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do not vote for any right wing dems! not one republican can be elected, or there goes social security!

vote as left as you can within the dem party. give obama progressives instead of obstructionists!  don’t quit now !  Let’s get the job done!  Let’s stop Right Wing Fascists in America!  Obama will listen to us when we demand he save our homes, our jobs and our democracy!


  1. President Obama inherited a mess that took Bush and Chaney 8 years to create, yet everyone expects miracles, instant recovery. Give our President a chance, send him the congress he deserves to make the changes we need, no more marginal democrats, vote left before there is nothing left.

  2. No worries and unlike Meg Whitman, I’ll actually be VOTING! My Republican coworker thinks she’s so damned patriotic for loving Regan’s “Love Letters to Nancy” and her boyfriend’s truck and guns and bashing everything that makes any kind of common sense YET! she does not vote for fear of being called up for jury duty! (I do, as a working class person, understand how inconvenient it can be to deal w/ jury duty but to not vote your whole adult life because of it?) I don’t know Whitman’s excuse,BTW.

  3. dashus christ says:

    With your great knowledge & ability of foresight-i’ll be going with this method_ _ _