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Duke Aiona is a child murder supporter!


These terrible Evangelicals who are destroying our country and the world with their woman hating and their homophobia and their bigoted racism that lurks below their fake Christianity, are all GUILTY for the burning of little African children who are being called “witches”—
  I saw one kindly looking old grandmother in a muu muu out working on the corner for Aiona’s election, holding a sign and waving at cars, with that plastic empty fake holier than thou Satanic look that all Evangelicals have, and she looked at me as I drove by, shaking her sign and smiling, totally unaware of the world she lives in, and the real miracles of God that she despises (such as human thought)—I gave the bitch the finger, and her whole face crumbled, as if she could not believe that someone was not buying her “I speak for God” bullshit.
  I got madder and madder and circled around and did it again—I really want these Satan worshippers to know the terrible things that go on in their names and with their unconscious and brain dead support—the murder of little children by Rick Warren, and every other Evangelical who actually believes that little children are witches who should be put to death, burned alive–America’s most ignorant Satanists (Palinists) should all be in mental institutions and prisons.


  1. the kabballah center is behind all those t shirts–and like so much of what they do and say, it seems quite convoluted and patriarchal–
    I think a better way of expressing the same idea is: There is only one ‘Everything’. (john argent).
    I also think a more discript line would be the one I always use (and that I wrote): The Will of the People United is God.
    People thinking they are God seems very egocentric, and misses the larger point, I think.

  2. there is this ‘i am god’ movement going on . people have t-shirts and bumper stickers
    the front(of shirt) says I Am God ,the back says And So Are You and you and you…
    something feels weird to me about this. any comments out there?

  3. dashus christ says:

    Those cracks of light/life Were God—-my awareness is changing and getting clearer & stronger since the past three fridays2AM!

  4. dashus christ says:

    i’m lovin how you are explaining these things w/your very common sense approach—my very deep depression i had in my mid-twenties that i didn’t know if i would ever rebound from,it was the cracks of light that saved me—and Gods help also.

  5. I can’t take the happy hitler thing sometimes. I think giving an old happy hitler type the finger is a decent thing to do, because the shock on their face exposes a crack in their thinking (or programming), and like Leonard Cohen says: “there is a crack in everything, that’s how the Light gets in.”
    Whenever you can crack program with just a wave of your finger, its a great thing—and to drive around to make sure you are seen compounds it–the person first thinks–“Who would dare oppose God (me)?” Then the judgement kicks in: “there is a vulgar and evil opponent.” the next thing they think is on a deeper more personal level– “I may be drawing this opponent to me by making myself visible.” Then the next step is, “Do they see through this scam I am running, do they see how truly hateful a person I really am, can they tell I am full of shame for things I have done or am still doing?” Anything that provokes self awareness, even for a second adds to the greater good. The mind never goes back to its former darkness after self awareness enters.
    I am convinced that nobody supports evangelical talibangelists unless they themselves are hiding something that they do or have done, that makes them feel shame. There is no other reason to find such delight in hatefulness and superstition. People join religions in order to condemn others who are doing the things that they themselves do in secret. Also, they get a sexual charge from condemning women gays children and others. Religion is all about S and M.
    The real purpose of religion is to make members believe that evil is in control, and in fact it is–in religion, but no where else! It’s a spiritual scam that introduces conflict into a child’s consciousness. To tell kids that God is Love and that Love means you let your own Son be tortured to death and hung on a cross is Satanic, and nothing less.
    To teach Jewish kids that they are chosen hated and hunted and must strike first is more of the same bullshit–all three abrahamics work together to make war and hatred the foundation of this world. Thinking ends it. So, think, flip off the self righteous as much as possible, because they are drowning in darkness, and you are switching on their lights with your powerful middle digit!
    The one thing they do NOT get from any religion is peace of mind, or peace on earth.

  6. I know the subject isn’t funny……it’s just I’m juvinille enough to find pleasure at the thought of Roseanne flipping off some smiling old lady……and then driving around the block to do it again……well, that was just a double -snorter for me.
    I love giving the finger to overly happy people….
    It’ s like you take their smile, and give it to yourself!

  7. dashus christ says:

    i really like everyone’s comment here soo much,& on my earlier comment it was the circling around part that really caused my roar-and the rest of what you said is serious very business.been getting prepared for Meditation 2AM tonight for awhile now,and probably should head over to that post.

  8. dashus christ says:

    i was in hysterical laughter after reading what you did w/ tho ole muu muued plasticky lost soul-needs to be done in these outrageous times of crisis–& many more, one and then the next hopefully trying all our best to remove the evil brainwashing that is trying so hard to stay alive for the unawake !!

  9. Right I mean its definately not funny.
    just ridiculously absurd.

  10. for tim
    these zombies want to give us queers treatment to be straight. worth a google.

  11. look at this guy’s smug little face. they’re the ones who are possessed by demons, look at their twisted grins. they get off on people suffering. they rub their greasy fucking paws together thinking of ways they can persecute all the witches and fags and blacks and whatever else have you

  12. LOL u know your in trouble when being gay = demonic possesion.
    The link would’nt work for me

  13. Ladyjane Green says:

    this Duke guy is oily evil as the day is long. You know your in trouble when being gay = demonic posession. Isnt it nice that this asshole has the Catholic church to help hide behind.Persecuting women, children, and the gays. Whatta throwback! Someone buy this guy his own fancy pope hat!
    Hawaii is so overrun with religious groups, an unfortunate byproduct of being a conquered people in a once sovereign land. Loving that he dedicated Hawaii to The Church.And his god! He sure wasnt speakin for me. Hawaii belongs to the Goddess Pele and her people.Not this guy! Not the mormo- catholic military complex. As for supporting the destruction of spiritual and native art, not surprised.This duke guy Whitewashed, and brainwashed. M.C. everywhere. “The fish rots from the head down!” We gotta show at the polls, and vote against these tools. I know it seems futile, but dont give up yer only chance to lift a finger in protest.(and i do mean tha middle finga!)