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30 tomorrow 11-1 LA time

8-10 Hawai’i time–Hoping to have on Johnny, Daniel Ellsberg and Cathy Obrien, and maybe Cathy Bilsky again–call in to talk!  888-909-1050  keep the faith, Matriots!


  1. Nevermind. I found out how to access the archives! :)

  2. Is there a link to the show at 11? I can not listen in since the link won’t work.

  3. dashus christ says:

    THANK YOU for this show,LOVED LOVED IT!

  4. holy crap, the fact about target just shocked me, too– my brother and sister recently both got hired at a new target distribution facility 30 minutes away from here, making livable wages. i don’t shop there personally, but i didn’t suspect them to be a contributor to the right.

  5. Roseanne u dont want me to judge your show on jon stewarts.
    i dont know it got heavyweight but it wasnt really in the future.
    Anyway quik thoughtss
    i realize u wernt in a studio u got HOtt

  6. dashus christ says:

    what a Cute way to Say!

  7. That’ll be better than a pillowcase full of Trick or Treats. Thank u-:

  8. dashus christ says:

    i am looking Soo forward to listening!!!