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fundamentalist revolutionary extremists are destroying America!

The Koch Brothers are the Zionist owners of the biggest corporation in the US, and they fund the racist Christian Zionist ‘Tea Party’.  Their goals are the death of every Palestinian child, paid for by American tax dollars, and the enslavement of all brown red and african american youth here in America, and the forcing of either whoredom on all ethnic US women, or the Mormon Burkha on all white US women, and they also support Tel Aviv as the new capital city of America.  (I am also running for joint prime minister of Israel, Pres. USA, as is my right as a US Jewish citizen).

 They hate freedom of the press, freedom of speech and freedom from religion.  Under Roseannearchy, if elected, I would try them for treason and when they are found guilty, imprison them in work camps (so they can see what work feels like) where they would be re-educated in the basic tenants of right and wrong, God and Satan. It goes without saying that I would also make them pay back the money they have stolen from Americans, and force them to institute the camp david agreements in Palestine/Israel.
 Vote for me and save this country and the middle east. 


  1. thanks for the link, oculus!

  2. godhasnoreligion–yes we agree on zionism, and yet you still attack, and that is why I called you a jew hater—you go out of your way to attack jews who agree with you–that shows you have a different kind of a problem.
    Mind controlled cult programmed Jews attack other Jews for no reason at all. It never happens that non jews attack jews for agreeing with them! The Nazis were mostly disaffected self hating jews, such as Hitler, and Goerring, and Eichmann. I’ve seen it a million times. Try meditating to help you get clear so that you can let yourself respect and not attack your fellow Jews when they agree with you–break out of your cult programming if you can.

  3. godhasnoreligion says:

    Three weeks ago I posted a comment about the horrific problem of ZIONISM in this country, and in the world.
    YOU attacked me for being a NAZI JEW HATER.
    Yet, you make this observation about The EVIL Koch family.
    Perhaps your next post about how meditation has mellowed you is part of this answer

  4. dashus christ says:

    i wonder if Paris has ever tried meditation-and how nice for her it would be to start on Roseanne’s MEDITATION2AMFriday—It Works I Know!

  5. signed. i will spread the word. thank you henry!

  6. Ladyjane Green says:

    signed on, thanx for posting

  7. Ladyjane Green says:

    Am realizing that mind controlled beta sex slaves and drug mules are the both the #1 manufactured export and ultimate providers of the us gross national product. Cant help but think that those behind the hilton hotel chain are helping furthur this agenda. Paris Hilton being the MK ultra beta poster child. Women are the majority of these “recruits”, many groomed from birth.Something about being” easier to dissociate”. Pretty sure the Koch brothers and their buddies are being serviced now by government trained “ultimate prostitutes”, the kind provided free by U.S. of Amerikkka.

  8. thanks for this link , this shit needs to end.

  9. roseanne, is there an email address we can write to and NOT for money NOT for conversation NOT for anything but to maybe point you to a cool link or petition you can get more people aware of if you dig it? i know we can do it here but sometimes it’s off topic…kinda like now, but i’ll go anyway since we’re on the topic of lawless soulless sexually satanic swine:
    hilton hotels is one of the only major hotel chains where staff is NOT trained to notice when the hotels are being used for CHILD SEX SLAVERY.
    here is a RAD petition by our friends at – once they get 250,000 signatures, they’re placing expensive ads in major publications to bring awareness to this:
    HIT IT!
    a note below in case ya don’t wanna click it:
    It’s shocking. Hilton, one of the most renowned hotel chains in the world, could be complicit in child sexual exploitation, in their own facilities!
    Hotels are one of the primary places where slave children are sold for sex by brutal pimps. And Hilton has not even signed up to a basic international Code of Conduct that forces hotels to train their staff to detect, report and assist girls and women forced into the sex industry. Hilton’s action on this would be huge — if they signed up to The Code, it would create a network of Hilton employees in 77 countries and 32,000 hotels working against the rape trade of women and children.
    There is no time to lose in stopping this terrifying trade. Sign the petition for Hilton to implement The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children From Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism. When we hit 250,000 signatures, we’ll take out ads in major newspapers in McLean, Virginia – the city where Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta lives and works:

  10. dashus christ says:

    Roseanne you are so outrightly funny—hope i don’t happen upon that reincarnated pit bull any time soon !!!

  11. Thanks for that visual Roseanne. I did imagine you going all “she-devil” on his ass. Seriously though.
    Zionism= #1 threat to Jews
    Thanks for being one of the few true spokespersons for Justice and for speaking the truth here.
    No truth, No justice, No peace.

  12. i am sick of egotistic, depraved men in positions of power who revel in watching the little people suffer under them

  13. i think the rabbi is a pig that should be roasted on a spit with an apple in his mouth and fed to dogs. I also think that he is telling the truth about the way a lot of jewish people really think–and that explains a lot about zionism. The real truth of our religion is that we were taught that the jews were here to serve all of humanity, we were supposed to be the moral and ethical spokespeople for Justice.
    the truth is that there are bad jews, and good ones too–just like every other group or ethnicity. The zohar tells us that dogs are the reincarnation of evil rabbis, so this asshole might come back as a pit bull or something.

  14. dashus christ says:

    Grand Excellence —many thx 4 this link !!! the whole video great w/ some real prime parts i might say–just splendid !!! and i will be watching this a few more times.

  15. i just learned that there has never been a president elected who was born in the year of the dragon. too uncontrollable i guess. time for a change, lets vote in a dragon born.
    Roseanne 2012

  16. dashus christ says:

    this jerk understands Nothing and is plum full of Nothingness

  17. OMG how rude and vulgarr

  18. Did u see where a couple supreme court justices have attended their events?

  19. Will you have any special thing in mind for the followers of this dude?