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Some Things Are So Big We Can’t See Them!

The biggest sale of weapons (of mass destruction?) in American History is about to be consummated! We’re selling the Saudi Arabians more than 60 Billion dollars worth of high tech jets (85), all kinds of attack helicopters, satellite-guided bombs and technology – it’s massive. There’s tens of billions more to follow.
Interesting how it was almost all Saudis who flew those planes into the World Trade Center. Also interesting is how we were told by our intelligence people that Saudi sources were financing some of the best-equipped and most dedicated Sunni insurgents in Iraq (shooting at American troops). They stopped once we started paying them better. Gee, I’m glad the Saudis are our “friends.” Saudi Arabia is a monarchy. I don’t think women can vote – can they even drive?
Saudi Arabia is in the oil business, you may have heard. Business must be pretty good. We’re in the weapons-selling business; We’re the biggest, by a factor of four – Great Britain is in second place. We’re the Coke and Pepsi of stuff that kills people from a safe distance. Oil and Weapons – those are really good businesses to be in, huh?
Have a great weekend! – Johnny


  1. he looks like abe lincoln to a lot of people too.

  2. Hi Guys
    I mean no offence to anyone on this blog; however, talking of things, so big, you can’t see them… What about your present president? My own research, although initially sketchy, has given me some food for thought!
    After seeing/hearing of Obama (for the first time) way back in 2006/7ish. I was immediately thrown by his appearance… he remided me of someone, time and time again; however, then I couldn’t put my finger on it! Until that is I saw a short video (it wasn’t on You Tube!) comparing him to Osama bin Laden… Then the slow burn in the pit of my stomach hit boiling point…
    Ergo: Arabic/English translation:-
    Osama = ambiguity
    Obama = disambiguity
    bin- = combining “two at a time” (literal)
    Laden = unique/limited
    barrack = heckle, abuse, boo, to fool, mock…
    Is the global populace too big to be mocked?

  3. you got it prejesus – thanks for the link.
    on the pentagon’s payroll for sure.

  4. perceptive – good speculation. it’s way too mired for me to try and figure it out right now, as i’m not as well read as you guys with this stuff – but we just need be beware what the real intention of wikileaks may be.
    “oh, big deal, the world will see maybe 100,000 people were killed in some country few people care about, but we can really push the iran agenda at the same time and have mr. wikileaks say September 11 was not an inside job!”
    smells ROTTEN.

  5. it does seem as though they are trying to convince us to attack iran—to try to put china in check so that they do not call in our debts?

  6. i don’t disagree, but this wikileaks guy does, which has me almost convinced he’s a puppet opponent. i just don’t buy it.
    who knew the people in “power” were such cheeseballs. I mean aside from being soulless and all, do we agree they’re big fucking dorks?
    anyway, light to you all, & looking forward to trying out next week’s meditation.
    and sorry if this was a bit off topic I thought it was the wikileaks post – thanks for the info johnny.

  7. I believe u..
    the clean up effort was so fake in a way
    Do u usually handle terroist attacks that way?
    I think not

  8. here is a fact on 9-11—bush did it. period.

  9. thanks tim for great info!

  10. dashus christ says:

    Glad of your beware signs here henry! warning flags aplenty on everything these days

  11. beware wikileaks – they stink HIGHLY like a controlled ‘oponent’.
    while I agree wholeheartedly with your post above, we must ask ourselves why the guy who runs this is trying to discredit Sep. 11 ‘conspiracies’ by saying they are a “distraction” – BIG warning flag there, not to mention that both CNN and the BBC are really big into this. lastly, if you read some of the docs, despite the details on Iraqi deaths, it really paints Iran as an enemy and almost makes it look like a war with THEM is justified.
    just saying we should all tread these “leaks” and their purpose very carefully for a while.

  12. dashus christ says:

    Tim thx for link,and i like what you’re saying in comment following this link!

  13. The jewish state sure does look the other way when its convenient for them. Or when it involves money.
    Its still hard to fathom how we as americans can have such a cozy relationship w the saudis.
    LOL would it be kinda like Roseannes rule…. off w their heads
    The saudi monarchy disgusts me. Along w other monarchies.

  14. SO depressing
    WHy does this feel like a true intention? To sell weapons.
    How r the jews towards the saudis? Im really not aware of that angle. They must be buds too