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what is a zionist?:

A zionist is one who believes that the Jewish People must always have wars, and should never make peace.  They will never have peace, because they do not know what it is.  IT is called Hashem.  Hashem means peace, female peace.  the divine feminine.  that is why Jeremiah speaks to the daughters of Zion, telling them they will never live in peace if they do not break their hearts of stone.  A heart of stone is a death sentence.  Hashem is showing herself to us more each minute.  Yes, we will have peace–peace of mind…no more mind control for Jewish People, we are not slaves, we are free–we are free to live anywhere and love whomever we choose to love, and to share all that we hold secretely in our clenched and fearful hearts, the dream of an actual ZION—a city of international brotherhood, as David intended.  B’a’ruch Hashem 


  1. yes he is but—

  2. Is Jonathan Pollard a Zionist?

  3. Im convinced zionism is Elitismm
    Almost has nothing to do w being Jewish.
    Hehe i make sense to myselff.
    Yes i know what zionism is..
    but today it means money n worshippn money
    who makes the cute lil outfits they were to kaballah classs.
    Give me a breakk its all about the moneyy

  4. most everyone thinks only jews can be zionists.