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media creates dissociation

you can break free of ptsd, and mind control.  Click on the red meditation to the right of this blog.  Integrate.


  1. and of course probiotics to help kill of some of the candida yeast over growth also a parasite holding our brains hostage , effecting our attention spans.

  2. quitting sugar , white flour and limiting caffeine should help with the fidgets.
    we also need carrot juice in our lives. good sugar substitute.

  3. Ladyjane Green says:

    meditation via music creation and performance “gotta build yourself a vessel, deep inside” try to do more “tradtional” Quiet kinds of meditation, but get bad case of add ” fidgets” lol. Will keep trying.i Like the “crown down approach”.

  4. Ladyjane Green says:

    Cognative Dissonance is whut they use to stun the viewer, thats what my prof. called it in media theory class. Definitely mind control involved the minute you turn it on. The goal is for the viewers brainwaves to acheive delta, literally almost zombie like receptivity to all
    messages given. Then steps in big Pharma, the militare, scientology and the mormons. These “major advertisers” have the worst of agendas. makes you almost miss Madge, the tydeebowl man and those other seemingly harmless advertising images of my genx youth. the worst being all of the pharmas being shoved down the collective american throat. Truly obscene in light of how hard it is to even get healthcare from a real M.D.

  5. thats why i started roseanneworld–so that as long as I can I will tell the truth when it is censored everywhere else.

  6. dashus christ says:

    my computer has not broken down,but every time i state anything the least bit political,mighty strange things happen-i get thrown off line-but so far have managed to get back on.

  7. dashus christ says:

    Before internet is shut down,and they are trying really hard to attempt in this-we need you tube or it’s like to pass the WORD roseanne has been voicing-before it is too late-and it is coming because the so called top,HA is so damned threatened by the truth!!!!

  8. dashus christ says:

    i have integrated-but have noticed now it is trying to unravel on me-MEDITATION KEY-stayed away from TV news for a good while,but notice the same mind blowing effect when tuning in for only a few minutes. TV w/ what it does not offer, there might be some place there where roseanne could go on for more exposing of the TRUTH she has been working on for the past 30 yrs. or more!!! ALL those who are viewing this blog please try the pureness in the real meditation offered HERE!!! and now the local news is saying breathing technique can be harmful to religion-another reason to do away w/ any traditional forms of it.

  9. processzero says:

    Keep doing that for a few months or a year. Then, watch it for a few minutes. The changes you see will blow your mind. You will never want to turn that thing on again. TV news is the exact same thing as every prime time television show and every commercial. It is all one big long 24 hour advertisement for the NWO. There is no deviation.

  10. I haven’t watched the t.v. news in about 2 weeks and am beginning to feel lighter and less burdened.