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i am well aware that this site is watched by the powers that be

I am well aware of that and I am so happy because of it.  Those who read my words stay sane in insane times.  I do not lie, (which upsets liars) and all of the news posted here is crucial and about two years ahead of the “lamestream media”.  Sarah Palin I realized today has been put in place only to make Romney seem palatable to the Repub right.  so–I am therefore throwing all of my support behind Sarah Palin for the Republican Nomination for the Presidency.  I offer myself to the Dems or to any other party as a write in candidate.  I will even change my name to NONE OF THE ABOVE.  that is because I know how to fix this country, unlike every other candidate running, and given half a chance, it would be my great honor to speak on behalf of the rights and interests of the american taxpayer. I will be your voice, and together we will decide what is being done with your moneys.  We will direct all public money to the american public, and guarantee their rights to life liberty the pursuit of happiness, privacy, health care, jobs housing and freedom from religion.


  1. dashus christ says:

    oh well caps were not meant at all for yelling,but i see your point here. iv’e had a Super cell Cleanse w/ cells dancing of sorts-but thinking about showing it in a different way ! Thx for your thoughts on this! we need Roseanne to take over this planet NOW!

  2. Ladyjane Green says:

    kinda gives yr comments “a kidnapper note”quality, much like the ones seen in The Streets Of San Francisco tv program.(70s) lol as long as yr not yellin those cap letters im fine!

  3. dashus christ says:

    it is for you and your campaign-i forgot to say.i can see where it could be displeasing!

  4. dashus christ says:

    well,i’m trying something new-i am calling it math/truth- it is not meant to annoy but to attract rather than detract. i will stop however, if you would like me to.

  5. what is up with your crazy letters of differing sizes hon?

  6. dashus christ says:

    i bEliEvE ROSEANNE has sEwn up thE WIN ALREADY-as GOD mEant and intEndED hER tO BE!

  7. if god wants me to win it will just happen. It will dawn on people what to do and they will do it. i have a dream too—that americans will wake up and remember their great country and where it was headed before the rich growers in california hired ronald reagan to dismantle the social safety net and give all the tax money to the bankers and the rich. People can figure it out and when they do–they will see that its within their power, their vote to save this country. I am the only candidate who says these things. These things are the right things and not the wrong things. I have faith in the right things and the power of words to reach the right ears. I will do nothing and win, if the people want to win. we will see what the right people do with the right words and the right intentions, the full desire to do right for the sake of what is and always was and always will be right–peace and the sisterhood of man.

  8. This is so beautiful. Roseanne what can we do? Where t shirts for
    u? Can u get people to start talking about this. I want u to win.

  9. dashus christ says:

    i LOVE what you havE wRittEn abovE-iv’E bEEn sEnding youR woRds in poEtRy & ElsEwhERE & will REmain stEady w/ it!

  10. you are so right, I do feel more sane when I read your blog, which I have been every day since I found it in the fall of 2006. I want to help your campaign, if you’d even want it, I’m in Boston, I’d be willing to do anything, even making calls to remind people to vote.

  11. dashus christ says:

    agReeing w/ you to the letter T as they say !!!

  12. dashus christ says:

    but everything written in topic is to taken Really very seRiously!

  13. Ladyjane Green says:

    if were bein watched, im not surprised . this is where the vag-ionists and gynocentric matriots can be heard. along with all kinds of other “fringe elementals”. All political dissent, or protest is being tagged as terroristic behavior ala new world order. By even questioning ” authority”, one can find yr self in with the “terrorists”. Uncle Sham* is the terrorist supreme, and we the citizenry are being kept in the dark , blindfolded, waitin fer our next waterboardin. Thankful on this Thanksgiving that there is a site where questions r asked and answered, no matter who tha f is watchin us . Big brother has watched this gen x labrat since my first laced vaccine. At least r gives a f— about “us the people” to try to teach us the basics of self repair via meditation and sense of community. This you can get by actively participating in the exchange of ideas/ info that is this blog…
    *thks m daly

  14. dashus christ says:

    i just LOVE this !! talking bout krackin Up-Oh my

  15. Ladyjane Green says:

    Changin yer name 2 Noneoftheabov lol first mornin krack up… it sounds russian if used as a last name..