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chomsky on the “Iran Threat”

Meditation helps to prepare a vessel in your mind so that you can understand what is really being done in the world.  Most people who are curious about meditation think its a religious trip, but its not–it’s a purely political mind expanding truth beholding ability that most people find impossible, due to the brain and mind control programs they are under in america.


  1. being in a loop is part of being bi-polar, which meditation can cure. conflict causes it

  2. aren’t you both in denver? sounds like a match.

  3. thats deep actuallly i get itt
    as i sniff poppers am i allowd to say that??
    yes my life is basically a LOOP
    i notice at times im on a loop w what i sayy forgive me ya’ll
    i understand the loop

  4. dashus christ says:

    Yes Timothy–but they DO Think we are ungodly,just because we do Think

  5. Awwee well jus sayn i dont hink most of us are as ungodly as they want us to think.
    that includes the sodomites thieves prostitutes blah blahh

  6. dashus christ says:

    Yes there should be innocence –i’m just not one of them-i understand the hue of love though & i hope we’re staying on topic,cause it’s getting a little late in day now for me

  7. please in this day n worldd there r definately the innocent oness. zephyr in the skyy!!

  8. dashus christ says:

    don’t know if i can ever really refer to myself as innocent any more-that was taken such a long time ago– but i do believe in the possible —as in anything ISis

  9. Dashus i love your innocencee.. in a way. I have it too
    (imagine thatt)
    i do think of the possibilities
    in the blink of an eye everything can changee

  10. dashus christ says:

    i don’t want to see what your point being in my lifetime either-Maybe if we all work & trust on our own system of faith & pull it together-unity, pass ROSEANNEARCHY around to all we know_ _ _

  11. I love chomsky been aware of him for awhile done some reading.
    The Iran threat or made up threat whatever they wanna call it is scary the beat of war for them comes and goes. It does seem to be all lining up for the perfectt MAdhousee.
    I just hope its not in my lifetime.
    I love the persians