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live sunday

—11 am to 1 pm california time

8am to 10 am hawaii time—
this is the most important show ive ever done listen to it
johnny and cathy had a big psychic fight that needed to happen so that I could witness it—Agnostic reality and magical thinking came to a crossing and that was a great leap in evolution (and spirituality) and mind…it was awesome,—cathy is gifted in the matter of words as spiritual connection to the elemental, and Johnny is all about using mental force and words to name provable truth and to remove the blockage that superstition places in the way of Awareness.
I am trying to bring provable truth and spiritual force together in my own mind–(to deprogram from judao-christian mind control programming) no believing required, no spooky magic, no ego no ‘secret’–just Fact in service of God. It’s heavy and i dont know if i am explaining it well enough—yet. I do know that telling a kid a big fat lie and then making sure the kid defends it always is the way our connection to God is broken by religions.


  1. wow.
    just wow.
    i don’t think a lot of people will grasp the true horror of this.
    really disturbing.

  2. Government orders family farm to commit financial suicide by destroying 50,000
    I was there the day before they raided the rawesome collective!
    Saturday, October 23, 2010 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
    (NaturalNews) The United States of America is currently in the midst of a hostile takeover by a rogue government hellbent on controlling the nation’s food supply. And in one of its latest acts of domestic terrorism, federal and state officials recently decided to go after Morningland Dairy, a family-owned dairy farm in Missouri , ordering it to destroy 50,000 pounds of raw, artisan cheese — worth roughly $250,000 — for no legitimate reason.
    The incident dates back to June 2010 when federal and state officials raided Rawsome Foods, a private food buying club in Venice , Calif. , for alleged code violations. Government agents held workers and volunteers hostage at gunpoint and stole thousands of dollars worth of food products, including cheese from Morningland Dairy. You can read the exclusive NaturalNews report about the Rawesome raid here:
    According to testimony, the agents confiscated Morningland’s cheese from Rawesome as part of their sweep and put it in un-iced coolers for later testing. Even though California state law mandates that confiscated food be tested immediately, it took officials seven weeks to conduct the tests, and nobody knows where the cheese was or how it was handled during that time — other than that it was not properly refrigerated from the moment it left Rawesome.
    When the tests were finally completed almost two months later, they allegedly came up positive for bacterial contamination, which prompted immediate action by officials back in Missouri where Morningland dairy is located. Both the Missouri Milk Board and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) showed up at Morningland on August 26 and “embargoed” the dairy from making or selling any product because of the alleged contamination.
    So for a month and a half, Morningland was forced to dump all of its milk and avoid all production, even though no official and properly conducted tests had proven there to be anything wrong with the cheese stock in the first place. The dairy was also forced to recall and destroy all cheese sold since January 1, 2010.
    A month later, officials came back to Morningland Dairy and verbally demanded that it destroy its entire stock of cheese, even though an official FDA-conducted swab of the entire dairy plant and farm found no contamination whatsoever. The FDA did not, however, take any official samples of the dairy’s cheese for testing, which makes the demand to destroy it all even more bizarre.
    Morningland immediately contested the outlandish demands, pointing to “lack of scientific evidence, lack of transparent protocol and complete lack of any illness associated with [its] cheese.” And as of this writing, the dairy is awaiting a proper response from authorities.
    Officials improperly took and handled cheese samples
    In order for the initial cheese samples to be considered legitimately valid, duplicate samples had to have been given to Morningland. But Morningland never received duplicate samples of the original, supposedly tainted product as it should have in accordance with the California Food and Agriculture Code (#32732). The code states that “[n]o prosecution which is based upon a sample of milk, cream, a product of milk or cream, or a product resembling milk products shall be had unless a duplicate of the sample is left with the accused.”
    And rather than properly test the samples right away, authorities took the unrefrigerated cheese and held it for seven weeks before deciding to test it. Such action negates both the integrity of the “evidence” and any warrant to pursue further action against Morningland.
    Samples later collected directly from Morningland’s cheese stock were not taken according to protocol, either. And after realizing that the samples had been improperly handled and possibly cross-contaminated, Morningland notified the FDA that new ones needed to be taken. But according to Morningland, the FDA refused to do anything and, instead, falsely indicated that the original samples were taken in accordance with official guidelines.
    Morningland petitions for a reasonable alternative to destroying their entire business
    Morningland Dairy has been operating for over 30 years without one single incident of a customer becoming ill from its products. The dairy is regularly inspected by both state and federal officials, and has a flawless track record of providing clean, raw cheese to its many satisfied customers.
    Ordering Morningland to destroy all of its product because of a questionably tainted sample is both unwarranted and ludicrous. Such a demand is not only unjustified based on the aforementioned facts, but is also wholly unreasonable.
    A reasonable remedy, which Morningland has instead suggested to the Missouri Milk Board, is to have proper tests conducted on the actual stocks of cheese in question. Morningland has agreed to test each batch individually before selling any of them. If any batch shows up positive for contaminants, the dairy has agreed not sell them.
    But demanding that the entire stock be destroyed based on flimsy evidence appears to be nothing more than an attempt to put Morningland out of business. One report says the attack on Morningland is part of the FDA’s goal to eliminate private, independent farms in accordance with the goals of Healthy People 2020 (…).
    No matter what the agenda, the government assault on Morningland is criminal. Protocol was not followed, laws were broken, and due process was ignored, paving the way for authorities to furnish illegitimate evidence to justify their tyrannical actions. And if they are not stopped, another honest, family farm devoted to real food will be destroyed.
    Support Morningland Dairy and food freedom
    Winning the battle against government tyranny takes both persistence and plenty of financial resources. And government agencies have a seemingly endless arsenal of both, which can be discouraging. But when citizens unite together in the fight for freedom and liberty, real progress is made.
    Morningland Dairy needs your help, and supporters of the family farm have set up a website called The UN-Cheese Party ( where supporters can donate to dairy, which also supports the larger cause of defending food freedom. At the site, supporters can “sponsor a cheese” for $5 per pound.
    To find out more about The UN-Cheese Party, visit:
    Concerned citizens can no longer sit on the sidelines and hope that tyranny will simply stop on its own. The ruling authorities will only continue their abuses unless The People go on the offense and stop them. The good news is that, even though raids and threats have been increasing, so has the push back from both the public and those being raided. People like the good folks at Morningland Dairy simply are not standing for it any longer. But in order to be successful, they need our continued support.
    Please take some time to check out the UN-Cheese Party ( and lend your support. You can also contact the Missouri State Milk Board by calling (573) 751-3830 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (573) 751-3830 end_of_the_skype_highlighting. When expressing your thoughts, remember to be respectful but firm.
    Sources for this story include:

  3. I tried to call too aftr lady greens call and i didnt get thru.
    Good job Lady green.. I liked your voice.

  4. The law if it aint all ready is right up there w hedgefunds and derivitives. Who understands these things??
    It seems all made up and bogus…
    hehe forgive moi Im a simpleton in wayss

  5. awesome show. just listened now on KCAA’s site.
    i agree with johnny that people need to pick up an unbiased media outlet and read that more often instead of their astrology book, and that taking the time to remind your neighbors that this stuff is happening is hugely important, and i’m delighted by his general clear-headed calmness and his balls to note that there are many governments working together interested in a “new world order”.
    i agree with roseanne that meditation and high vibrational, white lighted thought is just as important as facts and science, and that some people are just so much evil incarnate that they are NOT human despite their human-looking vessel (except for the dead eyes).
    i agree with a lot of what cathy says, especially by avoiding “armageddon energy” – the evil thrives on it when we do this, and it’s why religion was created in the first place – and I agree that we shouldn’t always have to define the divine, so there’s no point in wasting the time trying to challenge those who do FEEL it. this world goes beyond human comprehension.
    BUT when we talk about gardening – yeah, awesome and all and true and pure, but is she aware of all the laws just waiting to be put into use that will prevent us from doing so? this is what we need to bring to attention of the people – going back to facts – these laws factually exist, they can factually be read and and broken down by us all – this needs to get put out there. we need to action this into the consciousness of many, many more people, cuz, if we do not, then by the time the first few thousand of us start growing our gardens, we’ll have them burned and be arrested for doing so.

  6. oculus thanks i will try it i know that writing and drawing uses the logic part of the brain and that helps to draw down image from the aether.

  7. gary its just our farm tht loses internet at about 9-10 every night and it comes back on at about eight am–we are digging a big trench so that we can get time warner cable and 24 hr internet–no body else seems to have this problem but our little corner of paradise here.

  8. dashus yes it is on multi levels–thanks for hearing it–

  9. dashus christ says:

    i’ve read what you have written at top of page here several times & it’s utterly profound on every level in every way!!!

  10. Gary W (Redskins77) says:

    That is what she said.

  11. Gary W (Redskins77) says:

    That is what she said.

  12. DID i hear u right? In hawaii U dont get internet after 1030 at night till the next day?

  13. dashus christ says:

    Oh & Caps on the THINK___A THINKER!

  14. dashus christ says:

    well oculus i find this to be very valuable because it makes me think—ThankYou for sharing this !!!

  15. “It’s heavy and i dont know if i am explaining it well enough—yet.”
    >> find a blank sheet of paper, look at the paper, then draw what you see.

  16. dashus christ says:

    and really liked the way johnny broke things down to a place that was so easy to understand in first hr.

  17. dashus christ says:

    Tim Thx for link—it saved me time as i was just going to google this !

  18. Got me to look up the harmonic convergence/conversion
    very interesting.
    Im also Aries like Johnny Apr 3rd
    the day jesus rose? hehe

  19. puna purple potato says:

    roseanne, aloha! I resonated with the first half of your show, and appreciated Johnnys perspective on weapons, oil, land, the war mongers/the bully teenager US politicians…
    Gratitude, and positive affirmations work in my reality, and I send out Peace and Justice vibes across the great ocean everyday, with the Elementals that are so powerful, here on the island of Hawai’i,( where the earth is the youngest, the fire is on the surface and the wind and air are clear and clean) The Force used by the bullies, needs to be directed to the Life Force and to grow one’s own food is true sovereignty, at this time……I hope to see you at the warm pond in Puna on Tuesday morning at 9am where the puna sitahs sing Praises for the Earth……aloha

  20. Gary W (Redskins77) says:

    How did the discussion with John and Kathy end up the listeners were cut off as time ran out??

  21. Gary W (Redskins77) says:

    How did the discussion with John and Kathy end up the listeners were cut off as time ran out??

  22. yes, right? I think it was important show for the reason that absolute fact and magical thinking can meet up with each other. I think that crossing (I am into crossings now, heavily) is an evolutionary one and that it can help people to break out of patriarchal religious mind control—its a big big synthesis.

  23. good and interesting radio show Roseanne. It is amazing how quickly those 2 hrs went.

  24. there are several kinds of kabballah–there is the religious and the practical–I moved from the religious years ago, finding it largely superstitious, but the actual practical meditations that help to unite the brain and the mind and the memory are priceless applications that really really work…that can be proven.

  25. dashus christ says:

    Absolutely loved your show today–yes it was Very Important,shows how everything is intertwined w/ really great & spiritual ways of uniting the masses of GOOD !!! & Tina’s comment/a lot to be said about that ugly disenfranchised self hatred.

  26. An individual who hates her thighs because of their shape verses the masses who hate the group because of their beliefs. Self hatred? Maybe,it’s just that simple..Regardless of what others have done, good or bad, their actions exists within the whole. They are part of you, and you are part of them.

  27. the devine is the goddess heh

  28. The divine is like air. You can’t see it, but you breath it. It’s our life force. When the divine or “Air,” is polluted by external forces, such as religion, or ego, it destroys the very essence of the meaning. The divine is not an almighty force that controls everything. The divine is you, and you are connected to all. When an individual seperates themself with others, they can not see or feel the divine, only the ego. Divine is union…

  29. Roseanne do u put Kabbalah in the magical thinking category?? working/creating from the paths and tree?

  30. try going directly to

  31. having some technical difficulties, seems i can’t tune in at the moment. ah well

  32. 888-909-1050

  33. Gary W (Redskins77) says:

    Could you please post the Phone Number Roseanne?

  34. Gary W (Redskins77) says:

    Could you please post the Phone Number Roseanne?

  35. dashus christ says:

    love link—it’s true we Do need to love ourselves first before we can embark—thx for this !!!

  36. LOl my fave sex n the city episode “a womsns right to shoes” On the lines of marrying yourself hehe.
    wheres my gifts hehe

  37. Hopefully i can catch u live.
    found the kcaa site just need to find the live button.
    you r four hours behind denver.
    its strange to think in those terms.

  38. dashus christ says:

    Thrilled you will be live today on kcaaradio—i will be listening !