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Nazi war criminal Henry Kissinger is celebrated by today’s american nazis:,_while_the_white_house_repeats_his_deadly_mistakes?utm_source=feedblitz&utm_medium=FeedBlitzRss&utm_campaign=alternet


  1. Calling Kissinger a Nazi is as to knead the truth of history and baking a new hysteric false legendary tale.
    It is very frustrating that lunatic wackos rewrite history. Rense, Disinfowars, Mackow are as trust worthy as Eichmandinajad, Chavez and Hamas. Those who want to lie, deceive and propagate need those lunatic trash beings.
    Let vote for the conservative Republicans to correct America and give us hope for a better world!

  2. any mention of the slaughter of vietnamese people offends americans

  3. however, they weren’t mistakes. they accomplished exactly what they set out to. they were successes. future historians will probably have no access to any information which might even prompt the assessment of “mistake.”

  4. I read this article as a “major State Department conference on the history of the Indochina war”. It does not make sense not to invite Kissinger. It is just what it is a history conference. I can’t see any problem in him attending this history conference of the Indochina War.