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live sunday

8-11 hawaii time, 11-1 la time 2-5 ny time

see ya there! hey todd rowan!  i will be live tomorrow


  1. actually alan berg was way way better than howard stern will ever be–alan got right in the face of the nazis (they ended up shooting him as he got out of his car)–He correctly predicted what has happened in our country and used to go off on religion being insanity and government mind control and fascism…he was a beacon and i did learn from him, back when there were real men on the radio, not whiny little girls like Limbaugh and other fat assed sell outs.

  2. Gary W (Redskins77) says:

    Nobody will ever equal Howard Stern when it comes to radio.

  3. Gary W (Redskins77) says:

    Nobody will ever equal Howard Stern when it comes to radio.

  4. Actually it all makes sense now.
    You r so much like him.
    ANd you’ve said there isnt anythn a man can teach ya

  5. He seemd pretty radical. I know he was blunt like howard stern, but was he a truth teller like U? I can hardly remember the subject matter. but he was on fire alot
    thats cool i like havn lil connections w ya.
    Go denver

  6. alan berg is the reason i got into show business–i used to call him and talk to him.

  7. Roseanne remember Alan berg radio personality?
    My mom would always listen to him so he was on in the backround alot. Jus wondrn if u liked him
    listend to your radio spot from oct 10th
    your style reminded me of those days of radio

  8. Ladyjane Green says:

    love to hear it, early morn drive to nearest outpost where show can be heard. worth the trip!

  9. dashus christ says:

    I’m so looking forward to this—!

  10. Roseanne that is wonderful!!! Everyone has been told and your engineer shall be ready for you to go live!! I am very happy… I am sure all your fans will be as well. Kick ass as you always do and enjoy!! Thanks for the heads-up.

  11. SO glad to hear you are on the air tomorrow, will be tuning in and calling! xo Tenn. nYc

  12. 1-3 minneapolis time

    overslept till 3, then researched mind control and the wizard.
    bigger than my controlled mind could’ve ever imagined.