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i have been thinking of the right name for the third party–

 green tea party of america, the third choice party, the workers party, the small government liberty party, the repeal nafta party, the Unity Party, etc.  now i think its the grandmother’s party–we outlive men for a reason.


  1. more important than the name is a simple graphic to represent the party. Visual symbols claim you in a way words don’t. It’d need to be one which can be absent mindedly doodled whilst making a telephone call, or that a schoolkid can easily carve into its desk, or would look good as a lapel badge, etc.
    for instance, there’s the treskela:
    .. an iron age celtic symbol representing the realms of mind body spirit (maybe). Unfortunately, the symbol’s used by neo-nazi groups so it’s tainted. (It really bugs me that political groups can poison geometry.)
    Anyhoo .. the party with the best imagery wins!

  2. How about the Women’s Party? “Someday an army of grey haired women shall quietly take over the earth.” – Gloria Steinam

  3. I like the name, America First Party. Gareth Porter can be heard on the antiwar radio site, telling how American foreign policy is an equal mixture of stupidity and working for Israel’s interest. I hope all get a chance to check out Michael Collins Piper’s reasons for wanting an America First Party, at his website, and at Stay healthy, dearest Roseanne.

  4. I like workers party….and i like how french workers are responding to what they are trying to do to them…americans seem to accept getting the shaft as long as they can pretend they aren’t workers by driving new cars, having new gadgets, and whatever consumer good is out there. i hate being called a consumer. bleh

  5. dashus christ says:

    and Roseanne let’s pick our drink of choice,and lift a toast to your common sense/ common Good & TRUTH approach! ITs the only way! ROSEANNE BARR 2012

  6. dashus christ says:

    no time like the present to give your/our party a Name!!

  7. the Blind-side Party