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my friend kathleen wells interviews jeffrey blankfort:

who says chomsky misfires on Israel– 
Race-talk is an excellent site.


  1. dashus christ says:

    i’ve re read your comment here since it was posted. your good sense is changing this world now! These are some of the many reasons you will make an exceptional president!!

  2. hon I have made all the plans, including how to change the entire stock market so that it gives a payoff for permaculture. I have done it and put together a coalition of investors who are going to be part of making the changes needed for our fellow country men and women. That is why I say grow food harvest water, they are the real valuable things now that money ‘aint shit no more’!
    this country is the bread basket of the world, or was, and we need to get back to that, and help the family farmers…without them there is no america at all! the farmers need to hire americans to do their farm work, and they have to pay decent wages so that the americans can afford to buy what they are making themselves. that these dumb bastards do not even know that much about how real things work, just pisses me off, dude! I will change shit back to how it was in the good old days, before Clinton sold what was left of our country after Reagan sold our ass to the snake- eating Chinese. (i love all of chinese everything but not eating the snakes part).
    we have to get green in a fat assed chinese hurry!

  3. with your money and smarts, why dont you start up a manufacturing company and start bring back jobs and USA made goods??? i think you could do it

  4. i know you do,,,,just getting his site out there

  5. i know all about alex jones.

  6. Thanks for this introduction to your friend, Kathleen Wells, and look forward to listening to this interview of Blankfort, after this Lifetime episode of “Unsolved Mysteries” goes off.

  7. dashus christ says:

    Your expanded Humor– i need a few minutes here to stop my high pitch cackling!!

  8. no, you should disagree with everyone, including those who agree with you! Then you will look like you are an “independent thinker”.

  9. dashus christ says:

    thanks for posting this site roseanne,it Is an excellent site–do you think i should include my parrot sound here,you know agreein & all,, Love your site So much!