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My D.C Speech Part1


  1. It occurred to me that the laws I’ve had to deal with in my career were stated more simply, and then I remembered I was dealing with regulations based on laws. In Illinois, they are established by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR), and the Administrative Code for Elections can be located here:

  2. Illinois Election Laws are located here:
    The Libertarians have a web page from 2008, when they were trying to get (the much less gifted) Barr (Bob) on the ballot, indicating Illinois requires 25,000 valid signatures, but they were going for 50,000 in order to “fend off any challenges” to the petitions. (By comparison, Barr only got 19,642 votes in the election –but this is Obamaland):
    Not sure if 25,000 is still valid. I believe it’s supposed to be a percentage of the population, but I regret that I don’t have the time right now to sift through it all for you, due to work commitments. (I would like to have a serious word with whoever teaches lawmakers to write super long, verbose paragraphs comprised of a single sentence! Think that’s done so common folks can’t readily read the laws and HAVE to hire lawyers to interpret them?)

  3. what does it take to get on the ballot in your state?

  4. Roseanne, I would vote for you in a second! I will lead your campaign here in the beautiful prairies of Illinois!!!! Just give me my marching orders and I shall prevail!! xoxox

  5. My brother tells me this very same thing on almost a daily basis. He’s always saying that one day the lights aren’t gonna come on when we flip that switch and then it’s downhill from there, neighbor killing neighbor for whatever resources they have. I agree with him. One day this spoiled nation is going to get it’s wake up call.
    Just sayin…

  6. The world can not sustain itself at the current food demands. I say everyone should be on their own when it comes to food, rather than allowing 12-15 major corporations to control 90% of the food in the United States, which probably contains all sorts of mind controlling goodies, and which continue to line the pockets of the politicians who fund such corporations.

  7. A commune sounds like a wonderful idea! Food Not Bombs is a nice little movement as well.
    I enjoyed this speech thoroughly, Roseanne. If we only had more like-minded folks that had the balls (or the ovaries) to band together to make an f’in difference, humanity might actually have a chance to repair our wounded planet and scarred society.

  8. dashus christ says:

    i’ve come to your site for some yrs. but new to comments-thank you for the welcome. i have one local farmers market that’s open one day a week for a few hrs. in my area. it’s a good size city, so it would be nice to see more of them cropping up here & elsewhere.

  9. manuela spengler says:

    so it is..

  10. Omg one part of me sayss do they do it togethrr
    i think im ill LOL

  11. frkn judge judy
    i so agree w what u said she blames blamess
    Patriarical? not to say she aint fun and right alottt

  12. i know it is-i’ve had brown green brown thumb & need help with those who know how to grow.

  13. Farming is HARD work!

  14. that”s it, survival gardens-we need to do this so the turning shall begin. no more tasteless grocery store buys.

  15. Ladyjane Green says:

    which part amish? trying to picture u in amish drag ala harrison ford in witness.(hot) i get the impression those simple folks do everything 2 gether, arent they the barnraisers? instead of victory, these could be called survival gardens. there is strength in numbers especially wen u old(40+) and semi broken down. The idea is to assign each person their own small plot, they would be responsible for. Saw it happening in la and sf, even boston. obtainin open land bein the biggest obstacle!

  16. I must be part Amish cause i’d wanna go back to simple farming.
    this mass farming crap is ridiculouss.

  17. Ladyjane Green says:

    we need more community gardens for those who live urban, like the victory gardens of ww2.THe movie fuel shows plans for “vertical gardens” that take up one acre but grow up vertically, in tiers.
    Clandestine Cannabis and hemp victory gardens as well. if you have a brown thumb and no time, support a local farmers market.Try the lost art of barter, if u dare! the great turning is happening, from corporate to home grown. support your local agriculture small kind change is still change

  18. I remember back in 1974 being 9 yrs old growing up in E. Tenn & the US was in the crapper just like now when we threw Nixon out.
    There was a complete movement amongst my parents and people in our community with 12% unemployment to make sure everyone began to farm again even those who had basically stopped farming with the birth of suburbia & the supermarket in the late 60s ..
    These people were the children of the Great Depression and they never forgot what it was like to be starving and no solution.
    Here we find ourselves in the same predicament in 2010, with Nixon’s people finally having to leave office again .(Cheney) and we are left to fend for ourselves.
    Farming saved our communities back then from starvation , created jobs , stimulated the local economy , got people involved and back in touch with themselves and their relationship to the earth ,and was the best fresh eatin money could not buy. You had to grow it.
    Roseanne, once again , you are so on point that farming is the key to taking our nation back from these predator sociopath $cum who control the populace thru the food chain. The same people who sit on the board of directors of the big pharm. companies are also on the boards at all fast food chain outlets as well.
    Farming is the way to break that control.
    Farming is relatively easy also, its something everyone can do ,anywhere , even from my fire escape window here in Harlem I grow out of old coffee cans fresh flowers, basil, cucumbers , tomatoes and now in a 5 gallon bucket I recycled to a planter , tiny pumpkins.
    thank you Roseanne, for doing what no other candidate is doing .
    offering solutions that are not being used and are the most efficient correct solutions.
    Tenn. nYc

  19. real life farming :)

  20. i live in a farming commune where everyone is doing the same things as me

  21. dashus christ says:

    you bet!

  22. the controllers would rather we were just pharming.

  23. dashus christ says:

    always thought farming was one of the finest things a person can do.

  24. Tip For The Future:
    Make sure you encourage your neighbours to grow there own food and “harvest their own water”. Because if they don’t and hunger sets in they might raid your food and water patch. Also, the powers that be, if push comes to shove, may take over farmers food patches. Have you thought about your own food security?

  25. I am a farmer because everyone in this country needs to grow their own food and harvest their own water right now! I am running on that platform too–
    welcome new folks!

  26. I would vote for you in a minute. I have raised four sons, have five grandsons too, Plus two granddaughters. What you say..I agree with.

  27. Roseanne, I first and foremost am your biggest fan- no other fan is a bigger fan than me!
    Secondly i would like to state that I am a male and I have to agree with all of what you state in this video-
    I do not think Men can think as “clearly” as women and I highly believe the country is corrupt because there is NOT a balance of men and women that run the country- I just signed up for your site and I Hope to hear from you!
    Thanks and God Bless

  28. Why are you a farmer now?