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Vote for progressive democrats–

Write them in if you have to!  Get rid of Blue Dog Conservative Democrats NOT BY VOTING FOR REPIGLICANS!  Vote out moderate Democrats and elect socialists in the Dem Party–it is our only hope to force Obama to do the right thing these next two years–get some young lefties in there–do not vote for anyone who has ads on tv.  Vote for unions jobs and reduction in military spending and vote to legalize, and end the war on drugs!  ORGANIZE.  VOTE LEFT AS YOU CAN.

  Fuck the liberals, and the fascists.  Vote them out.  Most Americans are closet socialists and don’t even know it–
how to tell if you are a socialist: 
 1–you support the 40 hour work week.
 2- you support health care
 3- you believe that adults should be free to control their own bodies
 4-you believe that freedom of the press is the most important thing in a free society.
 5–you want to be protected from sexual degenerates forcing their religions down your throat.
 6–you believe that slavery should be a thing of the past.
 7–you think Communism sucks, and that is why you hate Commie Republicans who want everyone to work for the government 
 8–you think pirates (free markets supporters) should be in jail.
 9–you think clean water and food and shelter and health care are your rights as human beings.
 10–you think religious degenerates should be controlled by birth control in the water supply, as they are unable to control their sexual cravings and their irresponsible spawning of more innocents for their church leaders to molest.


  1. lol ya just gotta love her, she will tell it like she see’s it…. all of it comes down to this NWO and all the rock-o-fucker neocon greed ridden power high SCuM….that are stealing all our money…..

  2. also, I haven’t worked for them in over twenty years now, either, you money grubbing satan worshipper.

  3. Actually that is not true. I have had a career due to the advertising agencies that buy time on television, and from fans who bought my books and went to my concerts. Nice try to implicate me in child prostitution and slavery though…you guys will do anything you can to prop up your shitlouse ideas, but fuck you very much.

  4. streetsweeper says:

    Uh, Roseanne? Free markets have enabled you to have a career, ma’am.

  5. Johnny Argent:
    Sorry, that link is no longer up. Try this link to see Menard’s videos on google video.

  6. Johnny Argent:
    We are all born with inalienable rights and lots of them. However, if you don’t know what your rights are, you effectively do not have them. Just because you are born with inalienable rights doesn’t mean that govt. will always recognize them. One of your inalienable rights is an unlimited right to contract. If you have to deal with the IRS in any way shape or form, it is because you exercised your right to contract wittingly or unwittingly to become a “taxpayer”. In most cases and for most people, this is done by participating in what the govt. calls a 100% voluntary program known as “Social Security” which I call socialistic insecurity. And while there is no law forcing anyone to obtain or use a socialist slavestate number, there is such brainwashing and mass ignorance on this issue that operating in this society at this time is very difficult without an SSN.
    Ever since 1942 (Social Security passed in 1935 and became effective in January 1937) every other new govt. program has been contingent upon participation in socialistic insecurity/use of a socialist slavestate number. If you have and/or use that number, you are a subject of the federal govt. and not a sovereign over it. That nasty white racist slaveowner who led the colonies into victory against the world’s most formidable army and fleet at the time, George Washington, stated that govt. is force, plain and simple, and, like fire, makes for a dangerous servant and a fearful master. Participate in socialistic insecurity and you are no longer master. Part of having govt. as your feared master is the IRS and your annual fiscal proctology exam called the 1040, to be signed under penalty of perjury. Enjoy!
    If you study the issue, you will find that participation in that system is pretty darn near at the root of the crap that is wrong in this country. Even if you favor that system, I doubt that you favor its functioning as a system of fraud, force, and deceit. Therefore, as in my above post … all I ask for is a 1 time opt out provision to allow for official denumeration of an individual, as well as plain language full disclosure as I outlined above. You either did not read the points that I would like to see disclosed or you can’t argue with them, they are fact, plain and simple.
    It goes to a deeper level though … if you would like to get at the truth, regardless of how painful that might be … go to and view the video “Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception” as well as “The Magnificent Deception” both by Robert Arthur Menard. He is a Canadian standup comic turned law researcher, the presentation is great.

  7. Johnny Argent says:

    Do you find yourself being hounded and persecuted 24/7 by “Social Security Agents?”
    I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who lays so many of our ills on the doorstep of The Social Security Administration.
    Secondly, when you say >> Furthermore, under the Constitution, with no socialism, government already has had, from the start, delegated to it by the people, an unlimited power to regulate commerce.<< and you use terms like “inalienable rights” in connection with the historic origins of The Nation, I’m a bit puzzled. Nobody had any substantial rights except a microscopic minority of aristocrats. The Founding Fathers were, by and large, slave owners. There were 4.5 million people in the former Colonies, and the Revolution (the most conservative in history) granted about 39,000 of them the right to vote. You had to be a landowner, male, White and 21. How did they own land?
    I agree that the Government has more power over me than I like, if for no other reason than the IRS. But, where in the world do you suppose anyone would find anything even resembling “inalienable rights” without a government taxing them so that they can buy enough guns to keep the pricks on the other side of whatever border you can control from coming across and exercising their “right” to stab you in the face and take whatever your government hasn’t taken already.
    There’s never a power vacuum for longer than it takes for someone who can kick your ass to come in and fill it. Do you actually believe anyone has or ever had anything remotely like “inalienable rights” anywhere but in the flowery rhetoric penned by those sexist, racist aristocrats I just referenced? They were pretty good for their time, but they were bullshitters just like any other politicians. It’s a requirement of the job.

  8. Roseanne,
    Kindly refrain from telling me what my thesis is. What I am saying is this: monopoly in the hands of the state vs. a private monopoly either way is monopoly and the people are phugged. Neither has anything to do with free enterprise and economic competition. Furthermore, under the Constitution, with no socialism, government already has had, from the start, delegated to it by the people, an unlimited power to regulate commerce.
    Johnny Argent,
    Regarding Walmart … they have been anointed by govt. as the New World Order company store. Their success in the market place has nothing to do with free enterprise and economic competition and has everything to do with a corporate entity partnering with govt. to get regulations written that allow it an unfair advantage.
    Furthermore, none of that has anything to do with being forced into participation in a social welfare program of dubious value (socialistic insecurity) and having those infernal nine digits, the socialist slavestate number, follow me around wherever I go.
    But all I ask for is this … first, a provision for a one time opt out/official denumeration from the system, and second, a requirement for a full disclosure statement in plain language anyone anytime anywhere for any reason asks for that number. Said disclosure statement needs to fully disclose all terms, conditions, rights waived, powers of attorney granted, and liabilities incurred including tax liabilities. Said disclosure statement is to be given both orally and in writing, to be initialled off point by point, signed off at the bottom and witnessed … which is about what happens when you rent a car, we have all been thru that, I’m sure. With full disclosure on that basis, I really have no objections whatsoever. If someone is willing to participate after being informed that the program is fully voluntary, there are no guarantees, that there is no trust fund, that there is a substantial grant to govt. of power of attorney, that participation means you can forget about being recognized as someone with inalienable rights, that participation will incur liability for federal income tax, state income tax, local income tax, and Obamacare mandates, and there will be a duty to sign a tax return under penalty of perjury thereby risking a felony conviction in the event of inaccurate information or risking a serious misdemeanor conviction in the event that no tax return is filled out … if someone is willing to participate after all of that is fully disclosed that is their business and I have no objection whatsoever. As I see it, less than full disclosure is a type of fraud.

  9. It’s funny how the rich have created this idea that a “free market” is the solution to all economic problems. They’ve convinced a bunch of poor people that this is true, so now the working class are divided, arguing with each other, nothing gets done. As long as they can keep that going, they’ll remain on top. Roseanne and Johnny, you’re both absolutely right. Since Reagan, I think our government has been scaled back, in terms of regulation and consumer protection. And this “freeing up” of the market has worked wonders, because our economy is fantastic right now, right?

  10. dashus christ says:

    Roseanne,You shoot to the point head-on dead center every time! always Amazed. pig &nut thing tickles me to the core. i’m so excited to read ROSEANNEARCHY!

  11. Johnny Argent says:

    Pete, The “Market” was a lot freer back in The Robber Baron days when there was very little regulation. The result was that working people got shit on and kids worked in bobbin factories 12 hours a day breathing dust to earn pennies.
    Fundamentalist Capitalism is The Law of The Jungle in a suit and tie. Teddy Roosevelt was as Republican as you can get, from a wealthy family and the whole bit, and HE pushed for The Sherman Anti-Trust Act because he knew that super-rich guys get on a roll and wipe out their competition through all kinds of slimy means. Monopoly is a natural progression – the biggest lion with the biggest teeth rules. No Thanks!
    Hell, Eisenhower was a Republican and a patriot and, economically, he was to The Left of Clinton! A millionaire’s first million was taxed medium light, but after that – it jumped to almost 90 cents on the dollar. Everybody still did pretty well.
    Walmart is pointed to as a shining beacon of Capitalism, and look what it really is: a warehouse full of crap from China tended by minimum wage workers, and it’s knocked out all the Mom-and-Pop hardware and grocery stores.
    We need People-ism – a balance between private sector and a Government that serves its people.

  12. go nuclear: here is your entire thesis —“I don’t want any big socialist government telling me that I can’t work in a dangerous place for no money, I want my freedom!”
    free markets mean one thing–child slave labor.

  13. repiglican is in my book roseannearchy where I talk about my fight with the pigs in hawai’i who keep coming for my nuts!

  14. dashus christ says:

    We need to just see TRUTH & let our focus/thoughts change to be able to use WORDs as slaves like they were intended. it’s real easy to be/get scared in this worldly crisis,but we have got to stop being afraid of our own self.( the way evil has tried and still is) getting away with. Be done w/ EVIL it has never been our friend though it still pretends to look like it is. Find it & stomp it out now w/ GOOD for People everywhere. Yes Tim, it’s people who twist words (thought) & numbers,the wrong kind of(EVIL)people.w/ absolutely no offense to bloggers ideas here.

  15. i am going to ask johnny to answer you pete he is smarter than me on all of the stuff you just wrote about

  16. no i don’t. I have Johnny!

  17. lol roseanne has a butler?

  18. P.S. I dont know why socialism has such a bad name.
    people say it with such disdain that and Liberal.
    Just an xxample of the way we twist words.
    Boggles the mindd

  19. Roseanne,
    A limited delegation of power to govt. to build roads, run fire departments, set certain standards that we can all agree to such as standard thread sizes for fire hydrants, standardized bandwidths/modes of transmission for TV and Radio, insisting upon truth in labeling the contents of food products, running a military for national defense … these are all legitimate functions of govt. and have nothing whatsoever to do with socialism. To get a clue as to what socialism is about, read the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto. They have been by and large implimented in this country by stealth over a period of time.
    As far as SS or Social Security is concerned … first of all it is a Ponzi game, whereby current recipients are supported by those currently paying in … there IS NO TRUST FUND. If there was a separate fund, Social Security would have been found to have been outside of Constitutional bounds when challenged after its passage in 1935. The nine learned orangutans in black nighties with toy hammers determined that in fact your “contributions” via FICA is really just another tax going into general revenues. There are no guarantees with the program … Congress can lower or abolishy benefits at any time, tax benefits, raise retirement age, set other conditions for eligibility, etc. Being eligible for a “benefit” in and of itself changes your relationship to govt. Roseanne, you are a woman of means, and probably have some staff at your residence because your time is too valuable NOT to, right? Your gardner, maid, and butler work for you because they are on your payroll. But suppose you had some extreme financial problems to the point where you were asking your staffers for handouts … would it then be credible to then turn around and issue orders to them after you bummed lunch money from your butler to eat at McDonalds? The same situation exists with govt. In theory, we are supposed to be sovereign and govt. is servant … but if we are accepting handouts from govt., and, Social Security, within the letter of the law AS WRITTEN, is, in fact, a handout. How are you then sovereign over that same government? The answer is YOU ARE NOT.
    FURTHERMORE … participation in Social Security/use of an SSN is the essential nexus that has allowed the federal govt. to fasten an income tax onto the American people. Almost nobody paid income tax from 1913 until 1943. From 1943 on, virtually EVERYBODY has been paying income tax. Why? Participation in Social Security, starting in 1937 … if you elected to use that number on the job and authorize withholding for FICA, you gave the govt. a power of attorney and, in essense made yourself a federal worker for tax purposes, thereby incurring liability for federal income tax. BTW … even to this day, Socialist Insecurity is still 100% voluntary and NOT REQUIRED TO LIVE AND WORK IN THE US, that according to the slave enumeration bureau, write them and ask, Of course, virtually the entire country is brainwashed on that issue, believing there to be some sort of law. There is no law requiring an SSN to work.
    Roseanne, do you LIKE a graduated income tax? That is right out of the Carl Marx playbook. If you want to see what socialism is really all about, picture the IRS kicking down the door of some little old lady and grabbing her stuff.

  20. For the recordd i can relate to worrying where im gttn toilet paper. Thought it was funny tragic alsoo

  21. well, you guys are good, but you only have it half right–the only thing worse than big government is no government at all–socialism means we get mail and have schools and teachers and fire dept. and police and roads. That is what it means, and we got SS too, which works great. Why would you guys be against these things? Without socialism, we are the slaves of the rich! the rich are not looking out for poor people or working people–the rich care about nothing but money, and do not care if child slaves do all their work–they are immoral disgusting people who cause all of the worlds problems–why are you doing what they tell you to do and thinking the way they want you to think–that they are your only hope? Can’t you tell the difference between assholes and God? its freaky–we are supposed to share and take care of each other, not hoard and exploit? whathefck you guys??? (this is what is wrong with men!)

  22. LOL It’s funny cause its true.

  23. dashus christ says:

    In my third eye opening i can see and am aware that there are ways around this toxic bubble but can’t say now how i believe this process will happen-but i know that it Can! just that We & Roseanne and many more know we on the track.

  24. Roseanne,
    I really like “Repiglican” and will adopt that one personally. I have no use for them. I have no use for the democrats either. I agree with you on 9-11, it was an inside job. I also agree with you that slavery sucks and should be abolished. Where we disagree is on socialism. And here is an expression of mine you will probably decline to adopt … “socialist slavestate number” for SSN and “slave enumeration bureau” for Social Security Administration.
    Where I believe you have it wrong … we are ALREADY in a socialist system, and it DOES suck. We are NOT in any sort of free market situation WHATSOEVER. Socialism has been progressing in this country since the passage of the Social Security Act of 1935. It has resulted in more and more govt. control over everything as well as income tax withholding, state income taxes, local income taxes, and, pretty soon, liability for Obamacare/individual mandates to purchase health insurance … all tied into that infernal nine digit number.
    There is another side to it as well … fascism, really corporatism … govt. partnership with big corporations/undue corporate influence over govt. NONE of that is free market, and NONE of that is the system envisioned by our founders.
    Personally, all I want from govt. is to have my INALIENABLE rights respected and to otherwise be left alone and not be forced into any sort of socialist anything.

  25. all i want in life is a fair job, i dont mind 80 hour work weeks.. i just want to be able to have a small house , a good used pickup,be able to pay my child support, a little money to take my kids camping, maybe even alittle extra money to save to take my kids on a vacation once a year and some kinda health care that wont break the bank…things are getting so bad that not only are we all scared to death where we are going to get the money to eat on, but also worried about toilet paper to wipe our asses…

  26. you are correct, but a few problems…first there are now (documented) over 3,000 FEMA prison camps across the us, and more being built monthly.(meant to be filled) with US!!! the mandate by all police departments is to hire no officer with a higher IQ then 80,(study shows an 80 IQ is perfect for control)80% of all law enforcement cant re-sight 2% of the very Constitution they take an oath to withhold and protect,how can they withhold and protect it when they dont even know what the hell it says???? no fucking brainer.. we have elected a president that FACT is not a citizen of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA …his real name is BARRY SOETORO and he was born in KENYA SOUTH AFRICA….and has had many many alias aka fake names… there are now 100s of law suits filed across the states suing over this FACT..that are being held up and or thrown out by the corrupt courts… WE are in deep deep trouble….. we have this thing called Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 witch makes it unconstitutional and illegal for the use of our military to police American civilians, but they have been doing this for the past 8 years….research it….they are using foreign county’s inside the USA to spy on normal US citizens FACT

  27. dashus christ says:

    not trying to confuse,but doing it- hoping the masses of MK will buy it one more time! We have no choice now but to unite & demand/take back what is ours/The People!

  28. to put it simple Miss Rosie, most people wont take you seriously, because of your comedic back ground they cant see the true patriot you are, those assholes are missing out… i dont agree with all your views example: i am a man but not a womanizing, lying, cheating, war mongering, scum bag pig that cant pick his socks up off the floor, i had a mother and a DAMN good one!!!and she raised me right… but other then that i think we share the same brain… we need simple spoken politically incorrect people in office to just tell shit like it is…fuck the bullshit….but we get these damn politician that have more shit stuff in them, then a thanksgiving sad and even angry, i dont understand why mass Americans arnt flipping the fuck out over our money, ALL of our money being stolen from us, we are losing our constitutional rights almost on a daily occurrence, bill s510 on the senate floor now to be voted on, if passed would make it a felony to grow a vegetable garden, they are spraying aluminum and barium out the backside of jets (chem trails)that is killing our crops,there is aluminum showing up in our air 60,000 times the level the EPA deems safe… the non-GM crop seeds cant grow in the soil where aluminum from the chem trails have fallen, but hey dont fucking worrie Monsanto has got us covered, they have GM seeds the grow in aluminum..(smells fishy)they are going to make all of us eat this new sewage shit call GM-Foods… no matter how much proof there is, there are still some stupid brain dead dumb fucks that wont see it… we are in real trouble…. it might be to late…. i do thank you miss rosie for at least trying, thats so much more then must are doing…… you 100% have my vote

  29. We really need a system like they have in France and other European countries, that gives equal spending money and and airtime to ALL parties.

  30. dashus christ says:

    Thank You for this Roseanne–i love what you have written here,agreeing all the way!! and really love how DJ also explains about Those( all lying,worthless,trying to confuse everything w/everything) TV ADS.

  31. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    this should have dotted lines and come in a handy
    clip – n- save format as its all you ever need to know when it comes to voting.
    as far as TV ads are concerned , you are so right on, Warren Beatty said it best in “Bulworth” that nothing will ever change in the US until the networks and the media are forced to give free air time to candidates as part of a public service message.
    Thank You Roseanne.