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vote for progressive democrats–

if there are none, then vote Green.  Do not vote for moderate democrats or any repiglicans.  This is to balance the too far shift to the right. All of you jobless homeless gay and underemployed folks, as well as all repubs who think their party has shifted too far to the right– Vote for me in 2012–

  I promise as President to end Income Tax altogether, forgive student loans, give free health care and legalize hemp.  I will end all wars immediately and get rid of the fed, as well as end all US support for Israel.  I am also running for Prime Minister of Israel, and I promise to bring peace between arab palestinian and jew and catholic, with my 3 state solution for Peace.  I will, as joint PM and Potus, save both countries from the jaws of death simply by arresting and trying the rothschild banking family and the crown of england (including the bush family tree) for High treason and International drug dealing and criminal behavior, including crimes against humanity,all under RICO.  When these nasty folks are found guilty in a court of law not heavily weighted in their favor, as now, they will be sentenced to the blessed lady, the guillotine.  In my mercy, they will all be give a chance to give away all of their wealth and end all forms of slavery immediately, in order to continue to live, and if they refuse, beheaded in a swift and painless death.  Roseanne Barr 2012.


  1. dashus christ says:

    i know like You Roseanne,-that this party-on attitude must end,we don’t have anymore time to waste-Those who laugh last,laugh best.and the sooner the better when all is said and DONE!

  2. you are completely right about everything you say–and its also right that nobody cares. oh well-party on dude while you still can

  3. i as well have been researching all of this for years, i have been the big mouth nut case at the party, trying to inform lazy ass brain dead dumb fucks to what is really going on… i have been proved right so many times i lost count, i dont like to be told that i was right,,,bad news….we are in so much trouble here,,,, we are taking fire from all sides….some Americans are starting to wake up, but i think it might be to late…

  4. dashus christ says:

    i always Love how you explain, Roseanne.Your Meditation is the KEY to the Future of GOOD-Thank You for gifting me over and again w/ clean,clear,such Powerful healing energies of GOD=GOOD. IT has changed my life’s growth greatly , very quickly. Much Love to You and your Beautiful MIND!

  5. hi glugsy yes i know and have written here about monsanto and the bees for years–largely to deaf ears, but I have to do it or go all the way psycho–lol–maybe for real–I am here farming in hawaii and trying like hell to grow food that is organic and heirloom seeded–i am just giving it away too–i like barter and hate capitalism (the way it is now–I know it could be fixed and work, and I am trying to write about that too alot)–I am creating good things here–for one, I am farming bees. I want to spend my life and my time left living in the truth and living my beliefs. I do not live a bullshit life anymore. I stand before my internal judge (GOD) and I am not ashamed, anymore. When I meditate, the truth runs through me like a river of sweetness, and i write it down as fast as it pours through me. I am in the pipe and its good.

  6. michael, here is the real truth that I have written about for over fifteen years and no one wants to hear it and its censored from all the news on earth but its true—Cherynobyl was the equivilent of sixteen nuclear wars. Everything was poisoned from the ocean floor to sea life, to the ozone and everything between. Everything was murdered. Everything was killed in some way–cancer increased 300% in the world too. What did we do? We de-regulated everything so that the rich could hoarde and pirate everything that was left. We became a dying rotting planet with no hope to live. Everything will be dead here within fifty years. There will soon be no water, and the desert is increasing by the second.
    What I am saying is—there is a way for us to survive it. We have within our minds all the answers we need. Removing the programming that brought us to this place is our hope and our task. I feel that my highest use is to let people know they can break out of the matrix of patriarchal duality and concreate a green utopia here–if not now, when? this is the time for us to unite and try to reach a higher plane of co-conciousness together. There is no future really. the end is coming. The way we live out the rest of the horror that is coming to the world really really matters. We have to give in to the voluntary and the involuntary extinction of the human race, and the last one out will turn off the lights. How much hell will we allow? How much suffering, how much collusion, how much deafness to the suffering of others? This is our test now. Many of us are waking up to realize that these next twenty five years or so will be the final judgement of humanity… how will you stack up? Learning to meditate decreases stress which causes inhumanity. this is now michael, we are God now.

  7. dashus christ says:

    Thank you so much for these writings/Truth–ROSEANNE BARR 2012 !!!!!!! and i get you about keeping up w/ all the great info here & looking things up!

  8. if anyone reading my post has a problem with my language i do apologize, however with all the trouble and real important issues going on in our lives still leaves you room to judge me and get offended by my language ,i am truly sorry and leave you with these 4 little words. “fucking get over it”

  9. sorry about the miss spelled address, i get so mad and upset over all of this, that i get in a hurry spelling…im researching rosie and her views,, let me tell you, i am so impressed with her… she really has spent time researching the truth and she is telling you fact…you want some scary prophecies here are some that i have came up with (i am not alone in these )
    1. Marshall law will be enacted (if not all-ready in secret )
    2. stock market will completely crash
    3. one world currency (ready in the making)(amero-bancor)
    4. we will be policed like Nazi Germany
    5. we will be mandated to take vaccines
    6. fema camps full
    7. foreign military’s policing americans
    8. open boarder with mexico
    9. 100% all GM foods
    10. tax hikes-tax hikes-tax hikes
    11. mass die off, of world population
    12. halt in all buying and selling of gold
    do some research on your own, we are in some real trouble…we have to get all of our government out of office, we have to have investigations and some mother fuckers have to go to jail for what they have done to all of us and our country… play time is over…we can no longer allow our government to bully and terrorize other country’s in the name of their democracy..and turn a blind eye on them when they feel like stealing more of our money and rights…

  10. this whole government deal is simple, and can be put in simple working man/rosie terms, the government is to fucking big, its “WE THE PEOPLE” not us the peasants you jackass MOTHER FUCKERS…. Its our hard work, its our sweat from our brow, its our callus hands that built this country and pay your fucking checks. “WE ARE THE BOSS” we have all 4-got this…. Americans have been over time reprogrammed to rely on / expect hand outs that make us dependent on the government for our lively-hood.. We have became these scared little kids that cry and whimper every time the government mentions the boogieman… so scared that we beg them to steal more money and rob us of more birth rights, there is a bill on the senate floor now to be voted on call ( bill S510) if passed would make it a fucking felony to grow a vegetable garden…”WHAT THE FUCK” …. i am so sick and pissed to see our beloved America in this shape, but even more so to see Americans to fucking lazy and dont give a shit sponges,doing nothing…believe lies and support neocon big bank backer politicians that steal all our money but promise protection from all the Muslim boogie-men out to get us… we need simple folks and simple minds, people that know what hunting, fishing, swimming in a river, sitting around a campfire, what a cold beer is… these are the hard working HONEST people that have good family names, that have the back bone and the morals to do the best for our country…..if rosie did ever run for office, she would 100% have my vote, like her or hate her,,, she is an honest person and she dont give a fuck what you think of her, she would do what she felt was right,,, i can see her now telling the bankers to give us back our mother fucking money,,, and sending there asses over to Iraq… we must take back our country, we must practice distention, we must ask question, we must research fact and what our government has done…like it or not, does not change the fact that we all have been conned about 9-11 “IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB” the government at the very least set back and let it happen… this is fact…what does have to happen before we all see the truth, that our leaders are SCUM….they have stolen all our money… its all gone people…and soon all the jobs as well….. want the truth….here it is as the best i can give you… alex jones ………….. Miss Rosie Rocks

  11. dashus christ says:

    a lot of people call them rats getting in between the cracks-i refer to them as cockroaches,myself.

  12. Post Script: The healthcare reform bill was written by the insurance companies it was their bailout. we get mandatory healthcare less services and even more important less freedom

  13. The democrats are not the lesser of the two evils here they are one in the same with the republicans.
    If you look down the rabbit hole deep enough you will see that they are following an agenda to dismantle the soverinty of the United States ( Agenda 21 and Codex Alimentarius).
    We need people who are going to be loyal to the Constitution and The Bill of Rights.
    You are a person who is famous and highly intelligent, people listen to what you say
    ( they must because i am here ). I don’t know if you have seen these movies “The Future of food” and ” The world according to Monsanto”. the powers the be would not orchestrate something like 9/11 just to go to war or for money they can print. this is much bigger than that. we are talking one world government and population reduction.
    Watch these movies i mentioned if you can and Google Agenda 21 and Codex .
    Thanks for responding Roseanne you are very cool in my book problem is no one has read my fucking

  14. because dems are the lesser of two evils, basically–at least they voted for healthcare, even though they are corporate whores too–the only thing worse than a democrat is a republican.

  15. Hello Roseane,
    I have been studying geo politics for about 20 years now and have read a lot of the things you have said on this blog.
    I was very surprised to see how spot on you are with ending the Fed and that is why i don’t understand how you could be so supportive of Globama.
    If you know the Income tax is illegal and that our tax dollars go only to paying back interest on a false national debt not to the running of the country ,then you must have come to the conclusion that since 1913 the left right paradigm is a sideshow meant to distract the american people from the real issues. you appear to have studied a lot of the
    real information. Bush and Cheyney orchestrated 9/11 ? they are complicit thats for sure
    but they like Obama and the Clintons are lapdogs for the families that own the reserve banks of the western world. If we got rid of all of those talking heads tomorrow the machine would still run just the way it is now. Obama is no savior for America he has shown where his loyalties lie. If he was so great why has he not talked about ending the Fed ? It was Goldman Sachs money that put him into office and then he in turn put all of them into his cabinet. i am not trying to start an argument or a flame session i am just asking how you could not see that they are all complicit.
    if Obama’s ball sac was really red, white and blue why hasn’t he opened up a new investigation into 9/11 ? As president that makes him complicit as well.
    I mean no disrespect but you seem to me to be such a straightforward person i have to say ” from one American to another what the fuck is up with that”?

  16. Gary W (Redskins77) says:

    Roseanne are you sure about pushing for the green? I have read how they are republicans in disguise?

  17. Gary W (Redskins77) says:

    Roseanne are you sure about pushing for the green? I have read how they are republicans in disguise?

  18. The upcoming election will not be the end of the extreme rhetoric which is currently flooding the media. We have gone over the line with lies on both sides. I always remember your statement that the only time politicians tell the truth is when they call each other liars.
    We can no longer be a civil society and discuss the issues in a rational manner. It has not worked in the past and I anticipate no change.
    When the bag man for the tobacco industry is preparing himself for Speaker of the House with the support of his partners in crime, the Republican party, how can we anticipate anything other than government of, by and for the wealthy.

  19. Roseanne,
    I am a Ron Paul libertarian and do not believe in socialism. However, I am right on board with you when it comes to ending the fed, investigating 911 and holding people accountable for it, ending the wars NOW, peace in the middle east, legalizing hemp and etc.
    PLEASE RUN FOR PRESIDENT! I wouldn’t hesitate in voting for you.
    Do you plan on running as a Democrat? I hope so! I have made the mistake of running as a 3rd party candidate and let me tell you, it’s not easy . . . unless you own a bank. You’ll need at least 100 million to compete with the corporate elites candidates.
    Thank you for your bravery and your patriotism.

  20. You got my vote.

  21. Ladyjane Green says:

    I Love the Blessed Lady, Long may she Drop! The guillotine is A timeless Approach…

  22. dashus christ says:

    YES Vote Roseanne Barr 2012-ROSEANNEARCHY! The people will be given back their party under/over the rise of the common Good/Sense!

  23. There is so much dirty politics.
    Not sure if this has anything to do with this thread.

  24. the government is never going to investigate itself! Thanks derek its true–its the people’s party and we need to begin grooming socialists within it to run for office and then we need to vote for them.

  25. Plus… How do we get any kind of investigation of 911 with Obama around??

  26. I agree, I think we need to infiltrate the Democrat party, rather than voting third party all the time, because that gives republicans an easy victory. But in the meantime, we should all push for election reform.