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impeach perjured sc justice pig clarence thomas

apologize to anita hill!  Have your cracker honky white cow of a wife do so as well!
APPOINT ANITA HILL TO HIS SEAT!  thank you anita hill for all you have done for me. 


  1. Clarence Thomas has not asked one single question from his seat on the bench of the Supreme Court since 2002. Not a one about any case. I am thinking he is dead weight.
    And the Senate Judicial Committee that backed down from questioning him committed a felony by letting his nomination clear the committee.

  2. The top of the article attacks conservatives seemingly needlessly. Not to say they don’t deserve attack… consortium should just report their findings…not make far stretched parallels. 2 wrongs do not make a right…right?
    I can’t believe this hasn’t made bigger news though honestly. It’s a big deal. I hate main stream media.

  3. “…cracker honky white cow of a wife…” lol


  5. clarence thomas’s wife must be a big fool.
    esp to call aftr all these yrs PLZ u know its like a game they playy.

  6. TY i remember the anita hill debacle.
    Seems like she got a total RAW deal.
    i wanna puke thinkn bout it. esp thinkn about clarence thomas. SO grossss

  7. Ladyjane Green says:

    Wow! isnt it great that Anita Hill has finally been believed for the truth she was speaking.We couldnt believe what this woman has BEEN through. There was no discourse about “sexual harrassment” before her testimony, not that i could recall. The right tried to ruin this woman warrior, even after clarence repiglican narrowly squealed his way in.Workin womyn everywhere owe Anita hill, she definiely “took one for the team.” And for the past 19 years this Sexist Pig has had the chance to advance all right wing agendas from his supreme court position. Make this bastard pay! At least a formal public apology. Then we give her his seat on the supreme court bench. His payback will be community service at the largest of prisons, where he will be forced to work dressed in a diaper, so as to experience sexual harrassment first hand. The fact that his whity whife brought this on (accidentally) is also worth addressing.Womyn need to support other womyn, especially now, when we are being pitted against each other. United we stand, divided we fall, one and all! (giv thanks to jimmy cliff)