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woman hating :

We will never hear Lady Gaga or any other pop star discussing the oppression of 52% of the world, it is just not glamorous at all, and if you do discuss it, you will be called “bitter” and “negative”. 


  1. she is a tool of the fascion industry, a drag king.

  2. I have to disagree with you a bit here, Roseanne.
    Yes, I wish the Gagster would speak up as much about women’s rights as she does about gay rights.
    But she’s not silent on the subject, like most other pop stars. If you’ve watched it, her Bad Romance video is actually all about sex trafficking. And in the end, the woman wins over the sex-starved men who try to claim her — which I think is an affirming message that we can put an end to this type of abuse.
    But of course, I think you’d agree with me in saying that it’d be even better if she DID try to help put an end to the abuse by taking concrete steps to help solve the problem and raise awareness.
    And by doing more than displaying just a stylized version of events that are beyond grotesque in real life.
    I wouldn’t knock her, though, for at least raising some awareness of the subject through her music video, which has about 400 million views on youtube, and so has reached a lot of people. (Here’s to hoping that the message actually got through to more than just 5 of them.)
    She’s a very politically conscious star, actually, and has worked vigilantly to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, give funding to homeless LGBT youth, and donate to AIDS research with her makeup line, with 100% of the profits going to charity.
    Not too bad, I think. Especially compared to others, who use their power mostly to get Barbies named after them.
    She’s already taking on quite a lot politically, so who knows, maybe when things start improving gay-wise, she’ll move her sights on to other issues, like women’s rights.
    There are definitely a lot more women than there are gay people, so maybe she’s just warming up…
    …or maybe it’s just her plan to turn all women gay. And then she can help everyone.
    Thanks for reading!

  3. LOL is this is a good thread for it.
    Roseanne it bothers me how u tend to put down people who happen to be using drugs or alcohol for whatever reason.. that u arnt even aware of.
    even on your oct 15 radio spot it was like your first question r u high in that deragotory way.
    I dont know… That womanly attitudee just does not workk. (COndemning and discarding)
    We know u may be right people r self medicating to death so they cant get involved. however you’ve said on previous posts its all fixed so it doesnt matter. It just is overwhelming
    Now that ive confessd my drinkn n smokn weed n showd my lack of focus now they r used as weapons against me.
    its not like i drink everyday. maybe my brain is slosh but i know enuf to be ANGry w shit thats goin on in the worldd today.
    I feel in a away i give u my power in following and knowing what u say. telln friends and my mom about u.
    then just kinda being dismissd as a drug addict alchie.. who cant meditate lol
    remember the reasons we drink???
    we know u hate the vitim thing thats cool we get itt.

  4. dashus christ says:

    meant invisible blindfolds

  5. dashus christ says:

    with these type men ” the power is in the blindfolds they wear”.

  6. and this fake fraud stuff with fb is really awful….

  7. thanx, that’s what i needed to know about facebook, it did seem odd-my brain is lacking at the moment due to not allowing me sleep for awhile now. i want to express my ideas on women hating when i’m more rested-it has to do with men knowing they are inferior to all women. movie sounds gruesome & a sign of the times.

  8. d.c., i thought roseanne was saying she doesn’t waste time with that crap, and any facebook account in her image is a fake.
    And talk about woman hating , i rented girl with the dragon tattoo, to see what all the hype was about.. turns out more abuse of women was the attraction. Gnarley rape scenes with grody old men and a young woman. ( movie obviously made for old violent perves ) plus her dragon tattoo was so lame. Why the fuck are women so hated?

  9. i will comment on the new posts later,looks like i located roseanne on facebook- a must see!!! happy day for now….