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vote as left as you can within the democratic party–

to balance out all the right wing democrats–get rid of them all—replace them with progressives that will surround Obama and pressure him to do what needs to be done.

  If even one Republican gets elected, Social Security will be their next Ponzi Scam Theft—The Republican Party is the Party of the Scheming and Corrupt Fat Cats who could never get away with putting their cards on the table, and just telling the truth:  “All we care about is Money, no matter who we have to kill to get our fat greasy hands on it.”  Instead they blabber on about Christianity and Morality (BULLSHIT).  They are Pigs and Degenerates, do not help them to get anymore power…they will only use it to molest and murder more innocent children in this world.


  1. thank you for the research—sometimes i do some things right–

  2. Nov 3rd 1952 = 15th of cheshvan. Last night was the 15th! The righteous are born on the 15th!

  3. my b day is nov 3 and thank you!

  4. dashus christ says:

    thought it would nice to celebrate the beginning date and through of the SCORPIO sign!

  5. Roseanne’s birthday is November 3rd. (that’s what Google showed).

  6. dashus christ says:

    last night sounds splendid, and Very Happy Birthday Also Roseanne!

  7. vote socialist democrat–you are right blue dogs are the problem–democrats that are really republicans–vote them out so we can have our party, they are purposely counter intelligence to socialism…this is the time for true socialism in north and south america, not blue dog repub light satan worshipping pedo fascists that act like democrats. fuck business friendly candidates on the democrat side–they are undercover union buster fuckheads. fuck them

  8. thanks joseph! its the scorpio moon…last night was the autumnal equinox–light and dark perfectly balanced—science not religion—light is balanced for humanity—vote socialist d

  9. yes but im saying vote socialist within the democratic party–that’s the solution

  10. Happy Birthday Roseanne. Tonight is full moon of scorpio. I think that is ur day!! Have fun righteous one!!!

  11. I don’t understand. You say on your radio show and here sometimes that there is no difference between the parties. The democrat party is going to steal that money as well. So, if people get one democrat in there, the result will be the same. Progressive democrats are the ones who stole it from our pockets in the first place. They are already going after 401K. They have already stolen money from small business owners. They have taken over school loans, automobiles and insurance. They passed the federal reserve act and the un-ratified 16th amendment during a “progressive-era.” The repeal of the glass-steagall act was signed by Clinton. If the democrats cared about the poor, the struggling or the workers, that bill would have been vetoed.
    They are going to do it no matter what unless we get a second party candidate in there who has the intellect to understand this level of theft.
    It doesn’t matter which account they are taking our money from. They are all the same snakes and they are bent on getting our resources in any way they can imagine doing.
    If I can find any democrat or republican at all who are saying they will give every dollar back to the people they have stolen it from and offer an optional government social-security program that can be evaluated in real time on the internet by anyone, I will vote for them.
    However, alot of people will not get their social security money back as most of it has been given out to people with asthma, depression and alcoholism.
    I will give mine to an an old person who needs it.

  12. Gary W (Redskins77) says:

    I wish they would just abolish all parties and just a name when you go to vote. People just vote for parties now and not a person. If you eliminate the parties then you could actually see what people stand for.
    I also think the Green Party is just another republican party thing trying to get them to go farther right. So I will never vote for them. They only came around when Obama was voted into office.

  13. Gary W (Redskins77) says:

    I wish they would just abolish all parties and just a name when you go to vote. People just vote for parties now and not a person. If you eliminate the parties then you could actually see what people stand for.
    I also think the Green Party is just another republican party thing trying to get them to go farther right. So I will never vote for them. They only came around when Obama was voted into office.

  14. hi dan-saw that today—well, he should be proud of himself, even though he couldnt privatize SS, he did manage the biggest re-distribution of wealth in human political history—he gave the ruling classes all the money that belonged to the working classes. He saved American Oligarchy from having to face democracy for at least another hundred years, and he totally did away with democratic elections in america too–he did the job he was groomed to do by his MK ULTRA CIA programming, which was put in place by his pedophile father, George HW Bush.

  15. It’s a tricky balance, because the REAL (as in, actual) left isn’t even democrat anymore. You know this as much as I do, but many of the good left candidates don’t have a shot at gettinge elected, because they can’t even garner up enough support to make it to debates, get ads, etc.
    Social Security will absolutely be the next big way to legally rip off citizens. George Bush is now saying that his biggest “regret” is not privatizing it.

  16. christ, I wish people would actually read what I write, instead of just trolling around to slipshod scan it so that they can get their self righteous anger joint greased up–cain abel– i said THEFT OF SOCIAL SECURITY MONEY —THE PONZI SCHEME THAT ALL REPUBLICANS ARE SALIVATING AT.

  17. If there are no progressives in the democratic party and on the ticket, then vote GREEN.

  18. as left as you can WITHIN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY is wht I said–it’s the party of the working people, let’s take it back from the bosses and middle management, and the banksters.

  19. fyi, AMERICA is dishing out more money than it is taking in right now and crumbling because of it. it’s called the war we can’t afford.

  20. Ladyjane Green says:

    The right wing democrat, usually a convert from the repiglican GOP. here in Hawaii this is a strategy of if you cant beat em, join em. Infiltrate the dominant party and change from within. Kinda like a political virus. Creates mutant political breeds. very confusing. obviously the two party system is out of date. Gotta read up on these “greased pigs”.Cant vote party line, for there are wolves in sheeps clothing out there.

  21. Social Security will be their next ponzi scheme?
    I don’t know what planet you’ve been living on, but Social Security is/was always has been a ponzi scheme.
    IT IS FAILING RIGHT NOW. Social Security is paying out more money than it is taking in RIGHT NOW — not in 20 years, or 10 years… The ponzi scheme pyramid of SS is crumbling RIGHT NOW. Do I need to repeat it again? I’m thinking I might have to, because you apparently overlooked that HUGE detail…
    But you get ready to blame Republicans? What is wrong with you? Social Security, running the same way as it has for over half a century, is crumbling– not enough payers for all the payees — a classic Ponzi scheme.
    If you think about it, it’s the fault of the people who dreamed up this ponzi scheme. And it’s the fault of all the idiots that keep trying to perpetuate it. Ponzi schemes like this cannot succeed — they inevitably crumble under the weight of too many payees to payers. ESPECIALLY when the government spends the money in the “lockbox” (just ask Al Gore).

  22. to add to the above i know voting for the REAL progressives is hugely important no matter what, i get that, i’m a little new but not retarded, but is it still if it means a republican presidency next term?

  23. don’t mean to sound ignorant, but i’m young-ish and am just now really learning all this political shit, but what does vote as left as possible mean – does it mean go for the green party if possible, or go for the leftiest of the left of your democratic party?
    i just remember the hurricane of 2000 when all the nadir voters were shit on cuz if they voted for gore instead then bush woulda been out (due to the narrow margin).
    basically, is it worth voting green if you know it means the ‘regular’ democrats will get less votes than republicans?
    i seriously hope to find an old, mind-controlled evangelical bitch to flip off this weekend, too.