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marie is on oprah tomorrow:

I hope she will not apologize for the homophobia in her church this time.  I hope she will confront mormon church fathers with their hatefulness towards their own gay kids.


  1. Will, U mentioned that U just spoke to Satan. Why am I not surprised? From your words here it looks like U speak with him 24/7.
    Will, get thee to the light. To the light to the light.

  2. dashus christ says:

    Why not take your self hatred & very noticeable confusion to a Meditated place or just get off the block. Love it or not ROSEANNE BARR 2012!

  3. I just talked to your father A.K.A SATAN and he said he would love for you to just go to hell already and burn with him. Your so fucked up and the ugliest creature on the earth…why do you try to look hot on your blog pic? it doesn’t cover up any ugly bitch =aka ROSEANNE BARR! I think your name should be called Roseanne Barf cuz that’s what I wanna do everytime I see or hear about you. Just shut up, accept that your never going to be famous everr again and fuck off.
    Marie is amazing…your not so quit being jealous and leave her family alone!
    BTW Bitch- it’s on the November 11th episode….your too stupid to have a blog

  4. Hopefully she dont come out in those super long xxtensions.They seem to give her a new lease on life but she’s a lil old for it.
    I see marie as someone who’s breaking thru.
    Imagine all the men she’s had to take care of.
    She must be xxxhaustedd

  5. mk ultra

  6. She has been “handled” and broken just like almost all successful childhood stars. I wonder which alter will be there.

  7. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    all the websites that discuss mind control child slavery & pedophilia in the entertainment world I have ever read say that her and Donny both were abused sexually all thru the 70s by alot of high ups at ABC and in the entertainment business, she seems like a kind person , albeit a controlled and damaged one.

  8. Marie a lesbian? Since when did blowup dolls take occasionally trips down to the Y? :-) All that weight she lost from Nutri System gave her a big lollipop head.

  9. Like a river it just keeps on goin till it fills u up to overflown
    theres no stoppn your hearttt

  10. I love her song “No stopping your heartt” it was my brieff country faze hehe
    i can see marie as a lesbian too.

  11. dashus christ says:

    That would give us one big question,-Answered. But i’m not expecting that she will.

  12. she is gay too they say

  13. Guess i feel bad for marie poor girl indoctrined at birthh. I would hate to be in her shoess

  14. dashus christ says:

    Last three comments have me over the edge of that almighty healing laughter/humor works it for me every time !! & Roseanne’s Meditation of course!

  15. LOL lady too funny .
    Donny i can do without he seems like such a hole

  16. Ladyjane Green says:

    Same source say they ( d and m) were doin it, keepin it in tha family as it were. And they call that Puppy Love!

  17. Ladyjane Green says:

    If i knew donnie and marie were gonna be up in my viewscreen in 2010, i would have nipt it in tha mormon bud at “im a little bit kunt-tree”…. I hated that show, with their smarmy smyles fer myles. Glowing fluoride teeth coming at me. Didnt trust their perma happi bullshite, reiterated my feelings of alienation. When it was the osmunds who were the tru Aliens….Still Are……stop hating, start relating. Plenty gay mormons deep in their closets. Purple Socks oh, yer not gay. I have it from a good source that donnie was hot for michael jackson!

  18. dashus christ says:

    i don’t like any belief support given to the mormon church—let’s hope marie (who i like),can & will stand up for the wrongs of THE LDS Cult. and i’m sorry if these words are strong,but i’ve seen where it usually only bothers the weak. This by no means meant to offend marie o,just a hope she will speak the real Truth of the matter in hand.

  19. Did you like the way she supported her church by having the top officials from it who preach that gays are perverted right after her gay son killed himself?

  20. We love Marie osmond!!
    I had a dream about her right aftr her sons death.
    Go Marie u can do it!!