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for all believers:

place the hebrew letter yod and the hebrew letter heh and the hebrew letter vav and the hebrew letter aleph on a piece of white paper in black ink, knowing while you are writing that you are creating a channel of massive energy.  you are moving time and space and rousing the upper world of BINAH to descend here.  Place these letters on paper in the homes/offices and vicinities of the rich jewish bankers that you work for.  the jews are going to rid themselves of the worst elements among them.


  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    i am going to do this roseanne thanks. i was not raised a jew but always knew i was. thanks for all you do.

  2. narciopath is good. I really like satan worshipper though–i think it is very apt

  3. ps: we may not be fuck’d .. we just need to make sure we have a flamethrower and a speedy set of wheels nearby at all times. (I’ve slipped into Mad Max mode)

  4. you’re right. trad descriptions aren’t subtle enough to capture the variations of living zombie (or maybe vampire) that masquarade as human beings.
    “narciopath” is good. – i think that’d suit the well meaning politician who morphs into a psychopath when in power. The UK Tony Blair is a good example.

  5. hmmm…thanks mijj! i always thought psychopath was more visibly violent and obvious but a sociopath can fool anybody being so detached from having a conscience…lets look that up! google now…..
    this link on sociopath is awesome! ive had to look at it over the years to remind myself just how sick some people are –>
    this is from wikipedia –> According to Christopher J. Patrick in his ‘Handbook of Psychopathy’ clinicians generally believe that there is neither a cure nor any effective treatment for psychopathy; there are no medications that can instill empathy, while psychopaths who undergo traditional talk therapy only become more adept at manipulating others
    there is something else called the Hares checklist. It seems very similar to the link I posted first. From what I can see, sociopath is defined as a subset of psychopath….
    BUT!!!!! the crucial thing….THEY CANT GET BETTER… cannot instill empathy.
    Guilotinne it is then.
    The part you are bringing up about mutation…I know exactly what you mean….in trying to define this I made up a word. I posted this in another thread but this weird, societal behavior, what seems to be the norm at this point….i call it NARCIOPATH…..that situation where a person who in many respects is actually good, has been so ingrained by society the empathy is almost completely eroded….thats it….narciopath is the progression of normal and healthy to sick and satanic within this society….as you struggle to survive, learn to cut corners, get away with fucking people over and even get rewarded for it….the morality you were born with fades….ahhh!!! can THESE people be saved??? before its too late??? can we begin wordlwide theatrical satyagraha to blast them out of this dangerous level of self serving???
    i fear it is too late. were totally fucked.

  6. you’ve reminded me of some info i came across recently.
    We assume in casual language that sociopath is an updated word for psychopath. But there’s a technical difference. A psychopath is that by nature, but a normal person may mutate into a sociopath by losing the essential qualities of empathy (essential for morality).
    I may have got “psychopath” and “sociopath” the wrong way round.
    Situations leading to mutation would be where x is has power over people or subject people have been dehumanised by propaganda, say. Empathy is weakened and morality doesn’t function. Anyone may succumb depending on the details of the circumstances. You don’t know how your morality will stand up in situations where it’s not been tested.
    This is from vague memory (i don’t have a ref) so i’m hoping i’ve got the gist. It seems reasonable.

  7. ok…thank you for the word on dion fortune. i think i know what you mean about sex change diety. what would you suggest as a place to start getting good information?
    and to clarify, i did not mean actually physically torturing or harming the guilty. no…but by using non-violent means, get the reality of their guilt so in their faces that they literally WEEP. just make them cry and feel their own guilt. i have always been inspired by ghandi. by how even as he was fighting evil he would want to be pushing his enemies to a moral conversion.
    from my experiments with this in my own little life however, i will say, it hasnt been very effective. sociopaths stay sociopaths…i dont get it….

  8. dashus christ says:

    AGREEING BIG BIG TIME here w/ YOU-and so well stated the way you always Can and DO!

  9. hi renate (sp?) dion fortune misrepresents the Highest Face of Deity, in that her teachings are about drag queens (males) who have unseated the female and done a sex change on her. Even though she writes so that its understandable about Kabballah/qabbala/cabala she is wrong and misses the mark in a big big way—Mary Daly’s gyn/ecology touches on all of this—especially the part about Tiamut. re read that and re-member it.
    We cannot keep satanists alive just to torture and hurt them–if we do that we are satanists!
    they must be removed painlessly and quickly, after a fair trial in a court not heavily weighted in their favor (as now). Revolutions can be quite bloodless, but vampires and satanists and pedos can’t change their stripes, or ever be trusted around living things or kids. They don’t really “exist” as human beings. They should not exist to be the objects of torture or punishment either, because as long as people see that as an “enlightened option” this place will stay Hell. We need to rid ourselves of Satanist leaders, and of Satan (anti Good).

  10. > “well so much for simple, sorry. i will still try to communicate and not pontificate”
    stream of consciousness is great, R! .. please, don’t abandon it.

  11. social justice IS god.
    looking forward to reading the mind blowing post.
    went back to my fav mary daly book Gyn/Ecology and downloaded Dion Fortunes Mystical Qabala for free!!! You can get most of her books free Ebook download. i have always enjoyed her writing. my brain is stretching and smoke of societys message self doubt clearing away.
    “I am one of less than twenty women on earth who can write about the judaic and hermetic crossings.”
    This i believe.
    i keep watching your presidential running speech. IT IS BETTER THAN ANY STUPID PTSD MED!!!!
    TRUTH IS MEDICINE. Humor is the greatest healer.
    i only wonder about the guilotine. you are my superior in wisdom and profound womanly everything but i dont know…could we not keep them around and psychologically torture them until they are forced to face THEIR OWN CONSCIOUS? there are methods of stripping them to the soul, as unbelievable as it might seem that they would CRY and CRY and CRY from the reality of their own crimes. we could set up a little kinder-kiddie day camp at guantanamo. good times!
    when you rule everything, i want to apply for a position in the dept of psychological warfare..i would specialize in HAUNTING THE GUILTY…….
    pontificating is needed some time. listening too. smart women need to pontificate and be LISTENED TO…
    i wanted to meditate at 2am-7amHawaiiJersey time but then i got tripped up….if you do it fri 2am that means set your alarm when you are going to bed on thursday night eh?
    is anyone on this site living on the east coast? near NY? good stuff going on. band that powers everything by bike playing park slope thursday –>
    ok, it looks like its going to be a great day for little waitresses here in new jersey. very warm and sunny. i shall be cleaning up a whole lot of cat shit.
    i love this website. all of your teachings are in my contemplation….
    love service sincerity
    Her Royal Awesomeness
    renata terase Queen of Roses

  12. dashus christ says:

    THANKS Roseanne-i’ll be looking for it–!!

  13. i need to ask dan kelly to do it–

  14. dashus christ says:

    Yes Happy Friday Roseanne–i changed my password & now i can not get into old forum-can you Please help,so i can get in.TY! also i will be away from computer on and off today. i need to get some things for tonight’s meditation at 2AM HI Time!! and i Love what you have written in comments here on this page!!

  15. Stephanie J DeMartino says:

    Good Morning Roseanne!
    I love what you believe in, it’s great!
    Happy Friday. I wrote a note from the old forum in the messages to you. :)

  16. Actually,….I think you explained your position reasonably well,…………….I may not accept all of it, or share aspects of it,..but I understand most of your pov…..I read an article recently that quoted doctors as saying that as many as 5% of all births may be pyschopathic(?) and that these are the folks who strive for leadership positions in society…, etc…but yet again, I’d have to ask…… what context did any/all occur?
    Not only, what are we? and why do we exist?, but if you continue that line of thought until it’s logical end,….well I guess that is the definition of going crazy permanently……even if we are just the biological result of earth hanging close to the sun,
    …in what context does it all exist…and why?
    btw…….I have been fighting back since I was a small child, all the way through my years of government employment…they hated me,…..I would just keep turning them in for violating wage & hour laws, eeo laws, petty criminal theft, huge, multi-billion dollar theft,……so, there are evil folk in the world
    ….before I worked for the government, I never knew I was capable of seeing some particular person on the ground choking to death, and know I could just step over them…..let sombody else save them,…..but I have seen that kind of evil lurking in our government, and it feels good to know that I stood up to it everyday of my career…..but we really need a revival of people with the courage to say no!

  17. we are all jews.

  18. well so much for simple, sorry. i will still try to communicate and not pontificate, the real problem with all americans right now–all running at the mouth with big ideas and not really connecting with others who feel the exact same way! lets hook up to get rid of the guilty leaders who steal our money and kill innocents with it–They need help to move on and be with their Jesus! I pray for their assent every shabbat. if you work for one of the evil jews–the fascist right winger types (who’s job it is to kill the good jewish people–those who want to be Just, the lefties) simply write the tetragrammaton on a piece of paper and leave it by them. when their eyes behold the truth of these small four letters, their souls will change immediately. no skin off anyone’s ass no violence. just the name. (this is for maids and waitresses secretaries and such–the army of me).

  19. i try to make myself clear but so far, not too many are getting what I mean at all–I figure that is because i am not writing things clearly enough yet–and so for hours each day I write to try to clarify the things I am saying and make them as simple as can be so that they cannot be misunderstood. this is what the books I study (kabballah, the book of formation, the koran, the torah, the babylonian gospels, the gospel of mary, mary daly and tons of books about mathematics and gemarrah, the holy patterns of letters and numbers. i will post some this shabbat–this is the briefest answer i can give you to the questions you asked me about god and holy and the univers–my boyfriend johnny passed this on to me, a tossed away gem of his that is so simply brilliant, I keep repeating it “there is only one everything.” this thought that i am writing on this page and that you will read and consume and understand and integrate and then share out there in the world after you read it and you get it–fully–this lovely thought is able to be shared by several people at once thousands and thousands of miles away. See what we have created here on this earth. we are god, and there is no other god before the Human Being. He/she/it were made in the image of the Highest Holy Thought that we could contain and communicate with each other through a series of letters that were also numbers. the numbers are the proof of our being programmed by an intelligence that is not of our understanding–but because we are its image–we will someday soon become aware of the fact that our scientists and doctors and leaders are all psychopathic (nazi), and they answer to the ultimate sexual sadist and torturer–the lower mind of man manipulated by its god who is satan. satan is the god of this world–try on those glasses and you will see what the zohar is telling us–we are in a war now that we can easily win. unity and empathy is the thing that the lower mind cannot connect to. satan has no comprehension of these two things.. these two things–unity and empathy are the cornerstones of love energy…which is the blessed and the Holy to me, Tetragrammaton. four numbers that mean infinity. if you are part of the number of folks who can transcend their lower chakras and come into crown chakra, you will see the real pattern of things, and not the illusionary patterns that the white noise in the minds of men entertain constantly. you will find the ultimate attribute of God, your programmer in yourself running inside these three holy letters–R N A. much divine mother love descends on you then you find your place of wonder and awe alive again in your heart mind and breast, and breath. we are part of something happening right now–we can will this small part of the evolution of the human brain. satan has programmed us to follow him, because satan is the lower forces of ourselves. When we simply say no to fear, and we walk through it, anway, through that dark night of the soul, we see light. there is nothing but light really…our lower is our unevolved brain being contained inside an enlightened mind. this is what men can do to rise above –men must follow the mother– divine feminine, which in men manifests as the conscience. (not in women though!–women have no karma!! You are born a woman because you were a terrible man in your last life before this one, (past lives are the same thing as PTSD and MPD!
    and stop trying to make the grandmothers follow the men. tell other men to listen to the grandmothers in their cultures. the grandmothers know how to fix everything and for cheap too! listen to women–because we have no karma other than the horror of being female here on this woman hating planet–THE ONES WHO KNOW THINGS!! not the ones who ask you for answers! here’s the answer to everything: you guys need empathy for women’s dire situations and the horrors they are living through as they watch their children suffer and die in poverty for no reasons at all, just so a few psychopathic satanists can have the power it takes here in hell to be able to torture and rape and kill innocence in all its forms. they, the guilty must be arrested tried and sent to the guillotines, the people’s method of justice. the kabballah (TORAH) says all this!! they have hidden it from women, but I am like indiana jones’ big sister. i pull up quick to retrieve what they throw out. I have my grandfather’s prayer book from the 1800’s before he and all like him were murdered by satan worshippers and the vatican…there is not one word about god in there! It is every single word about social justice. that is my god. and the god of my grandfathers. It’s just a great God too because it empowers my arm, and animates me, unlike religion who teaches people that god is outside themselves judging them. this creates duality in the mind and duality is the thing that is passing away in the human mind right now. and that is really a great great thing…potentially. if the right side wins, and we can win and we have already won, really. good always wins–in physics, the default position of the universe is toward the positive pole–of velocity and light! it’s all perfect but us!

  20. yes- the tetragrammaton is like E=MC2. It is a formula of energy, ad physics. The god of this world, you are getting the goods on I will write this shabbat about–it’s here but I can’t remember the name of the post right now–it will blow your mind (you certainly have one I see) as it blew mine. let me search and reprint the stuff I figured out. A lot of people ask me where they can go to read the stuff I write, and I have to say, with no ego, that this is the only place you will read the interpretation of kabballah that I write. i am the author of the things I write about kabballah. They come from no man, but straight from my study and meditations—I have studied for fifty years now. I am a ‘scholar’ and my days and nights are mostly about interpreting these things I find so wonderful and so joyous. I am one of less than twenty women on earth who can write about the judaic and hermetic crossings.

  21. Hi Roseanne…..I belong to The Church of No One Really Knows……..since that is my foundational belief, it allows me to accept and understand other’s spiritual points-of-view without being more judgemental of one vs. another……because, here is my problem,……even if their is a God,…..or Aliens,….or whom/what-ever,…in
    what context do they exist? Even if the big-bang thing happened,,,,,happened in what, where? In what context?
    If God sits on a big cloud and manages all,….where did he come from? And please,…try not to answer me with,..
    “it has always been so”, or some such biblical pap.
    I think spirituality is a miracle of life,….religion doctrine is just another form of governance…..
    Anyway,…I don’t know how you track your older threads, but I hope you got the message, and by now the books I’d sent you………I know it is too quick, but I’d like tp know if you enjoyed the read of Webster Groves, when you are done……

  22. thank you!
    hahaha…the jon bon part is like being born again…you will never beileve it, you know the suckiest music ever but then you keep listening and its like when sinners find jesus! HOLY CRAP I CANT BELIEVE IT BON JOVI ROCKS!!!! plus he is all about LOVING HIS WIFE, hence an embodiment of the non-douchebag masculine i am talking about.
    roseanne, im pscyhed. please teach me deeper esoteric stuff i do not understand. i know a little about Skekkinah but no idea kabbalah teaches jah hova = LADY when men raise up goddess, yes, everything will be peace. john lennon was starting that i think. in my little way, with art telling humor, i am calling out the JEHOVAH archetype. sitting on the throne of the 3 abrahamic traditions…domineering psychological force ruining everything. not dissing tetragrammaton, but they stole that, twisted true power, the nasty little occultism nonsense…you must not say THE NAME!!!! like lord voldemort or something….i went to yale, believe me, that place is filled with dementors! god is not an asshole, god has a wife, give her back her power.
    this is from wikipedia –> Observant Jews write down but do not pronounce the Tetragrammaton, because it is considered too sacred to be used for common activities…Using the name in the Bible
    Exod. 3:15 is used to support the use of the Name YHWH: “this is My name for ever, and this is My memorial unto all generations.”
    Many Scriptures do favour the use of the Name. The biblical law does not prohibit the use of the Name, but it warns against “misuse”, “blaspheming” or in ordinary terms, “taking lightly” the Name of YHWH. The Biblical texts suggest the people of the Bible—including the patriarchs—used the Name of YHWH…..
    sooo…what i am saying…is THE PATRIARCHS GOD IS NOT GOD!!! Curse your head off, say the name and take him down! YES MISUSE! YES BLASPHEME! YES! YES! YES! AMEN.
    and yeah mijj…THUNDER!!! have you heard of something called a HEYOKA? it is a medicine person who works strongly with the power of thunder and lightning. in JEHOVIS WITNESS, crazy babes like me, we are HEYOKITI…like kitty cat…fierce artemis like badasses consecrated to life and earth as THUNDERBRIDES…kind of like krishna and the gopis but better……

  23. That’s a terrific video!! (the sound effects weren’t there, but i could feel the thunder)
    The more godesses and high priestesses the earth creates the better.
    The part that shone out is “jesus is *not* coming to save you”.
    (not so sure i agree with the “bon jovi rocks” bit)

  24. hey hi! actually the tetragrammaton is a power square. yod and vav are female aspects of jah jah hova is female, and that is what the whole code is all about in kabballah–the highest aspect of God is female, and the female sphere of binat is the most spiritual elevated of the ten. kabballah tells us that as soon as men raise the idea of female divinity up to the same level as they regard male divinity there will be peace on earth.

  25. roseanne you are so awesome. wait, i told you that already. i read a few back posts on cleopatra…will meditate and integrate…i am not jewish. no rich banker husband karma for me, instead irish catholic, carribean indian, colombus, sociopath embezzeling child beater crap – YEAH! good times!
    cleopatra as head of last matriarchy. her slaves lived like queens. i have been ranting about this kind of thing for years. we need to build COMPASSIONATE BUSINESSES very simple…employees are nurtured, communicated with, strengths valued, flaws forgiven….not very hard but anyway, maybe cleo in my mindstream before i knew it. sometimes that happens.
    i mentioned i invented my own religion. not to push it on you but i think you actually might get it. this poetic parable is a secret introduction that actually tells everything if you are smart enough to see it. i have a longer stronger piece called THE CONSICE CUNT SUTRA that i perform in the LES but uhhh….see if you get this vid….JEHOVAH IS NOT THE REAL MASCULINE DIETY HE IS A WIFE BEATER A FUCKTARD A PRETENDER AND IMPOSTER!!! GET THAT ASSHOLE OFF THE THRONE!!! ….the real male diety is not a douchebag. he protects Women and Children and i think can last longer than 2 minutes in bed……..i miss that guy…everybody wake up…bring him home….ladies for the sake of mother earth! do not sleep with douchebag dudes. we can clean this mess up real quick! renata terase war cry for all women everywhere PUT YOUR PANTIES ON!!! jehovah must go.
    also im pretty positive, taboos surrounding “4 letter words” a “curse” word…it goes back to actually cursing people and TETRAGRAMMATON….now all of this absurdity, WE ARE CURSED…say FUCK as much as you can, it breaks the spell…YALE is a 4 letter word too….they knew what they were doing but LOVE is the best one of all….
    i have tried to figure kabbalah by myself but as yet to no avail…trying to study many things and weave all those tattered threads……i will look at the alphabet again and see if i cant figure out what you are trying to say with the paper and stuff….
    gnostic christianity and vajrayana buddhism were originally the same…this is where much of my madness comes from…check out a chic named MACHIG LABDRON…..

  26. what about all the rich non-jewish bankers?
    .. or .. hmmm .. did someone say “we’re all jews now”? .. if it was lenny bruce, i think it’s probably true.