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right on, sinead!:

I remember when Sinead O’Connor named me as someone she respected and admired, and the pigs at rolling stone fell all over themselves to print letters from people calling her crazy for liking me, and calling me a fat pig and unfunny and all the horseshit they always try to sling at me.  We both call out Satan and evil for God!  right on, soul sister!


  1. support-sinead says:

    Hi Guys Sinead is still going strong – join us on Facebook Group – Support Sinead O’Connor in her fight to expose child abuse and find us on with links there to our You Tube channel
    regards Roy

  2. agree with your agreeing & oc”s link also

  3. Ladyjane Green says:

    thanx for posting the article link, truly relevant

  4. Ladyjane Green says:

    agreed! that moment on saturday night live was truly awesome! she caught major shit worldwide for what she did…intense, inspirational and ballsy.

  5. Sinead ripping the picture of the pope was one of the greatest moments on television. I was 14 at the time and I thought it was the most exciting beautiful thing to ever happen on TV. I was so proud of her.
    She said fuck you to the machinery, to the process and the pope all in one.

  6. Sinead O’Connor: ‘The Vatican is a nest of devils’
    Great article/interview published in The Guardian

  7. Nice. Did you read the article I sent you about her the other day?

  8. Anybody wanna drink before the war.
    Lion n the cobra one of the besttt

  9. I admire you for not letting them get to you. You have no idea how well-loved you are by your fans (including me) I watched your presidential campaign speeches and I can’t believe that you said everything I was thinking but I felt I couldn’t talk about. Blessed be!