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Roseannearchy is all about finding the common good:

and de-programming from cult abuse/social programming.  I had to de-program myself from Zionist and Mormon and Judaic cultic mind control.  To have my own clear thoughts is/was and will forever be my goal.  

  God, I found, is Provable Truth, and being able to contain that thought is evolutionary.  
The meditations that I write about here are a synthesis of every form of meditation that exists.  If they did not work to widen my circle of consciousness, I discarded them, and kept only the meditations that worked to put my fractured soul back together.  I integrated from Dissociative Identity Disorder, and from PTSD, and OCD and found coping skills for Bi-polar Depression instead of taking Pharmaceutical Drugs, which numbed my mind and creativity.  


  1. Roseanne,
    I never knew that you had been diagnosed with DID and although it seems like we have different views on it, it really gives me hope that you have been so successful.It is hard to see that as a possibility sometimes. We appreciate your frankness about having DID. thank you. -Maggie

  2. dashus christ says:

    ROSEANNEARCHY ROSEANNEARCHY Dance To The MUSIC! and blessed the Day You Were BORN !!!