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these are hard times for the crazy people of the world:

those schizophrenics and bi-polars who hear voices.  Many times these voices are very extreme and they instruct you to take certain actions.  The less sleep and peace of mind a mentally challenged person gets (stressed to the max means hyper aware too) the more desperate can be his/her/its actions.  Listen to me I will not lie to you.  Do not act, do not give in, resist, resist, DO NOTHING!  

 You are being roused by madmen who want you to attempt to do harm to their political targets.  glenn Beck is trying to tempt someone to hurt the president, calling him a socialist and a marxist and a muslim and a non citizen.  Glenn Beck is anti-American.  Shouldn’t he be respecting our commander in chief during times of war?  The guy is a traitor to our troops, and so is that terrible rupert murdoch.  Pass away already, Rupe!  May you rest in peace by tonight! 
   Mentally ill people like to sit around and find people to disagree with on TV.  You are helping Glenn Beck and those who hate you get richer, and make policy. The mentally challenged, instead of becoming Mormons, need simply to find like minded people with whom they  can be in agreement with.  Mentally ill people need community more than anything else. I am just telling you guys to no nothing that is not a good thing to do.  Act only for good. Do not start arguing inside your mind.  Take a break and meditate, empty out til there is only one clear voice again.  Arguing makes you more mentally ill.  get out there and help someone, help as many people as you can find right in front of you…the more you do it the better you will feel, trust me its awesome.  do no harm.  think things through and keep them simple simple simple.  
 I will harness the power of the mentally ill, and the mentally unstable, and point the way for them to focus all the mighty powers they have accrued over the years that it requires to pass for normal, and help me save this planet and everything good on it, just to piss Satan off and keep him distracted. He lives on self pity mostly, like those of his hordes do. Let’s destroy what is called Normal. It’s so stupid, and makes no sense at all.  Normal means going along with satan, twittering useless messages to a personal palm held diary, and thinking that makes you on top of things.  Do you know how to grow a tomato or anything useful to help your soon to be evicted families? 
  Help me kill Satan by stomping out his face with good deeds and giving your money away!  Yahoo!  Just the thought of sharing makes Satan choke on his own bile.  fuck off satan, Babble on.  blah blah babylon


  1. Thanks , these names are great, and give me a laugh. i’ll be viewing the movie again one of these days.

  2. Ladyjane Green says:

    Verbal Kint was his name as the picked on gangster ” I was once in a barbershop quartet in Scokie Illinois”, but he winds up being Keyser Sosa, tha devil himself. KEYSER SOSA!
    (i love this movie).

  3. meant to say kevin”s character-can’t recall the name now.

  4. in the movie the usual suspects kevin spacey says something like-the smartest thing satan ever did was to convince everyone he didn’t exist. if there really is a devil,you can bet he believes he is god.

  5. he’s a nice enough guy…i like a lot of things about him and what he says. the devil is in the details!

  6. roseanne what do u think of deepak chopra?
    he makes sense to me him and his quantom theories
    even tho i dont understand it all.
    in his book “How to know God”
    In the last stage i think it is.. Evil no longr exists
    its just the opoosite of good sumthn like that
    All your devil talk is kinda strange to me.
    i guess i just dont believe in the devil.
    altho i def saw him on bad K trips.

  7. Roseanne, I have different views of socialism, but you are the only candidate telling the whole truth as it is.
    Fuck Pervert O’Smiley and the psychotic circus on television. Television is irrelevant now.
    I think you should have your whole blog printed and published in some form even if it’s just a few copies.

  8. Ladyjane Green says:

    Sharing, and giving away free food are some of the most revolutionary acts one can do. Passing for normal when one has mental issues takes almost all the effort one has. Its funny when a syke evaluation can actually be a relief. Devil u know vs devil you dont.

  9. extremely off-topic, here is a photo of the current state of pakistan: