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patriarchy is rape and murder of women and children by UN forces:

Satan is Patriarchy.  Satan is a Rapist who preys on the weak and the helpless.  Then he steals their money and the stock market rises.  Satan is Unregulated Capitalism, “the law of the jungle in a suit and tie”. 
 By the power vested in me by the words of all the prophets and poets 
who have ever cracked the mind’s ozone 
 I call for the Death of the Angel of Death.  


  1. i later received correspondence that there are no venezuela military there, but later again told that there are mercenary soldiers from venezuela there. my response: we must keep meditating so that we do not miss the forest for the trees–what matters most: the pedos and the sadists are the people whom Haliburton hires to police the world, and part of the “benefits” they are accorded is the ability to rape and murder little babies in front of their mothers for kicks. this is what satan has created for you here in hell. do not miss a word of what i am telling you hon! you know that it can be reversed too, in the blink of an eye. all we need is a leader and here I am, and here you are as well. most women are unable to unite under a woman’s leadership. how very sick and sad is that, but that says it all! Women will only vote for a woman if she promises to punish “darker” women.

  2. Thank You Roseanne for posting such important and saddening news.
    Our world is changing fast, and will appear to be worse, before it gets better. This change comes from awarness.

  3. Charlotte , my thoughts and prayers are fighting with you.