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I have wondered if I stand in the way of the message too much,

and as a result of that, I have removed myself almost completely from americanmedia. 

   It seems like that year, 1980, when I first recognized that Reagan and the Repubs were out to not only shoot in the head every one who thought like me, and like JFK and MLK and RFK, but to actually turn people against each other in such complete insanity that American Women’s Rights, which I had fought for all of my life, were going to be attacked at every level, and destroyed completely.
   I saw what the Mormon Church did to The Equal Rights Amendment, which is the exact same thing they are doing now to Gay rights.  It always follows under fascism that women (and children) are destroyed first, then gays, then race and then the Jewish People, and then everybody else.
.  We who know how to draw down the energy of Mercy for the benefit of all humanity, and we who practice merkabah meditation are the prey/guinea pigs of those who cannot think freely, who are all program and mind controlled slaves of the Satanic machine of Patriarchy, the Dealer of Death and Darkness, depression ignorance and suffering.   We are indeed a hunted and hated group of people, and we are God’s People because of that fact.  We are the real targets of nazis and of zionists, and of the Chinese government who is killing those who practice this same meditation–falun gong. 
(read the words of zionist jews for jews who are not zionists, and you will see what true hatred is, and how fascism destroys a human soul and mind).
 He who feels no Mercy, No empathy=a slave. 
   Rich people are slaves of satan these days.  But the Light is defeating Satan and the money systems.  She is awesome.  The Divine Feminine, the Shekkinah, THE SABBATH BRIDE, HASHEM, JAH-HOWA—she is the highest degree of G-dliness in Judaism.  She comes to free Her people now. Those Erev Rav (evil jews who intend for the death of all matriarchal principles within Judaism)…—those with extreme JMS (jewish mother syndrome)–  Get over yourselves, you fucking little mealy mouthed punks you chronic masturbators looking for social networks to help pedophiles and predators get at children and taking a pay off for that…Humble yourselves before Female Divinity and Intelligence.  Find the Great Mother within you now, and stop jacking around–you have the abilities to design computer programs that will end world hunger–get on it now goddammit! 
 Some say it’s just a part of it, we’ve got to fulfill the book–won’t you help me sing these songs of freedom its all Ive ever had, redemption songs.  these songs of freedom. emancipate yourselves from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds.  have no fear for atomic energy, cuz none of them can stop the time.  wont you help to sing these songs of freedom?  its all Ive ever had, redemption songs, redemption songs.–god marley, who spoke for haille sellasi who was jesus christ. Rastawilldownbabylon


  1. dashus christ says:

    they think hiding in plain sight is working,but it is transparent as H-E-L-L !!!

  2. yes I have seen it–they get a thrill ‘hiding’ things right out in the open. It’s part of the whole plan they have to conquer and to decrease the population

  3. A LOT more people read your blog than comment on it – I know this as I know tons who do. After reading for a while now, I’ve decided to occasionally comment as what you’re saying, for the most part, has really lit a fire. Thanks for your voice, and we should all thank our source, the creation in which all of us and the universe belong to, for being able to say and hear these things.
    Not to go off topic at all, but, sorta being from Denver, have you EVER seen the new Denver International Airport? All I gotta say to that is your words “Satanic” ring more true than ever.
    Have you seen the murals inside? Showing the world being destroyed by man and re-born to an Aryan boy with an iron fist and taking all weapons and making them into an anvil right outta the “Luciferian Aryan” text?

  4. Love Ya Roseanne. Your writing never ceases to amaze me. People will catch on ….. that 100th monkey is beginning to awaken! And you are assisting in this great process..

  5. dashus christ says:

    music really DOES get people together-there is real wisdom here w/ what you say!!!

  6. Ladyjane Green says:

    haille sellasi was also a water dragon according to the Chinese Astrology, along with joan of arc and may west. Since you mentioned it. Pretty good company if y’all had to sit together at some cosmic dinner party….Female divinity and intelligence, something worth fighting for, but with music as the weapon! it really stands as a universal message conduit plus therapy for those who dont respond to conventional forms of therapy. Love when you quote Bob Marley I truly b-live that his music is a unique motivational and unifying force. All colors all parts of world, up and down socio-economic scale his music reaches. Seein is Believin!
    Slavedriver, tha table is turned, Katchafire, u know yr gonna get BURNED!

  7. dashus christ says:

    You are the message-and you stand for it,people like it or not,your force is for the GOOD=GOD. Please don’t stop sharing your canduit-knowledge!!! If you were to turn away now-i can not even think of it!!!