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people are welcome to come here and blog—

let me know.  I support freedom of speech.  I am free to pose some regulations on the markets here, so–no porn no swearing or name calling and anything divisive.  Let’s all do what Jon Stewart suggests—let’s talk to each other in a civil manner, as the world goes up in flames.  That is truly all we can do, help other people all that we can, trying to ease unnecessary suffering when we can, and make connections with all of our neighbors on this planet.  I do not care to hear what the beliefs of others are, however, as I am free from having other people’s religions crammed down my throat.  I have my own religion and I practice it every day, it is called the church of common sense.  We do pray and we do meditate in that church, but our prayers are limited to asking our own higher intelligence to come forth and govern our lives and decisions, and to overcome the many superstitions forced upon us by cult terror and cult abuse.  


  1. ‘everybody is cool and everybody is an asshole’
    renata terase proverb #5
    shit talking is also one of my favorite pasttimes…..

  2. thanks for letting me off the hook ren .. my foot-in-mouth disease gets the better of me 8-)

  3. no worries at all man. its a blog. all good :)

  4. dashus, if you are able to articulate it and find it comfortable to talk about publicly here, i’m fascinated to know what happened. if you’re not, it’s totally understandable.

  5. dashus christ says:

    Thank You for inviting me to read the secret forum here.can you please let me know how to find it. really want to read more about energy and mind.

  6. dashus christ says:

    THANK YOU Beautiful Roseanne!!!

  7. i would like to invite you to read the secret forum here. you are ready for it–i will ask dan to let you in there–just read it–its about energy and mind.

  8. dashus christ says:

    roseanne, it was no way a fantasy-i woke out of very deep meditation-some refer to as sleep-yes it exists in the physical world,but because of it’s nature i want to be careful not to over explain here right now-need to be able to put it in words that i can’t easily do at the moment.i’ll try to later-sorry i’m not more specific just now–but surely would love to know what is has to do w/targeting me and me targeting it back (evil govt. doings.) hope this helps some for now. also your mind/spirit was with mine at the time i woke to it.and thank you dear being.

  9. i have written here about how every single person, without exception, who is in a position of power in this world today, is involved with pedophilia child sexual slavery and mass rape, and warmongering. these are ‘the basics’ these days. these are the things that pay the most on the black market. snuff films made for soldiers in war too–they are trading death porn and rape as entertainment. that is how ptsd works–you are always looking for the recreation of the original shock and awe that first traumatzed you–they follow a script and the script is snuff films—another huge profit making ‘business’ here in hell.

  10. what did you see and where was it? does it exist in the physical world or was it just a fantasy? real remote viewing can be verified. let me know and i will tell you what is next.

  11. Of course, michael is right, So appreciate the way Alex Jones Show is exposing that this weekend and week. The ‘rapeing’ scanners are made by an organization called, Rapiscon, which is said to be headed by Chertoff, who is making billions on humiliating.

  12. no she never was a nun

  13. dashus christ says:

    Yes i agree most definitely with other bloggers here that it is Roseanne who has led the way and still is, leading now.She has really all ready given to us, and a shown woman it is good to speak-up. It is the way to go,and even more so in the present times. LJG,just love your ideas and feel you are on to something big here. and Roseanne, i experiencing the remote viewing you mentioned a few weeks back and just love it.Thx for all You are doing for us that adore you,& perhap some that don’t.

  14. Roseanne, you were my one connection to sanity when I tried living in the country in Ireland with my 2nd (and last) husband. Even my little collie dog wasn’t allowed to be called “she.” The family kept referring to her as “he” and no matter how many times I corrected them they would just do it again. Every Friday night at 8 pm your show – first season – would come on BBC1. It reminded me how I was raised by a strong woman to be proud of my rights and not stuff my individuality (and creativity) which is what they demand of their women in the backwoods of Ireland. And attend the catholic church like all the other sheep.
    Needless to say I took my little collie dog and we beat it back to Northern California after only 6 months. I’ve never regretted that decision, nor ever forgot my strong lifeline to sanity, Roseanne. Even though its 18 years late, Thank You.
    Funny you’re in Hawaii – where I lived for 18 months with my 1st husband. Say aloha for me! I never once felt the “island fever” us howlies always talk of. Keep up the great blog site!
    Joan Daly

  15. Roseanne, I’m so glad you got “loose”. More women need to do the same. You led the way for so many others in my generation. Way to go!!

  16. @renataterase .. i have to apologise for being pompous. I read back my bit and i’m cringing in embarassment at my finger wagging tone. Sorry. It wasn’t actually meant to come across like that – but, well .. enough of the grovelling.

  17. I REPEAT: no intention of disrespect to Roseanne. Im joyously flabbergasted, saluting and cheering RIGHT THE FUCK ON that a HUMAN BEING in the public eye is using that position to speak and promote TRUTH. I wish there were more like you! I use satire to express frustration at how so many artists use their Craft solely to promote egoistic nonsense.
    Dangerous waitress that got loose. I like the sound of that! I have a title brewing for a HOW-TO manual: The Exiled-Goddess’-Guide to overthrowing the bastards from the inside out –> WICKED BITCHERY REVEALS ITSELF. Could we slip it inside the EVENING playbill? Oh my gosh, CREATE THE PLAY! I will happily help and work very hard and very humbly for slave wages!!! Im good at Goddess stuff and Exorcism stuff and Hiding the Truth in Plain Sight kinda stuff.
    Mary Daly was a Catholic nun before her career as an Radical Elemental Asskicker right? I know some nuns who got smart and became farmers. They dont force religion on anyone. Just grow food and pray and try to educate. Good Women. Good Eatin. You might dig:
    LSS ~rt~ PRP

  18. dashus christ says:

    YES You Definitely are a Writer–and very brilliant with it!

  19. well first off when the TSA backscatter naked body scan children it is (Child pornography) under all pornography laws in all 50 states PLUS if you oped out for your children so they are not being smothered with over 10 time the amount of radiation that the EPA deems safe and stop them from taking pics of your children s naked private parts (that they store on hard-drives)you are forced to put your children through a TSA molestation pat down that involves touching of your children s genitals…… this is fact….SICK SICK SICK……we need to STAND up AND take our fucking country back from the reverts and lying scum……..

  20. im a writer, thanks.

  21. thats how they mind control you. turn off your tv and cease reading gossip–these are huge umblical ties to satanic energy robbers.

  22. So glad to learn from Michael that the airline pilots are organizing to say nay to the scanning of passengers. I hope that they join the rest of us who are also saying, NO, to the pat downs, which are actually feel abouts, by anonymous women AHD men done to passengers at airports. Of course, that sadly means, that we who refuse, no longer are allowed to fly. Not fair!

  23. that is something I would like to do is write a play. I have kind of got the content and thread, but it is the format that I am stuck on. Will check the internet to see if there is a help guide in how to, maybe some sort of template.
    Might do this for my Winter project.

  24. Pot Prohibition Is the Cornerstone of a Police State
    The Alex Jones Channel Alex Jones Show podcast Prison Planet TV Twitter Alex Jones’ Facebook Infowars store
    Harvey Wasserman
    November 4, 2010
    The simple truth about America’s marijuana prohibition: any law that allows the easy incarceration of any citizen any time those in power want to do it is the ultimate enemy of democracy. With 800,000 annual arrests over an herb used by tens of millions of Americans, it is the cornerstone of a police state.
    * A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    The newly energized movement to end prohibition in California – home to more than 10% of the nation – is one of the few healthy developments in this otherwise horrific election.
    To help pass Proposition 19, go here and sign up to make phone calls in these last crucial hours.
    Fresh food that lasts from eFoodsDirect (AD)
    Part of the battle has already been won. By all accounts the California campaign has thrust the issue to a new level. The terms of repeal are not perfect. But the acceptance of marijuana use has taken a giant leap forward. When joints are openly lit and smoked on national television, it’s clear that sooner rather than later, this travesty will fall.

  25. The largest union of airline pilots in the world is urging its members to boycott body imaging machines currently being rolled out in airports all over the globe, citing dangers of excessive exposure to harmful levels of radiation during the screening process.
    The president of the Allied Pilots Association, which represents 11,500 pilots, many of whom work for American Airlines, has urged members of the union to revolt against the devices.
    Captain Dave Bates voiced the union’s concerns in a letter published by The Atlantic late last week.
    Bates asks that members be aware “that there are ‘backscatter’ AIT devices now being deployed that produce ionizing radiation, which could be harmful to your health.”

  26. oh! by the way (christ! i use up a lot of comment space compared to everyone else!) .. i reckon you’re a personality rather than a celebrity. You are you! Much much MUCH better.

  27. from our point of view (the guy/guyess on the street), the world of c’leb is a strange fantasy world. It’s a kind of live action theater where we don’t see people, we see more roles .. so we get the roles confused with the person. I know we confuse the “celebrity” with the person. .. Do the celebrities get confused that way too?

  28. graphic novel is an awesome idea–i want to turn one of her pieces into a play and she wanted me to do that–the dissembly of exorcism and I would call it “an evening with the wicked witch”

  29. a lot of people don’t think celebs are human beings either. anyway–i don’t consider myself a celeb or a hollywood type anymore (not that they ever included me in anything–mostly they treated me like a waitress that got loose and was dangerous). I’m a thinking human being that got smart enough to become a farmer.

  30. > “And holy crow! A celebrity actually acknowledged and responded to me as a HUMAN BEING!!! I thought that was illegal man!”
    R ain’t a c’leb. She’s one of us. She’s has the *role* of c’leb. Is that just playing with words? .. i don’t think so.

  31. Oh yeah! I can say fuck? Yeah! I really feel more comfortable and at home now :)
    And holy crow! A celebrity actually acknowledged and responded to me as a HUMAN BEING!!! I thought that was illegal man! One time at Burbank airport I saw Danny Partridge. I approached him and said “May I touch your cloak?” He said “You may” I proceeded to touch the cloth and then relaxed, exclaiming “Wow! I feel so much better now! I TOUCHED A FAMOUS PERSON!” hahaha…no disrespect to you Roseanne but you feel what Im sayin? FUCK HOLLYWOOD! God-zillionares could save the world and Jessica Simpson’s panties cost more than people pay for rent. I challenge ONE mega star to be like Ghandi. Take the money but within that structure live a vow of voluntary poverty. BUILD BUSINESSES. FEED PEOPLE. SHARE. Commit to selfless service. Radical eh?
    Anyway…there is another great read that gets to the root of language deception, religious deception etc. check out “Pagans in the Promised Land” by Steven Newcomb. Good stuff here –>
    I have invented a word. NARCIOPATH. The very dangerous condition that seems to be spreading over the entire population. Not totally sociopath but GETTING THERE. The condition of being so self serving, seeing others as a means to get what you want, to the extent that you have no realization of harming them…No remorse for personal behavior that affects others detrimentally etc. etc…I have to contemplate the perfect definition but I think Im on to something. Narcissicm bordering on sociopath. Disease currently affecting pretty much everybody you are going to meet in this culture, well at least 95% of people.
    Tou ladies rule. Thank you, thank you, thank you…..
    Lady Jane, I like your idea of a graphic novel and fully support it. Cant wait to see it!!!

  32. Ladyjane Green says:

    We are ready to join your underground railroad of radical womyn. We have a station right here in lower Puna. I daresay this site is filled with like minded wyld womyn. In these days of turmoil Mary Daly is even more relevant than ever. We want to keep her words alive and are reading her word-craft aloud. Daly word inventions force the reader to think and actively reconstruct the words for their new intentional meaning. Could this be an active way to fight mind control? Im thinkin so. I wish i could plant a Mary Daly reading in every standardized test given to high school students in the US of Slay. Slip it right in there, subliminal style the way madison ave. and hollywood does it. Egual opportunity access. Until then, we gonna read amongst ourselves, from daly, walker, and others,Thinkin maybe ill try2 draw a mary daly grafic novel in the “manga” tradition. Use new school methodology/media to grab a new audience. Sounds bizzare but its all the rage to adapt “non traditional, even radical literature” into grafic novel format and put it on line, even saw it on huff post. Bring Daly to visual right brained territory.

  33. you make all the same points i do, and I agree with me and you and mary daly (who was my dear friend). you can say fuck. yes connections yes brains yes goddess.

  34. Wowie zowie! Really! What an auspicious day for us here at the Little Waitress Foundation! I actually made up my own religion too. Seriously! Ive been practicing it for some time now. I wont tell you about it until I know for sure whether or not you give a fork. It pretty darn cool though. It is esoteric and active and absolutely without a doubt, DESTINED TO SAVE THE WORLD. Mary Daly rocks. Holy Crow! Another woman with brains reads her. CONNECTION CONNECTION CONNECTION. There will be no saving the world until we unite. Like here and now. An underground railroad of MAJOR-MEGA-GODDESS-BABES. You with me? I would love to blog here. Please oh please. I will refrain from swearing. It will be hard but I promise, I will try REALLY HARD!!! In place of the F word I will say ‘FORK’ and for my favorite massengil product, you know to say the word D-bag, I will substitute the word DISHRAG. Is that OK? I hate porn so you dont have to worry about that. I wont call people names unless you are a dishrag psycho like Wolfowitz or Cheny or Glen Beck or that guy Michael Aquino. Is the word scumbag permitted?
    A little about me: I totally rock. Ive done a little of this and a little of that. I am from NJ. One time I saw Jon Stewart at the crystal diner. Also when I lived in Seattle, I was a bicycle rickshaw driver. I ALMOST gave Dana Carvey a ride. He let me come and see his show for free instead cause he didn’t really have time. Holy smokes, that friggin ruled. Hey! Where does friggin fall in the curse-word category?
    This summer, while strolling up 10th in the East Village I ran into Janeane Garofalo. I told her I would totally marry her and be the best husband ever. I am not gay and I am not a dude but in this case, I would be the hubba-hubba and give her all the loving things I would like to see GOOD WOMEN OF POWER receive in this world. You know, BE THE EXAMPLE…She did not say yes to my proposal. DRATS! I should have given her flowers.
    I am a performance artist around the L.E.S. They say I am crazy. Blah blah, tell me something I haven’t heard. I make costumes and do spoken word and have a youtube channel. I have some fancy degrees. I would like to get some more. I would like to collaborate with other Radical, Sassy, Back-Talkin Women and Rock The Boat for as long as I can.
    One more thing and then I’m done. I have this REALLY subversive idea! Its so powerful and revolutionary that if the men behind the curtain knew all about it, they would be sure to assassinate me! So please, don’t tell too many people but here it is: ABSOLUTELY SO SPIRITUALLY PROFOUND AND SURE TO SAVE THE WORLD….a brand new concept…its called SHARING!
    Love, Service, Sincerity
    ~renata terase~
    Original Punk Rock Priestess, Queen of Roses, Crazy Lady Extraordinaire

  35. Seveeral years ago, on the public radio station, before it chnged ownership, I heard a scientist discussing how her studies with mice (the poor darlings) convinced her that, what with each of their brain patterns being so different, it is a wonder that any two individuals can even have a decent conversation, understand each other. Certainly discussions regarding religion and politics, are said to be impolite ones, lol.

  36. Yes, I will attempt to follow Roseanne’s regulations, as best as I comprehend them. Miss Manner, in so many words, has written that humans are instinctually warlike, that that is why there is such a need for good manners to be practiced, at all times. She has taught me that when someone, in society, is attempting to play a mind game on me, insult me and such, to react by only giving a, “I bet your pardon”, and then changing the subject, and/or vamoosing, lol.

  37. dashus christ says:

    mijj, made-up swear words,that sounds right and legal-thx for the thought!

  38. “I do not care to hear what the beliefs of others are, however, as I am free from having other people’s religions crammed down my throat.”
    .. i was all ready to bore on an industrial scale with the “alternative evolution” stuff wot i stumbled over. i guess that’s what the “old forum” is for.
    oh! .. can we use made-up swear words .. such as .. “flurg” .. and “fxcugitch” .. “praksoicious!”?

  39. dashus christ says:

    i love belonging to this church of common sense-it makes such great sense to me-and that is what is most important to me.i practice it’s teachings daily,it is truly mind/life changing in every way. i’m wondering tho does this mean no swearing or name calling of govts?

  40. i hear that! but–connections matter

  41. Ladyjane Green says:

    making connections with other people is a lost art form, requires patience, and the willingness to listen. Lately ive been learning the power of silence. both in meditation and conversation. Talk about turnin over a new leaf.