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madame cindy sheehan knocks it out of the park!

me and cindy differ in only two areas..1–I say that the jews should retain control of jerusalem, a now 6000 year old issue that needs to be addressed by the world who has turned a blind eye to this same issue repeatedly.  Jerusalam must be divided three ways, not two–the vatican must be included or there will never be an international city of brotherhood there, as foretold in Torah.  this is what god told me to type here.  yes i know that means i am nuts.  so what i am nuts.  i talk to god one on one, God and Truth is the name of one of my alters whom I dare not integrate with the ‘lesser nice’ parts of my self.  god and truth are my drug.  I have learned to meditate in order to bring the secretions of my brain down into my bloodstream in order to calm my ptsd.  ptsd is being frightened into paralysis.  you are unable to act to end the horror unfolding in front of you.  but you must act or it will not end.  It may end in your death, and truth be told almost always does end in your death.  But will you live your whole life on your knees to a corrupt system that sucks your blood and gets a pay off when death and evil profit? Satan is the god of this realm.  But I, Judita say,  not this time satan.  oh no, i am one of the souls who was there at sinai.  i saw immortality and now I am back to offer simple solutions to survival of the souls.  the souls now face a battle against the soulless who outnumber them.  here is the secret word/weapon:—if you have no soul you have no wisdom. we have already won.  wisdom not force rules.  iching. stand back and take no action do not vote.  they cannot claim a victory on only two percent of eligible votes.  that would defeat their entire system.  they are laying bets both ways that you will sucker up.  don’t vote.  be a patriot.  fuck them both.  black people, stay home from the polls you guys are buying the hype right now.  do nothing.  the iching says when in doubt–do nothing.  the iching is righteous.  we are all chimericans now.  they have sold our grandkids to the chinese.  the snake eaters.  i am chino phobic as hell…i am afraid of chinese capitalists, they are pigs beyond hogs at the rapacious thing.  christ.  i hope they will put msg back in all the food.  it never made me sick you commies!  elect me and i will fix everything simply by getting the grandmother on every block to organize for the safety of the children around her.  I know how we can save ourselves but no one cares.  or asks.  thats why I drink, I guess.  I take a ride and tell it to the goats.  they seem fascinated.
 it doesnt matter which party you vote for if you vote.  they are placing bets on the percentages.  let all of them lose–all the ones who gamble.  the dollar will rally like a motherfucker overnight trust me–when we dump the two party system that has betrayed all of us.  had they not thrown sarah palin in there to fuck the whole thing up, a tea party was the right idea–i am running of my own authored green tea party of america.  spending is out of control.  we need a new currency before the chinese make us pay up.  obama can do what kennedy tried and failed to do–kick out the fed, institute a new american currency right away.  you do not have to have any money at all–you will pay your debts with your labor.  welcome to a barter system world!  the dawn of the age of acquarius.  light over dark.  resources over worthless paper money.  the first shall be last.


  1. lol–when its time to listen to solutions the fun ends—scott may be right about the cia–spreading the same ten year old shit instead of working to end what is wrong right now does help the fascists to continue. tired old sanctioned info passing as social discourse. crazy white guys

  2. well it got all quite on here, guess ill move to another site and burn some other person’s brain

  3. dashus christ says:

    i’ve been told racism is fierce down there in arizona-not to mention almost everywhere world wide.

  4. ok what was your point on him

  5. dashus christ says:

    wasn’t he a good ole boy, axe handle bigot-rasist.

  6. yes he is the manchurian

  7. i know a small bit about him…i was not born till 69…..wasn’t he a clan member or something??? ill have to Google him in a few

  8. Georgia governor????

  9. well, since i voted for him i found out a lot, that if i knew before i would not of voted for him,,, he is a product of the CIA…. his mom CIA agent his dad CIA agent his step dad CIA agent,,,, his real name is barry soetoro and he in FACT was born in KENYA…..he study Russian in Hawaii in a CIA funded program on a Indonesian student passport and visa……..this is fact

  10. remember lester maddox?

  11. dashus christ says:

    maybe so, but i know some friends that live in arizona,and they told me it is only the repigs who are upset about being sued by our president.

  12. i think he is wanting to do better but cant –like bill hicks said, they probably show the pres the zapruder film on his first night in office.

  13. lol im a 100% drug free man….smiles…..i know a lot miss Roseanna about the bilderburgs , Rothschild, Rockefellers,warburgs ect. i have years of studying this…i just hoped obama would of been different, he had every reason to be… but NO same shit but from a different asshole

  14. im sure going to do more research in to your stance and opinions…. going to do my best to cut through the fat and see exactly what your made of… i do respect your views and i am willing to learn more……

  15. dude that is because you live in a capitalist system. Your country belongs to the banks. They only care about money and not anything else–where have you been? did you go on prozac or one of those pills that made you see the opposite of what was right in front of you?

  16. take in mind that i did in fact vote for him, regrettably…he has prove to be backer of big bank as was bush….no better….

  17. i thank you for the info it is certainly eye opening

  18. i am,,, whats your opinion on this….take in mind it is FACT……our Constitution means everything only if ALL presidents due their sworn oath to protect it and not cut it up when they feel the need too….
    it is unconstitutional and illegal (high treason) for a sitting president to hold the head of two post
    1st president obama ——-president of the USA
    2nd president obama ——-president of the UN security council…… HIGH TREASON———–FACT
    it is unconstitutional and illegal (high treason) for a president to prosecute a state or citizen there of, on behalf of a foreign state..
    1.president obama is suing Arizona on behalf of Mexico
    2.president obama turned Arizona in to the UN security council for civil rights abuses….
    i just gave you 4 proven facts that obama has committed high treason against the citizen of the United States Of American on at least 4 proven accounts..

  19. well, all that is here if you are interested. thanks

  20. if your really strait about wanting to make change, then its these issues and ones like these,that you need to educate people about, cause it gives you creditability at the experience of the globalist….. “hey Roseanna Barr know her shit” she really is telling us the truth, so maybe we need to stop and see what she is all about…..thats the kinda shit take will take you closer to your goal…….

  21. yes we are all going to be dying soon enough. but, lets party while we can and try to live our beliefs as we pass from here into the ozone

  22. Roseanna your in Hawaii right? i think so…. well if you drive out around the island’s you will find that the coconut palm trees are starting to die off, you can now take your hand and pull the bark off by the hand fulls….they are being poisoned as well as all the islands from the aluminum and barium being sprayed….