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The Religious Right is Wrong in every way:

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  This is Tyler Clementi,another gay teen who was harrassed to death, due to religions’ lack of decency, and its agitation for Satanic Bullyism against gay children.


  1. “Hey, lots of young folks are killing themselves off, and being bullied, not just the gay ones, the way fat girls are harassed is unbelievably appalling. I think the fat girls and the gay boys are the best friend combo for real power in the usa–it’s they who really do everything, and run everything. seriously.”
    As a ‘fat woman’ for the majority of my life, I could not have said this better myself! I’ve always taken care of everyone else and let my needs fall by the wayside…and boy am I paying for it now.

  2. I am sad to see so many young people being bullied to death. My oldest son was part of a meeting to establish a zero tolerance for hate talk at his school over ten years ago and yet many school are still allowing bullies to taunt and torture our children. My heart breaks for any child that suffers in silence, alone to face the ignorance and bigotry that still flows thru our society.

  3. dashus christ says:

    This idea need focus—Vote Roseanne,she has solutions for this!!! i think i know that you know what i mean here_ _ _

  4. womanly behavior has many definitions. under patriarchal rule (dominator style), masculine and feminine are redefined for the purpose of dominating each other and the earth. if we really want to express who we are maybe we could redefine what these words mean for a partnership society , cooperative kind.

  5. OMG roseanne u said it women got to be more womanly. CAn i lead by xxample anymore??
    u said a mouthfull. I love how u r woman but u see beyond it. cause i knoww

  6. Ladyjane Green says:

    the universal mother,hmmm sometimes i think im looking for her on this blog… i became a motherless firehorse @ 26, and i miss her. definitely questions arise. This is a place to hear womens voices, especially Roseanne herself…Tim, you rite, gone out with both male and female and it was the girls who can really hurt you in the emo department.

  7. We are Her, but–She is not Us!

  8. OK the universal mother thats how i’ve felt for yearsss i am the universatile mother.
    I dont even see it. but i think its trueee.

  9. at some point we all need to move from the personal mother to the universal mother.

  10. timothy yes women can be bad
    just like men can be
    we are all human and flawed
    and women according to the kaballah
    are more slaves to their own nature than are men.
    Women need to get more womanly
    and so do men!
    womanly: power to transform/change everything inside and outside.
    you are smart tim
    i sure do get it
    sick women really do work sick men to get them to beat their kids
    and to brutalize others.
    war is chaos and chaos is female.

  11. Maybe someday when i look back
    I’ll be able to say.
    plz theres alot i dont wanna understanddd
    And baby there r thingss that i dont wanna learnn
    free george michael lol

  12. where did white irish catholic girl get it? her parents?

  13. i had a breakthru w my mother.
    I was totally taken hostage by their lifestyle.
    yes there was crack involved and black love lol
    my moms irish catholicc i swear she projected all her shit on meee.. I didnt get it form the churchh.
    i totally got it from a white irish catholic girll
    then she hookd up w black worldly guysss.
    CAn we just say i been theree??? im there and beyond

  14. at a time and place on earth there has been a peaceful balance among the genders.gays and librarians included. the balance has shifted from a partnership to a dominator society as a result of some of that partnership culture was given up some was taken by force.

  15. I love how roseanne knows im rightt.
    she dont even try to defend the femaless.
    we all know how wiked u can be.. hell hath no fury.
    its jus refreshing to not get like xxcuses all the time blaming it on men.
    Roseanne knows. how deep women r involved in the current situation.
    I love women for what they can be and r.
    not for this current lifeee

  16. K im a big liar
    what does that mean 50% was given n taken away?

  17. 50% of power was given 50% was taken.

  18. i forgot ok 1 last thing
    the females can be some of the biggest bulliess.
    I know from experience. not only can they be bullies but they antagonise the men into taking action.
    So yea ive benn hurtt by women. I know how they think. Its all so human naturee.
    WOmen have the leadd own itt

  19. One last point then i’ll take a break for a moment.
    It’s hard for girly gaysss. I happen to agree w LAdy green dont believe the hype its still so not cool to be gay.
    for girly boys the freedom of xxpression always comes w that nagging terryfying fear that u will be beat down by some MAN lol.
    Sometimes i’m so out n proud others its like u dont wannna be noticed. Jeans and a t and a basebaseball cap.
    gotta fit in.

  20. LanfordLunchBox says:

    Dear Tyler, may you find peace and love where you are now… Those who have borught upon your death have blood on their hands that will never wash clean. Rest in Peace

  21. Well, Earl, I hope you will move out to the coast when you get a little older, or even to SLC, where there is a huge gay underground!

  22. Its very sad. The worse thing is that I was reading my Montana Standard newspaper and they said the main cause was “Interent”. Yes, new technology was part, but the article in my paper completely avoided saying that it was him exploiting his sexuality. See, everytime a young homosexual youth is driven to death, government officials and the media savvy try to cover it up with some other radical excuse. Im gay, my sister and mother know that, and Im only 16. I hate living here in Butt Montana for the simple fact, people are dictated by religion here. Your either Catholic, Mormon, or a Christian (Yes, Mormon and Christian, just some differences). People here live by exactly what they hear and its very difficult to find open minded people. If you were president, Roseanne, our country wouldnt be bullshit mania.

  23. Ladyjane Green says:

    The hostels sound like a cool idea , as an olde dyke i just wanted to help, not adopt the youth of today..buggas would eat me out of house and home, not to mention my stash! i just know that death aint the answer…

  24. i agree with you that gay youth hostels are a much better idea possibly supported by us old dykes, fags and fag hags. i would commit to monthly support for such a place.

  25. He jumped off a bridge. I would never recommend any young person moving in with an older person they did not really know. There should be youth gay hostels in every major city where they can help each other and talk to each other–talking to your peers is better than talking to old people who often want to use younger folks for sex and for free labor. Old people are not that cool usually. Peers are better than anything.
    Hey, lots of young folks are killing themselves off, and being bullied, not just the gay ones, the way fat girls are harassed is unbelievably appalling. I think the fat girls and the gay boys are the best friend combo for real power in the usa–it’s they who really do everything, and run everything. seriously. That is a huge power hook up that I always love to talk about.
    The lesbian youth could definitely move in with the older dykes though, since the older dykes never have sex anymore, and neither do those of us who have had hyster’s. Old means you smell like pee.
    I got guns for days, but they are kept in legal cabinets the way the laws require. If lawbreakers started to obey the gun laws, there would be less problems, which is why I think family’s should be prosecuted for not obeying the NRA rules for putting away guns! Yee haw!

  26. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    I cried so hard today when I saw this brilliant and talented young man play the violin on TV .
    this has got to stop. I identified with this pain so well.
    In my HS in rural Tenn I was beaten up , harrassed, assaulted , car vandalized, and the teachers refused to do anything about it.
    Oh and I LOVE Rutgers big response, giving him a moment of silence before the big football game, filled wit idiot bigoted fans watching the big Gladiator spectator starring the same dumb homophobic closet case jocks who are usually the most guilty of bullying and shit behaviour .
    let me say sincerely say to Rutgers University, quickly and kindly..

  27. LAdy Green Love it as Usuall.
    WIth the one kid who shot himself. I was thnkn what a shame that a gun was so handy for him.
    My friend and i argued about it he puts it all on the bullys. Trust i understand
    but the gun thing is another issue.
    Roseanne u prob have guns up on the range. I know shit happens. People need to be conscious of their guns!!

  28. Ladyjane Green…
    as usual you’re on point. all the old dykes and fags ought to open their homes and hearts to these kids. listen up universe …create a website to unite the two.
    ladyjane could i be so bold as to ask your age?

  29. an underground railroad of sorts sounds like a fantastic idea.
    got the same kind of treatment when i was in high school, ended up having to transfer, got treated even worse at my second school. thank gawd that i never took a gun to my face or just let myself hang, cause now that it’s over, i’m a lot happier with life. – a youtube channel full of videos recorded by gays who talk about how shitty high school was and how it really gets better afterward. real inspiration to hang in there. sad to see so many kids like me feeling like they’ve got nowhere to run. i’d befriend all of them if i could

  30. Ladyjane Green says:

    This being one of 4 deaths nation wide of gay youth in the past week.(democracy now)dont believe what you see on tv its never been harder to be a gay kid. pressure to conform, and technology making new forms of harassment possible. imagine someone secretly videoing you in your dorm, then posting online. All gay youth of the nation, beware! make provisions for the exodus to San Francisco , New York, Austin, P town, and all other places deemed homo friendly. We gays must consider forming an underground railroad to free these youth when they turn 18, or wheneva….
    . These kids didnt even get a chance to be out of the closet. cant even imagine being out in high skool. Go coastal gay youth, flee and know there are others like u, find eachother strength in numbers ask any fag or dyke alive past 40!