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people say the growers are sinking the legalization–

I guess they are pigs like all business people–hey growers–people are going to jail everyday!  Fuck your profits!  Legalize or I will mount a boycott!  If the bill is defeated in growers territories then they must lose their money through boycott!  this is a moral issue, growers!  California pot is all part of the mexican murderous narco cult anyway–30,000 dead people.  California growers are on the wrong side of history now.  They are so nafta they oppose freedom.  Now their pr folk are blaming parents for voting against legalization–as if parents prefer their kids to go to prison, rather than to get high.  Growers killed the initiative out of greed.  However, the fact that it made it to the ballot is a huge victory.  Legalization is the cornerstone of my campaign–and get this–it is HEMP that they really fear, not pot.  I am for the legalization of HEMP.  it can feed house and clothe people for pennies as well as supply cheap and clean fuel.  Hemp is not the part of the plant that you smoke to get high either…it’s all so backward. 


  1. Yes, it was shocking to discover that California voters gave a nay vote to the referendum allowing for the legalization of marijuana. Roseanns’s above explanation about who was behind the naysayers, is the only one I have been told. Terribly, terribly distressing as well as maddening!!!!

  2. brothers and sisters they hold the kkey
    thanks roseaneee

  3. Roseanne,
    I agree with you on this issue, phuggem if they don’t want to legalize. But phug California for wanting to tax weed. Everybody should simply plant, plant, plant, plant, plant until weed is back to being a roadside weed and any sort of enforcement is impossible. BTW, prior to all of the horseshitistic marijuana laws, there was no such thing as selling to kids anyways, that is by and large a non issue. Furthermore, there would be less use if it were simply a weed growing everywhere, it simply wouldn’t be all that hip to smoke it.