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mary daly was The Christa. (a partial reading list) reprint from jan.’10

rest in peace, goddess!
her books:
beyond god the father
pure lust
and the amazing “wickedary” (which was lovingly read to by those who loved her as she passed away)  
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Each of these books was a life changing mind altering journey through outer and inner space in my lifetime.  I met and interviewed, and spoke with this great soul, who was a thinker like no other before or after.  She held up the magic mirror of the perverse reverse.  Using Law against Law, she liberated women’s history from the clutches of the catholic witch burners, by using their own laws against them,and as a result she was excommunicated from Catholic Divinity School. 
  Her book, Beyond God the Father was the foundation for the entire second wave of american feminism.  She named patriarchy the sado-spiritual state of perpetual warfare, and she is still right in all ways, always.  Hail hail, brave spirit spiralling to whole and new heights of ecstatic whirling R N A and memory.  I asked my four year old grandson where he thinks people go when they die, and he said, “Um, they go to the other side of the air.”  I like that, and see her there now.


  1. dashus christ says:

    what a common sense little fellow your grandson is-out of the mouth of babes!

  2. Like the euology. “other side of the air” — yes, just right. good description.

  3. Ladyjane Green says:

    Thanks for these special reading lists. i can definitely remember feeling radically confronted by mary dalys wyld wordcraft. i read gyn/ecology for a class back in kollege90s and it hit some major nerves. Realizing the fuct nature of the patriarchal game, while living the hetro lie hurt me hard. 20 + years later and i reread herwords, again impressed with the power and beauty behind them. Now as then , they have original fire and energy that cannot be ignored . here her memory lives and breathes flame!

  4. a friend warned me against reading her work that it would make me more angry and in my mid 20’s i was already totally pissed at our sick sexist culture . dude was wrong , gyn/ ecology helped me understand why i was mad and to consider solution.
    thank you mary daley for getting gals to think.

  5. i have a copy of Quintessence that She autographed. i found it second hand @ a neighborhood bookstore-coffee shop…She signed it: