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mary daly was the Christa.


  1. the empress.. Abundance luxury comfort.
    Too bad we cant realize what we have instead of the feeling of lack all the time.

  2. ladyjane green for empress of the natural world!

  3. Ladyjane Green says:

    Hey i pulled the empress yesterday, from the herbal tarot, she is mother nature herself.
    her law is the law of love, she asks us to feel the co-creatorship with the divine powers around and within us. She sees no difference between spirit and nature, for she knows that the physical world celebrates the infinite divine spirit! BARR for empress of the natural world!

  4. i love your cathlick references… You poor girl.(hehe)
    Thats why its hard not feel sorry for women or at least empathy. Truly feel their struggles.
    HArd not to get in that torch song mode for women.
    i get the high priestess card alot in tarrot. and the pope cardd. i just feel u.

  5. Ladyjane Green says:

    If only the kathlick church was based on the teachings and life of mary daly the world would be better place for all. Just came back from the hilo social hub aka the mall and picked up some positive luck talisman for dragons and all other chinese astrology. Yi Quins Gifts is tha place.maybe we could read some mary daly to the masses at the hot pond. Tried tha nachos at the lunch box, not bad, but the handcut fries were worth the wait. Put up some Barr 2012 stickers too. check it out next time you go.