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patriarchy is killing the jewish people right now

the cornerstone of patriarchy is the death of the jewish people.  why is that?:  because the Jewish people have a Female Goddess–ASHERAH, who acts in the name of the Shekkinah, and every other culture on earth who had a goddess has been destroyed by Patriarchy. Why?  Because the threat of women drawing down energy from female divinity will cause peace, which is the antithesis to patriarchy.

 Why are the Jewish people hated by zionists and other patriarchies?  Because the Jewish goddess is the idealogical descendant of Cleopatra, the last Goddess Queen on earth, permaculture genious.


  1. dashus christ says:

    P J the yamaka-and Roseannes comment, i get it-cracking up an ole jewish woman-rolling on on on & on

  2. dashus christ says:

    in LET CLEOPATRA Rise=ROSEANNE–don’t know if i got that point across well enough above.

  3. dashus christ says:

    can you please give us an idea where to search your list–and i’m not able to locate somewhere here on a comment {limitations of logic} someone had posted? TY

  4. my grandmothers gave their lives that this would be included in the jewish marriage contract or else NO FUCKING DEAL, boys! it is indeed the one crack that allows light to enter the subject.

  5. search my reading list here

  6. Also I heard about a jewish ritual around sex where the dude tosses his yamaka on wifes bed ,if she doesn’t throw it back they can get it on. Giving women control of sex is very bad for patriarchy .

  7. ps: excuse me for butting in – couldn’t resist my bad habit.

  8. paul, by observation, you should get an idea of what the patricarchy idea of peace is.
    It’s to form armies to go on killing expeditions. How does that align to “peace” in the patriachial mind? The killing continues until populations are either killed or subdued into behaving according to the whims of the conquerers. Then the killing will stop. The killers say they only want peace. War is the people’s fault because they fight back. That is the patricarchy idea of peace. Basically it’s rape, where the rapist complains that he doesn’t want to have to beat the victim, but he’s forced to because she’s fighting back. The patricarchy idea of peace is a submissive victim.
    This is my view of the essence of the problem. The idea of “peace” to the patriarchy is perfect order according to a central authority. Order is created by that central authority by maintaining control throughout. Control is maintained by propaganda and/or financial controls and/or force. It doesn’t matter if that central authority is government or corporate.

  9. dashus christ says:

    ROSEANNEARCHY Her and Her Book very very important to buy & read–but at this moment WE are in THE CRISIS of ALL TIMES-LET”s NOT be a Sinking Ship-We NEED to Save Ourselves NOW & what is left of the USA & The World NOW!!! People of All GOOD STEP-UP-or the World you Think you Know WILL Forever Change in a Heartbeat! Please Don’t take it as we waited to long to be HEARD.. NOW is Our Only Chance of Survival !!! Let CLEOPATRA RISE !! Everyone Now BEG HER HELP Before it is Truly TOO LATE!! It’s up to Us The People–WE CAN DO IT.

  10. A reading list would be great, especially if you have any links to pages with summaries or intro reading on the subject.

  11. Okay. tell me what to read. besides your new book which I will.

  12. seriously, you need to do some reading.

  13. Why is peace the antithesis to patriarchy? Are men not comfortable with peace?
    do you think this could change with (American) men becoming less and less masculine?
    as a male gay, it’s pretty hard to tell who’s straight and who’s not in this country
    And how are you and say Oprah not Goddess’? If television was around when Cleopatra lived I’m sure she’d be on it.