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my campaign:


1-legalize marijuana and end the fake war on drugs, thereby overthrowing the us government (which is just cia drug ops)
2-forgive all student loans
3 free health care
vote for me!
I will arrest all bankers and mortgage lenders, try them, and if found guilty, I will sentence them to re education camps where they will learn how to work, by picking up dogshit all over the parks and garbage on the highways for an average of two years.  As you know, any second offense by them will be punished with beheading in the Holy Lady, the Guillotine.


  1. Lucifer Sam says:

    You have my full support.

  2. Lucifer Sam says:

    You have my full support.

  3. And how very very sad that yesterday when the ‘good’ people of California had the chance to vote to legalize marijuana, they refused. Sometimes, democracy sucks.

  4. of course! and gay divorce too!

  5. tornboots1979 says:

    Don’t forget legalize Gay Marriage…My lady and I have been together 12 years, we are beyond happy but we would love to be able to have some of the health benefits that spouses have, income tax, hospital bed side rights, etc. I love you Roseanne ROCK ON!!!

  6. america has holocausted the japanese, the vietnamese, the south americans, and now the iraqis, not to mention over ten thousand native american tribes, and stood by while the zionists ethnically cleanse palestinians. Don’t be naive and think only the Jews are at risk. The richer Jews have profited (like all capitalists) from every one of these holocausts, where at least one million civilians were murdered in cold blood in each.
    The Jews are not the only people on earth who’s suffering matters.
    Hitler was a Christian and he had Jewish blood. His own self hatred drove him crazy, and he tried to purify the “body of christ”–(christianity) by killing off jews–which is what christianity is based on, but his need to get rid of the jews within the body of europe was just his own self hatred– trying to get rid of the jew in him was the real kabalistic karma that he was working on–At that time, before AIPAC, judaism was at odds with christianity, which is only about crusades and murder and not one thing about love or brotherhood. Without Hitler, there would be no Israel, which ought to tell us something.

  7. Today’s radio show was interesting. Are you sure mac nuts have no carbos? I thought all nuts did. I did some research on hitler: This site is a bit crazy but raises interesting points. I think glen beck and odonnel are capable of another holocaust god forbid.

  8. Great platform. That’s what we need. A leader who us giving us what we really want and need! Omg!! Maybe we don’t think we deserve a peaceful life. I know the last part sounds harsh people but it’s actually being proactive. These people who are stealing our money are creating such bad karma that Roseanne would be actually sweetening their judgement. If we care for people really we help them stop being so evil. Cause hell is the pain and torment of not being able to unite with the Light because of our ego after we pass on. Roseanne for President :)