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yom kippur on the lake with grandson ari and son in law Wil:

yom kippur.jpg

As Kol Nidre played on the Ipod.  We start a New Year of heightened awareness and cell regeneration. Baruch Hashem


  1. Yes. Yes. Yes. If we are only moral or good out of fear of punishment from ‘God’ then we really aren’t moral or good. Just another way to keep masses in that box!

  2. Ari is so cute :-)

  3. You have a beautiful family. Your grandson has your smile & eyes. Beautiful picture

  4. oops kippur i meant, & i’m jewish, i guess spelling s no longer my strong suit

  5. right on-respect rather than fear ! what type camera was used for yom kipper photo?

  6. Great light in the photo. Well done!

  7. it really depends on how you read it–if it’s fear of punishment that keeps people moral, then the truth is that they aren’t really moral or good, they are just robots, following program, respecting FORCE– sado-spirituality, groveling and begging a God outside one’s self not to hurt them is a sick twisted worship of the Satanic.
    (fake spirituality really serves Satan, and keeps him in business). If you read the quote in context of the self transformation that Judaism teaches (before christianity got hold of it) then it means “respect” not “fear” for the way things work…(karma). Judaism is exactly like Buddhism, and nothing like Christianity, despite all that we are taught.

  8. was a good day for sure. leave that fear of the lord crap behind, its a new time and age.

  9. what do u think of this quote?
    “the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom” proverbs 1.7
    Im jus askn cause the quote bothers me a bit

  10. Thank the Lord for new beginnings.
    i think i feel it too
    cool pic

  11. dashus christ says:

    that’s great photography–who are the cuties?