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i wish brett favre would text me a pic of his weiner

he was trying to shake that poor thing to wake it up.  i can see he is probly on the prozac–that’s what happens.  sexting up young jewish girls.  they all do it, especially us fat ones.  we are the most beautiful of all the women on earth, that is what my grandma said to me–she said that the jewish man is the only man who can see the true beauty of  jewish woman.  what a lousy fucking set up.  the jewish man is so whiney and afraid and overcompensating, on prozac and chronically masturbating, while the non jewish men are drunk and trying to have sex with a blonde.   People and their sexuality gross me the fuck out.  I do not care who you are rutting with.  stop forcing your kinky lifestyle down my throat! I am not a fucker!  I do not trust or like those who fuck at all anymore.  They are covered in germs, on prozac and behaving as cyborgs.  NO!  stop i do not want to hear about your sanctity of marriage and how you can keep  it hot for one hundred years.  a person’s earlobes get floppy, I say that is it for you…God would not want the people who have grey body hair and floppy earlobes to have any sex drive at all, I just know it, because I believe in Intelligent intelligent design.   everything here is holy holy holy.


  1. Karen Marie Romero says:

    Roseanne, Men are scared of woman and woman know that. I credit that quote by a man named Murray Needleman.

  2. Karen Marie Romero says:


  3. Karen Marie Romero says:

    Holy, Holy, Holy!

  4. dashus christ says:

    Yea, but both Ladies are very right about what they Know.

  5. hey dont cow pin me in the barn, i sure enjoy talking to women, im just not going talk about some dude’s weiner

  6. he made me say the same thing about seven times. men cannot hear women talk and they cannot bear to listen to us. notice that!

  7. Ladyjane Green says:

    is this guy for real? Attention Junkie Much? Needs to b retired.His excesss male sexuality is gross, the syphyliss has made him loco! Put Private back into private parts, everyone….

  8. im going to leave this one alone………