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feeling absence of light–

it’s retracting and the darkness is flooding in.  depression looms. celebration is called for to counteract it.  Let’s call it Christmas!  Let us trip all over ourselves to waste the money we worked so hard for.  This may be our last year to blow our children’s money on low down trifling bullshit from China!  Toys Toys Toys!  Let our kids learn that buying crap that destroys our economy and the world’s web of life is the way to thank our G-d for the gift of our military!  We’re number ONE!


  1. dashus christ says:

    Thank you E J and P J for your links ! YES Roseanne we’re #1!! everyone that has not yet noticed this,will see it very very soon!

  2. santa was a siberian shaman

  3. P.S. We’re Number One!! Love that! Thanks for the reminder! Yes, we’re Number One alright! In what I’ve forgotten exactly. Is it ‘Number One’ in being Dipsticks?

  4. I hear people talking about how excited they are to wrap gifts, etc. I don’t know what’s going on with me exactly, but this is the first year I just don’t care so much. I think partly it’s because all the Christmas sales & shopping talk has begun too early. Our country is hurting & Christmas decorations seem like a weak distraction from the serious issues facing us. This year the throngs of people lined up for days at the store to save $$ is a sad sight, not cool at all, to me. Just another sign of the economic times. People would be better off receiving seeds & gardens as gifts, instead of Chinese junk ;>

  5. awesome post.
    the darkness and depression is prominent at this time. trying to stay aflot despite the backward downward spiral vortex of quicksand sickness, centipede-fested mold swamp.
    this is a good read to keep mental sanity and stability in check:
    love and solidarity
    rt PRP

  6. Yeah, I’m going camping.
    I can’t stand the idea of putting up a tree with all the bullshit decorations, spending money I don’t have, buying things I don’t need, and then talking about how wasteful other people are, when I participate in it year after year….
    This is the year I will try to make a change starting with myself.

  7. rinse and repeat.