up in our air 60,000 time greater then the EPA deems safe and it is starting to kill our crops, but hey dont fucking worrie Monsanto to the rescue with there GM crop seeds that are gm to grow in soil tainted with high levels of aluminum…..what about the tainted flue vaccines??? tainted with mercury….plus 100s of other poisons……that in fact has now murdered 100s of kids….way more important things right now then re-using fucking old cars tires…. global warming via carbon is 100% BULLSHIT….more carbon = more oxygen = bigger healthier plant life…….just fucking maybe global warming is being caused by…………..the sun getting hotter wow the fucking sun can make earth hot….