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God breathed the breath of life into humanity–

the breath of God is another way of talking about controlling your breath while you meditate. “Breath of God” is a way to destroy the matrix of satan…religious programming of fear and hatred and judgement without mercy. I thought it was funny today that the baptist clergy warned its women (and men) not to practice yoga.  The Priest-Pedophile Class is horrified that they will lose control of parents who may then deny them access to little children to have sex with, and stop supporting the sale of weaponry which churches and synagogues and mosques are all heavily invested in.

  Keep breathing in righteousness and truth, baptists, jews, catholics and muslims….defeat ‘BABBLE ON’ (babylon)
  (Satan is religion–religion is hatred and warmongering, the furthest thing from God that exists).  
Is it possible that my words can like stones did for david bring down the Beast, the Goliath?  Jesus said:  “get thee behind me, Satan”.  Kabballah says that Satan is EGO.  Negative EGO says this to us:  “YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT THE STATE OF THE WORLD.”  GODLY EGO TELLS US:  “YOU ARE MADE OF MY ESSENCE, AND YOU CAN FIND ME INSIDE YOUR HEART.  HARNESS ME, BREATHE ME IN.”


  1. what do you mean?

  2. Shahin Jedian Real-U Self Discovery Center and Hypnotherapy says:
  3. Shahin Jedian Real-U Self Discovery Center and Hypnotherapy says:

    I am very Greatful to my friend Rosanne from kaballah. I am Posting a production that has a Yoga combination of Kaballah and breathing. Please write me your feedback.
    Also a question I have is how do we know if we are on the path that is in alighnment with our soul?

  4. yes years ago, and i know marianne williamson

  5. I’m enjoying your posts. Have you read Course in Miracles? Everything you write, I agree with and have since finding metaphysics in 1984 or so.
    by the way, I don’t watch TV except rarely – however, every night I watch TV land, your reruns.

  6. I love that you’ve been talking about meditation (versus medication) from day one here. What you just said is key – you’ve got to extinguish the negative first. Our minds and bodies are like computers that way; you’ve got to make room for something before your body and mind can find a place for it.

  7. lady jane–the kind of meditation i am sharing re works the cells in your body and your stuff works better.

  8. dashus christ says:

    gut wrench laughter here— on the work w/ whats left !!!

  9. need an exorcism for my cig prob.

  10. breathing helps you think and that is the target–thinkers

  11. LOL

  12. yin yoga. and the meditation Roseanne suggests in the post above.

  13. Ladyjane Green says:

    Never really thought yoga was that much of a threat….What next, no more sit ups and deepknee bends cuz thats dirty?Not to mention tha lunge Get real! Talk about being threatened by a healthy, free to choose populace. “Satans Matrix” depends on a weakened, addicted and out of touch host to feed on. This makes me want to start some kind of yoga, but need something for people w broken down joints, limbs etc. Such thing as yoga 4 tha damaged? lol..but would like to know so can work with whats left.

  14. actually the tech I have been teaching people and they really seem to like it is —
    first we discuss the substance we desire to breathe in–(consciousness of nature, intelligence, Light, and ‘what is’, and connection to higher thought)–we prepare a vessel to contain that which we crave.
    As though of you who are real meditators know, my meditation does not ground and then move up, like all or most do…mine moves down, from the upper world and at the end grounds to the lower world. We make our crown chakra the top of a pipe and our lower chakras the bottom. First we build a vessel inside to contain the substance that we breathe in, and then we merge with it and then expel all that it displaces.
    We are receiving divine information and consuming it in breath. Others ‘offer up’ stress and negativity, and blow it out, which I think illustrates the narcissism of humans, and does not properly honor what is greater than we are. I find that my way, which is based on zohar and kabballah mixed with transcendental is far more female than the other techs which to me seem all arrogant and ego filled.
    We empty out first of all negativity and thought–
    Then we begin to reprogram all of our cells with light…focusing the mind and all thought into a laser beam that moves through the body cutting connection to finite thinking and everything that does not serve immortality.

  15. This post is so awesome – just listening to Stanislov Grof on holotropic breathing.

  16. JinBrooklyn says:

    Breathe IN on “GOD”
    Breathe OUT on “I”
    That should do it.

  17. Hi Roseanne. I agree with your comments. Religion in today’s world has been heavily adulterated by the self-appointed leaders of each religion. They are against anything that would make one of their “flock” think independently because it would mean they lose control over them.
    I don’t think what the leaders are doing is what God originally intended for people in practicing religion. Religions contribute to wars, narrow mindedness, intolerance and even hatred. We are in a sad state of affairs spiritually. I blame the “leaders”.

  18. LauraLudlum says:

    I apologize that this comment in definitely in an inappropriate space, but I just wanted to say that I am such a huge fan of yours. Yesterday I had to write an essay for my writing 201 class about the 3 items we would save if we have to give up all our posessions. My #2 was my Roseanne DVD collection. I will always support anything you do. Thanks for making me laugh so much in my life! :)

  19. dashus christ says:

    reading your message again-well your writing is amazing to me-i love how you plainly explain about the negative ego verses the GODLY EGO, it makes so much sense & hope! !!!

  20. Joseph Yoga says:

    Oh god this is so true. I’m a yoga teacher and knew this was coming. Yoga is popular in la because most of us have stopped religion in our lives here. I was told by this lady in Baltimore that yoga was cult back in 2004 before I moved. I’m proud to do yoga. Roseanne let me teach you some yoga standing poses. Very simple. Be an honor

  21. dashus christ says:

    i am listening & understanding all you’re saying here-as an exact !!! your WORDS can bring down the unholy beast !!! let all the goodness intake the breathe of GOD.!!!

  22. Also, I have a very difficult time believing in “God” but I really want to. Your article was great and spoke much truth. This quote especially, “Satan is religion–religion is hatred and warmongering, the furthest thing from God that exists.”

  23. Hey Roseanne, I just wanted to ask if you believe in the Illuminati.