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Linda Blair is working tirelessly to make a difference…

Please take a few minutes to click on the link to Linda Blair’s wonderful WorldHeart Foundation website. This heroic animal rescue effort is NOT a case of a celebrity lending their name to a cause. Linda is THERE, in the trenches, 24/7/365 doing the hands-on work required to save not only the animals that she helps escape often horrific situations, but to help people from all walks of life, including good folks serving in the MIlitary who are out of options and whose backs are to the wall when it comes to finding care and shelter for their beloved pets when there’s simply no other recourse in these tough times.

We’ll tell you some more in the days ahead about how we got to know of Linda’s damn-near super-human efforts on behalf of animals and, in many cases, the people who love them but find themselves with nowhere to turn in today’s tough economic crisis, but for now: PLEASE, we’re calling on any and all Roseannarchists and Roseannetrhroplogists, regulars of and visitors to the website, and all just plain decent caring people who read these words on linked sites or hear about them from friends (so spread the word!). 
Learn about what Linda is doing and then HELP. Her website tells you ways you can do that, but let’s face facts: CASH is the sincerest form of SUPPORT and the best way to effect change, right now. Even a few dollars can help, and it all goes directly into this essential, desperately-needed work, AND it buys YOU the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping a real hero make a real difference.
Please click on the link on the opening page and do SOMETHING to participate in this great cause!  Thanks, Everybody!
And Thanks to Linda Blair and her wonderful staff and volunteers! 


  1. dashus christ says:

    my heart goes out to all those who have lost your best dog friend to their sudden end in time here on earth. it is a rough and harsh reality for one to get through.

  2. Im really glad to hear this, although I knew about Linda’s efforts for some time now, I was recently tattooing a girl band that had been mentioning Linda and her work. It was Ironic because at the time I had been planning on doing a series of paintings of my friend’s pets, and then having an art show, and 100% of the proceeds would go to the extensive medical treatment for a rescue that would normally not get the treatments it needs to become an adoptable pet..I was inspired by Animal Planet when a dog was rescued and it had heart worms, They did not have the funds to treat the dog and luckily a Vet donated services and the dog was a healthy lovable, that eventually was adopted…Im broke as broke could be, hence the term ” Starving Artist” but I do have talent and creativity and would love to do whatever I could to help these poor kids get adopted into loving homes..The band is going to let me take reference pics of their pets as well, perhaps other celebs would donate pics of their pets for the cause..

  3. dashus christ says:

    kool !!

  4. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    i surrport this cause and will print this out so my family will see this post too. Bechuse a lot of my family does not have computers or get on them.

  5. dashus christ says:

    sad i know, but good for us w/ your help- i lerv those cats.

  6. I love animals too. Sometimes I help in my area with cat rescue but love to see any animal getting some much needed help. It is sad how many have joined the homeless ranks because families had to give up their fur children due to the economy.

  7. I love animals too. Sometimes I help in my area with cat rescue but love to see any animal getting some much needed help. It is sad how many have joined the homeless ranks because families had to give up their fur children due to the economy.

  8. i love animals-so who cares if it’s mostly dogs. We need more people like Linda Blair. i’ll always be a fan of this kind of decency.

  9. Just because I’m a fan of hers, I know that it’s not just dogs. She has a lifelong love of horses.

  10. Hi, Amy, Although the main thrust of the effort is dogs, I’ve been to Linda’s a couple of times (I’m headed out to her place in Acton to visit an extra special dog momma in the next few days) and she has a corral with a couple of horses that had been in very bad condition. She does her best to not turn down any animal that’s in dire straits – but it’s true that because of the need… the vast majority of her rescue involves dogs.
    I have first-hand experience with Linda and her work, and what she’s doing is very selfless and worthy. You may see her appear in an episode of “Pit Boss,” now and then – she’s been a “port in a storm” for Shorty, the star of that show, when he’s got more than he can handle – and, trust me: Linda’s more than got her hands full.
    Thanks for showing some interest – if you can spare even a few bucks and/or spread the word about the site and the need – it would be appreciated.

  11. dashus christ says:

    yea but every bit helps-and we need all the help we can stir.

  12. I’m sure Linda has the best intentions, but i’ve got one tiny problem with this:
    Don’t call yourself ‘Animal rescue’ when you make it this clear that it’s all about dogs.
    Everything i see on that website is aimed at helping dogs, and dogs only. That’s canine rescue, not animal rescue.

  13. boy oh boy-i love this post-the goodness this can bring. hurrah for Linda Blair & the like.

  14. hehe i used to have the biggest crush on Linda Blair.
    remember roller boogie? I had the tshirt and everything.
    Definately a sweet soul.

  15. why couldnt Linda have done like Arnold, Slyvester & Bruce Willis and used her celebrity name for something more meaningful.. …
    like Planet Hollywood for example? …
    I KID I KID..
    I remember seeing Linda on RuPaul’s talk show back in the 90s and she was beginning efforts in that direction .
    what a sweet soul.
    Roseanne- I will put links to her site on all my media pages and encourage my friends with JOBS (remember those?) to contribute.