My D.C Speech Part1


  1. It occurred to me that the laws I’ve had to deal with in my career were stated more simply, and then I remembered I was dealing with regulations based on laws. In Illinois, they are established by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR), and the Administrative Code for Elections can be located here:

  2. Illinois Election Laws are located here:
    The Libertarians have a web page from 2008, when they were trying to get (the much less gifted) Barr (Bob) on the ballot, indicating Illinois requires 25,000 valid signatures, but they were going for 50,000 in order to “fend off any challenges” to the petitions. (By comparison, Barr only got 19,642 votes in the election –but this is Obamaland):
    Not sure if 25,000 is still valid. I believe it’s supposed to be a percentage of the population, but I regret that I don’t have the time right now to sift through it all for you, due to work commitments. (I would like to have a serious word with whoever teaches lawmakers to write super long, verbose paragraphs comprised of a single sentence! Think that’s done so common folks can’t readily read the laws and HAVE to hire lawyers to interpret them?)

  3. what does it take to get on the ballot in your state?

  4. Roseanne, I would vote for you in a second! I will lead your campaign here in the beautiful prairies of Illinois!!!! Just give me my marching orders and I shall prevail!! xoxox