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taking the steps

lighting white candles at sundown to gather light—Enter another reality of ten levels of awareness.

the first level is to recognize your negativity
1-your desire for yourself, money, feeling special, “self esteem” judging yourself against others—shed it 
 2–write down the five things that bother you about someone very close to you
     re read it and then read it to a mirror—you will see that what bothers you about others is what you cannot dare to look at in yourself.  shed it
3—define Good
4–drink some wine (red)
 5 eat something green —
6–read about physics for ten minutes
7 do not talk for at least thirty minutes
8 drink some more
9 deepen your awareness and admit something you did this week in secret that made you feel shame.
10 in proportion to the shame you feel, give charity money in secret.
11—let go of thinking…stare into nothing
12—think deeply about utopia
13—do no work and require nothing to work on your behalf, pretend money does not exist
after you cleanse yourself of thought and shame, begin to work on something creative—coloring in crayon is even good!
be creative for at least one hour—set your mental clock to wake you up automatically at 2 am hawaaii time–leave your name and your mother’s name here and I will include you in my meditation—if you are in lack or in pain, i will send you energy so that your mind can easily access solutions.
leave your names now


  1. dashus christ says:

    i had to do this also tim-but the Meditation gives a much greater feeling of connection to all that is GOOD-then the MIND QUIETS W/ an awareness of being Free & a CALM like never before_ _ _!!!

  2. we’re not spossd to feel special n proud??
    some of us had to tell ourselves that all on our own and find a way to be connectedd.
    jus saynn
    i gotchaa

  3. tim charles linda hart n colleen

  4. dashus christ says:

    In reply to tim i should have commented on this post i;m thinkin-so i’m sorry,i didn’t want to come across heady because it may take a few tries as i had been trying for a long time w/ different methods before roseanne’s way,and it really helps if you tell her your name.

  5. dashus christ says:

    and not to sound crude; but my meditation is very similar- really close to feeling orgasmic

  6. dashus christ says:

    about my meditation–sleep iv’e had such difficulty w/ has become easier,when waking from sleep i’m noticing an over all calm that i have not ever really had before.every day life is becoming a lot less agitated -don’t know if the word is an overlay -just that my mind is a different place to be lately. and thank you so much roseanne for this,as i’m so looking forward to friday night-changes-yes it’s getting better.__!!!

  7. dashus christ says:

    The safe place of meditation where All is Well & ONE is coming easier to me-it is such a different place than the harsh realities of daily life we are all living with now. i’m still experiencing cell cleansing you have sent to me. !!!

  8. holly and sheila

  9. dashus christ says:

    i meditated last night before taking in a most peaceful sleep-woke this morning feeling very refreshed w/ more renewed cell cleansing-growth.i then took care of some over due things that needed to be done,& then went into a meditated state of awareness of being. i have entered into a new path of energy working itself full & more than ever !!! This is all so very positive_ _ _& growing is believing. Thank you again roseanne for sending such POWERFUL & much needed energies my way !!! i am not really a writer-so at times you will notice my struggle of thought that i’m trying to express.

  10. thank you..I shall return on the next full moon

  11. i am not a guru, I am just sharing things that I was taught. It’s about hooking up with like minded people at the same time and sharing a mind-space-energy, its very powerful. Oculus, your need to attack other people is manifesting again–you need to take a break from here.

  12. donna and louise

  13. Ladyjane Green says:

    did steps, felt increased awareness, think that positive slow style change could be afoot… will try again next friday….and during week….. slowing down essential for understanding changes. Easy to speed right by in this life…. in this life….in this life….. in this whole sweet life we’re comin in from tha cold…. bmarley

  14. dashus christ says:

    i should say i followed all roseanne’s steps to her meditation guide here-and then i was able to clear my mind which caused it to then be open to very powerful spiritual & only GOODLY=GOD cleansing-calming energies.others who have tried to lift me this way have not succeeded –if you are able to receive what is being sent,i can tell you it is all positive & right !!!

  15. Please send to me all the right energy –
    name Todd Kelly…..thanks!

  16. dashus christ says:

    if i have beeN searching-obviously THIS OLD BAG already new how to BREATHE& if you had been on the receiving side,you Would be in AWE OF !!!

  17. You are my Transcendental Guru i have been searching for my entire life !!!
    > dashus? hope you don’t mind me asking, but do you feel like the old bag that was on a shelf in Lost Property and then there was the hand of Roseanne who grabbed your handle strap and took you to a a place/space comfortable for you, so that you could unzip yourself from the constraints from the old bag and now you can breathe?

  18. dashus christ says:

    You are my Transcendental Guru i have been searching for my entire life !!!

  19. hard to stay conscious @2 but got a few breathings in. stars were hypnotizing.
    Lighter somehow.

  20. Is seeing the future remote viewing??
    tik tok its all one big clockkk

  21. Hey roseanne i had a friend come in town we went out fri eve had a blast. RAn into Mondo from project runway. The synchronicity reminds me of the bigger picture. We all in this wave of xxperiences
    I do wanna get w your meditation schedule
    Give u our names heh love itt

  22. dashus christ says:

    my mind is stronger now than it has been—my focus iv’e had trouble w/ lately has started to return-like a pressure valve loosening—ease & relief,i have googled remote viewing-fascinating !!!! and many thanks again. i will let you know of what i experience this week & looking very forward to next friday night !!!

  23. everything is ‘mind’. If you continue, you will be able to feel things in your sleep and will be able to wake up like an alarm and experience remote viewing–google that–if any of you could let me know what things happen for you between now and next friday night i would appreciate it–looking for pattern interupts, and differences in perception from you thanks

  24. dashus christ says:

    my mind is more free & less burdened now—and my body also !!! the pureness of this is so comforting to to the spirit !!!

  25. dashus christ says:

    it was my best meditation yet-i gently, but STRONGLY heard you say my name-what the mind can do-amazing !!! Thank You Roseanne

  26. Thank you roseanne.. you’re an inspiration..

  27. Thank you roseanne.. you’re an inspiration..

  28. its ok if they are not here anymore

  29. Ladyjane Green says:

    Elena, and Mary, thanks Roseanne

  30. dashus christ says:

    guess i should have not said sofia,- left her earthly body & has been gone for some time now-to me she lives on elsewhere though.

  31. dashus christ says:

    This is So Very Thoughtful of YOU !!! Dashus & Sofia— Thank You.

  32. also , thanks

  33. susan ,martyl and a biological gal i dont know